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Let’s face it, parenting is the most important job on earth. Every day presents a stack of different challenges and more often than not the answer is outside the box. On this podcast, we will offer proven strategies, interview pioneers in education, give insights into how to be successful parents and even share our imperfect experiences of being parents ourselves. We are all in on this journey and we will span the globe to find out what is working and who has the answers.

The Sound Foundations for Parenting Podcast Darren McCarthy and Brian Powers

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Let’s face it, parenting is the most important job on earth. Every day presents a stack of different challenges and more often than not the answer is outside the box. On this podcast, we will offer proven strategies, interview pioneers in education, give insights into how to be successful parents and even share our imperfect experiences of being parents ourselves. We are all in on this journey and we will span the globe to find out what is working and who has the answers.

    Building Life Long Confidence

    Building Life Long Confidence

    In this episode of Sound Foundations for Parenting we talk with Breanne Smedley
    Breanne together with her sister-in-law run the ‘Elite Competitor’ a Confidence Coaching program that helps female athletes develop confidence, resilience and motivations in and outside the court.
    Together they run a thriving community helping women of all ages believe in limitless possibilities, overcome mistakes and manage stress. A scholarship student and rising volleyball athlete she struggled with confidence in her high school years.
    After attending her senior year she learned that confidence can be developed with the right strategies. Now, Breanne provides other women with strategies and skills to handle pressure, transform negative self-talk, and become more resilient.

    In this episode, we discuss:
    Difference between Real Confidence and Fake Confidence
    Self Belief
    Letting go of expectations and fear letting people down
    Getting over mistakes
    Let go of the perfectionism
    Confidence boosting techniques
    The process VS the outcome
    Breanne has a special giveaway for our listeners. Click below to download your Parent Cheat Sheet "What to Say Before, During, and After Competition to Build Confidence in Your Athlete" to help you dive further into exactly how to help your child cultivate lasting unshakeable confidence. https://www.kristinabreanne.com/foundations
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    Spark A Communication Shift In Your Household

    Spark A Communication Shift In Your Household

    In this episode of Sound Foundations for Parenting we welcome Krister Ungerböck
    https://mailstat.us/tr/t/ili00tnkmxqmbsq/9/https://www.krister.com/ (Krister Ungerböck) is a leadership communication expert, keynote speaker, and former CEO of a global tech company. Prior to exiting corporate life at age 42, Krister was CEO of one of the largest family-owned software companies in the world. He is the author of https://mailstat.us/tr/t/ili00tnkmxqmbsq/a/https://www.krister.com/start (22 Talk SHIFTs), which helps readers learn language changes that make a big difference in business, partnership, and parenting. His unconventional communication techniques include ways to cultivate connection, compassion, and commitment both at work and at home and specific statements to become a better partner, parent, and boss. This book about relationships will help your listeners become Emotional Einsteins.

    You can’t miss this episode.

    In this episode, we discuss:

    Words play a great role in how we connect as leaders in everyday life
    How to use specific words to shift our relationship and conversations
    Emotional intelligence and empathy in leadership
    Compassionate communication techniques to avoid communication mistakes
    The power of words and how they can impact our life
    How we learn parenting styles from our parents
    CEO communication tools to help you become better fathers and husbands
    Tone matters: Is not about what you say but how you say it
    How choosing better words to get the right message across to speak to your kids
    The 1-10 scale technique to assess the communication relationship with your children
    The neuroscience behind meaningful deeper communication
    Our challenges in relationship lie in the words aren’t saying
    A 360 review tool for dads, wives, and bosses

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    To inquire more about TalkSHIFT or book Krister for a webinar or keynote speech, call Krister at (314) 455-7848 or e-mail him keynotes@krister.com.

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    Repairing The Parent Child Communication Breakdown

    Repairing The Parent Child Communication Breakdown

    Sound Foundations for Parenting Podcast
    Episode: 34
    Title: Susie Harder
    In this episode of Sound Foundations for Parenting we welcome Susie Harder

    Susie Harder is a speech-language pathologist and she devotes her passion to working with children and teens that stutter. She is the director of the Central Valley Stuttering Center to provide specialized therapy and resources to families in California.

    She works in both private practice and school environments to help children and also train other speech-language pathologists to work effectively. She provides training to school districts across California and is also involved in directing the https://www.juniorauthorsprogram.com/ (Junior Authors Program platform), a platform that seeks to redefine how children connect with books.

    Susie holds a Masters Degree in speech-language pathology from Northwestern University. A mom of two children, Susie has also built and directed successful mentoring programs for teens who stutter to help guide younger kids who experience similar challenges.

    In this episode, we discuss:
    Susie’s journey and what speech pathologist do
    Transition points and How to navigate parenting in a way that is meaningful to your kids
    Becoming adaptable as a parent
    Local regulation: Using your voice when talking to your kids to deescalate difficult situations.
    Helping your kids become effective communicators
    Your communication style as a parent.
    How to use books to create a conversation with your kid
    Difference between listening and hearing
    Communication breakdown between parent and children
    How the Junior Authors Program works and helps children feel socio-emotionally supported through books
    Her latest book “https://www.juniorauthorsprogram.com/book (Where's My House?)”
    Why it’s important to find Your “Aha” moment

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    Regain Control of Your Child and Your Life

    Regain Control of Your Child and Your Life

    Dr. Teri Rouse, more often called Dr. Teri by friends, family, students and clients, is a wife, mother, advocate, teacher, and mentor. And as we found out in the is episode she is a woman who cares passionately for the wellbeing of children and their families. Dr. Teri has made it her mission to help parents help their children be the best they can be.
    Because of her classroom experiences and her personal experiences as a parent/stepparent of a child with behavioral issues, she has developed a system to help parents help their children be the best they can be: 3 CRITICAL and Heartfelt Techniques to reconnect and transform your child's troubling behaviors so you can create peace in your home and actually enjoy spending time with your child again!
    She also developed a unique program, Braver Than YOU Believe: Fearless, Empowerment, Control and Success System. This powerful system has shown people how to break from fear and take control of their lives, empowering them to move forward fearlessly with greater control and achieving their truest desires.
    Dr. Teri is a multiple bestselling author. She is a member of the National Academy of Best-Selling Authors and a Recipient of the QUILLY Award for Cracking The Code to Success that she co-authored with Brian Tracy and her husband, Dr. Fred Rouse. She authored Julian’s Gift, a picture book that was inspired by her over 20 years in the educational field in grades PreK to 8th and Braver Than I Believed, her very personal journal of her solo travels through South Africa.
    For over 21 years she has been a classroom Special Education teacher, Behavioral Specialist, Early Interventionist, Autism Specialist, Applied Behavior Analyst and Managing Director of KIDS Interventions and Direct Services. She has spent the last 17 years teaching teachers how to teach at Chestnut Hill College, Widener University and Penn State. Dr. Teri earned a Doctorate in Special Education.
    She travels the globe to give presentations at conferences for teachers, school administrators, organizations and conventions such as the American Horticultural Therapy Association and the Division of International Special Education and Services. Dr. Teri is involved with Division of International Special Education and Services, The Council for Exceptional Children (CEC), Light it Up Blue for Autism, Autism Speaks, Lily’s Hope Foundation and Uthando, South Africa.
    In this episode, we discuss:
    · Regain control of your child and your life.
    · Behavior always has a reason.
    · It is okay as a parent to say “no”.
    · But you should still allow your child some control.
    · It is important for kids to understand the consequences of their choices.
    · You have to understand your child is anticipating your response.
    · Dr. Teri offers some simple action steps you can take today.
    · You are worthy of peace, harmony, happiness, and success.
    · Give your kids control of something. Let them make choices and decisions.
    · Help your kids understand, accept, and live with consequences of their decision or choice.
    · Create a flexible schedule.

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    Improving Your Child's Behavior

    Improving Your Child's Behavior

    In this episode of Sound Foundations for Parenting …we welcome Rachel Wise.
    Rachel is a certified school psychologist and licensed behavior specialist. In January 2014 she founded Education and Behavior.com
    Rachel created Education and Behavior for adults to have a “go to” place to find research-based information and strategies to support children in the areas of learning, behavior, and social-emotional development.
    As a survivor of abuse, neglect, and bullying, Rachel slipped through the cracks of her school and community. Education and Behavior hopes to play a role in preventing that from happening to other children.
    In this episode, we discuss:
    · Tips on how to help improve your child’s behavior.
    · Effective Behavior Strategies.
    · Show your child/student you are happy to see them!
    · Acknowledge effort, responsible choices, and kindness through verbal praise and/or positive body language.
    · Use empathetic statements (e.g., “I understand that this makes you angry”)!
    · Remind your student of what you want them to do, rather than what you don’t want them to do (e.g., “walk nicely in the hall” instead of “no running”)!
    · Remind your child/student of what they are working towards, rather than threatening what you will take away (earn vs lose/first you need to do this, then you can do that).
    · Give your child/student opportunities to make choices throughout the day!
    · Follow through on what you say you are going to do!
    · Take time to listen!
    · Avoid long lectures, arguments, and sarcastic remarks about your child/student’s behavior!
    · Use a calm but confident tone.
    · Building Confidence and Improving Behavior in Children.
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    Check out the Education and Behavior website:
    https://educationandbehavior.com/ (https://educationandbehavior.com/)
    At Education and Behavior you can find answers to questions such as:
    What will help my child focus in school?
    How can I help a student who is struggling to learn the material in my classroom?”
    Why doesn’t my student listen to me?
    What is the best way to help my child with academics at home?
    How can I help my child with depression or anxiety?
    How can I help a child with their behavior?
    What does the research say about bullying prevention?
    What methods can I use to help students who struggle with language processing?
    We also have a wealth of information on topics such as ADHD, autism, learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, special education, children’s fitness, and social skills.
    Need something more specific for a child you know? Rachel offers a free five-minute consultation via text for parents, educators, or other interested parties. Please text (267) 415 – 6400 or email rachelwise@educationandbehavior.com for more information.
    See Our Guide for Parents and Teachers to Improve Behavior and Increase Confidence in Children. https://educationandbehavior.com/how-to-discipline-a-child-with-behavior-problems/ (https://educationandbehavior.com/how-to-discipline-a-child-with-behavior-problems/)
    Top 10 Behavior Strategies for Children with Oppositional Defiant Disorder
    https://educationandbehavior.com/strategies-for-oppostional-defiant/ (https://educationandbehavior.com/strategies-for-oppostional-defiant/)
    10 Simple Ways to Improve Children's Behavior (Home and School)
    https://educationandbehavior.com/how-to-discipline-a-child-with-behavior-problems/ (https://educationandbehavior.com/how-to-discipline-a-child-with-behavior-problems/)
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    Sibling Rivalry

    Sibling Rivalry

    The youngest of 12 children, a husband, father of three, uncle to 42 (and increasing), basketball player and fan, skier, lifelong learner, community advocate, public speaker, and a counselor, coach and therapist; Justin Greer draws from these experiences to add perspective and gain understanding about the human condition.
    Justin applies that knowledge to help parents navigate the many daily challenges parenting brings. These challenges range from typical and frequent to serious in nature. By examining the current family structure, systems and processes, unhealthy patterns can be replaced with healthy ones that create an environment where children can do their BEST work.
    Justin originally got into the field of counseling and psychology as the child and adolescent behavior coach. He worked specifically with children with really challenging behaviors, usually aggression as he moved through his bachelor's degree in behavioral science, he actually started to take on clinical roles and he ran a teen substance use group for about a year.
    He started to work with adults and he eventually got his master's in clinical counseling and mental health. Justin is now a clinical counselor. He a licensed counselor in the state of Arizona. And a nationally certified counselor.
    In this episode, we discuss:
    · How to regulate emotions in kids.
    · Train parents on how to help their children emotionally.
    · Critical components to be able to address overwhelm.
    · The CS model.
    · Being correct means, we have the right tools and the right knowledge.
    · Being controlled means that we are actually putting forth the right amount of intensity.
    · The core four, which is vision. Values beliefs and habits.
    · History of sibling rivalry.
    · Tips on dealing with sibling rivalry.
    Contact Our Guest:
    https://www.linkedin.com/in/justin-greer-ms-lac-ncc-78ab48a3/ (https://www.linkedin.com/in/justin-greer-ms-lac-ncc-78ab48a3/)

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5.0 out of 5
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10 Ratings

.Lau.ren. 🍭 ,

Great listen

Thanks for doing the work to provide insight for parents and all listeners! Great guests!

CaliforniaCoffee ,

Great Topics!

As I scanned the list of shows, I couldn't decide which to listen to first! I love the meaningful topics and the wealth of child-related information provided through the shows I've listened to! Terrie Nolan has such a great concept she's working on. I adore the work Sarah Seaman is doing with outdoor play (and her accent). And Rachel Wise has some great suggestions about how to structure motivators and reinforement with children at home. Thank you Brian and Darren for the work you're doing and having me as a guest. I look forward to hearing what you're working on next!

tommye w-c ,


Wonderful resource for parents! Great hosts and guests.

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