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Hear from personal stylists and the marketing strategies that are genuinely growing their styling businesses.

Discover success secrets you can adopt to turn your styling business into an empire, from those nailing it right now!

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The Styling Advisory Podcast Sarah Cohen

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Hear from personal stylists and the marketing strategies that are genuinely growing their styling businesses.

Discover success secrets you can adopt to turn your styling business into an empire, from those nailing it right now!

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    Marketing Your Styling Membership with Personal Stylist, Caitlin Marwaha.

    Marketing Your Styling Membership with Personal Stylist, Caitlin Marwaha.

    This episode is sponsored by our new offering, The Ultimate Stylist Marketing Funnel; a prioritized planning and implementation program to help you create the most effective marketing content every month for your business. 

    This is the perfect solution for stylists struggling to reach their ideal client online, or convert that audience, subscriber base or web visitor into clients. 

    We want to convert these people into clients but we also want to get a handle on our marketing activity so it’s effective without taking over our lives…. 

    We need to give our audience the right content, at the right time, on the right platform, moving them through a buyer journey. 

    Our Marketing Funnel helps you create content for every stage of this journey for the whole year! 

    You’ll receive worksheets, monthly group coaching sessions and weekly access to marketing mentors, to get you creating a unique brand, niche client, and all the marketing content you’ll need for the year!

    Head to our website for more details. https://www.stylingadvisory.com.au/ultimate-stylist-marketing-funnel/


    Our guest today is Caitlin Marwaha, a Melbourne based stylist and founder of the CM Style Squad. 

    Caitlin shares her approach to marketing her business, how long it takes for her to convert clients, and the reality of building a 6 figure styling business….

    It takes time, consistency, keeping track of what content works, a personal brand that resonates with your tribe, and realistic expectations. 

    All those stylists with imposter syndrome or a feeling of failure because you haven’t got enough clients yet… this one’s for you! 


    [00:00:17] Caitlin’s current launch period, styling experience to date and the decision to start running an online styling group program.

    [00:03:28] Recurring revenue for stylists verses the unpredictable nature of client appointments. Launching to a warm audience on social media. 

    00:04:51] How Covid impacted the messaging and value of a styling membership; it’s about community. “It's one hundred percent the community element that keeps the women there.” 

    [00:05:48] Why Caitlin’s styling community is the perfect example of why Imposter Syndrome shouldn’t be an issue, nor stop you from building your styling business. “It’s not the service itself, it's how that service makes you feel”.

    [00:07:03] Why there is room for every stylist. Clients will find their own tribe. 

    [00:09:00] Whether to promote the tangible styling results of a membership or the community experience. The marketing messages that work? Exclusivity and social proof. 

    [00:10:00] The Style Quad Niche Client 

    [00:11:26] What clients want and how they want their styling problems solved; Group or one on one. 

    [00:12:00] How long it really takes for someone to become a styling client 

    [00:14:06] Growing her community on Instagram, paid marketing (Facebook ads) and networks. 

    [00:16:00] Committing to consistent marketing content. 

    [00:16:27] The struggle with getting that balance between how much value do you share online and how much do you keep for your paid clients. 

    [00:17:27] Blogging vs Social Media to attract clients 

    [00:19:05] The metrics or data Caitlin looks at to determine whether the marketing content was effective. 

    [00:23:04] Setting realistic expectations when building a styling business. 

    [00:24:30] Why success doesn’t happen overnight, but it will happen.

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    ‘The Rise of The Capsule Collection’ with Personal Stylist Jessica Ryan

    ‘The Rise of The Capsule Collection’ with Personal Stylist Jessica Ryan


    Head to https://www.facebook.com/groups/stylingadvisorycommittee and join us for discussions on the styling industry and business challenges.


    Hi everyone! I’m your host, Sarah Cohen, Stylist Marketing Specialist and founder of the Styling Advisory, and in this podcast I ask successful personal stylists how they built their business, and what marketing tactics worked for them.

    🚀✨If you’re a personal stylist or image expert looking to attract, convert and retain clients, you might be interested in joining our Stylist Marketing Collective; where you’ll effective styling client attraction activities from digital marketing specialists AND implement them together.

    For more details head to www.stylingadvisory.com.au 


    'The Rise of The Capsule Collection' and how 1x clever marketing image attracts personal styling clients. 

    In this episode, I’m chatting with Jessica Ryan who is a Multi Award Winning Personal Stylist and Fashion Curator and mum of two based in Gippsland, Victoria and has built her successful business based on her ability to curate and style the ideal capsule wardrobe. 

    After over a decade of working in the retail fashion industry Jess developed a curiosity for women’s consumer behaviour and what exactly makes the perfect ‘curated wardrobe’. 

    She experimented with the art of curated wardrobing herself, living with 40 piece wardrobe for 3 years; to prove you can develop a balance between fashion obsession and mindful shopping. 

    We talk about how Jess tapped into this niche and marketed it beautifully using a powerful visual image of ‘The Rack’. 

    ❤👍Be sure to rate, review and subscribe to learn from experts making a living doing what they love! 


    [00:00:10] How Jessica started her journey in the fashion industry and discovered the alarming message of always buying new, more, now

    [00:01:00] Becoming a mum and her decision to live with a 40 piece wardrobe

     [00:01:34] The cathartic nature of a capsule wardrobe 

    [00:02:00] Becoming a mother and losing touch with our identity 

    [00:04:00] The decision to start reconnecting what what Jess loved through fashion 

    [00:04:42] What makes her clients decide to take that step too 

    [00:06:00] A focus on mindfulness and intention with how we shop and build our wardrobe. 

    [00:08:24] The turning point when bookings started to come in 

    [00:09:54] The inception and success of The Rack image; reducing the overwhelm for the client and showing them a beautiful collection 

    [00:12:00] The idea that a capsule brings a sense of control 

    [ [00:13:00] The weekly rack challenge 

    [00:13:51] Bringing your services to life with a visual image 

    [00:15:00] Every stylist’s marketing plan is unique, it's not a one size fits all. 

    [00:17:55] The overwhelming side effect of client growth and the benefit of taking things step by step. Just pick something to work on and ignore the rest! 

    [00:20:28] Just create something people care about 

    [00:22:05] Making sure that my community are getting something from me whenever I show up. And that's it.

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    Using IGTV Videos To Convert Styling Clients with Raquel Macias

    Using IGTV Videos To Convert Styling Clients with Raquel Macias



    🎬 Personal Stylist Raquel Macias - Podcast Interview Show Notes 🎬 

    Today I'm talking to personal stylist Raquel Macias about her marketing approach, which focusses predominantly on creating video content on IGTV to convert clients. 

    Raquel spent time analyzing what type of posts/blogs/emails/ads were working to build relationships with followers and clients - and it turned out that every DM or email, booking or subscription was linked to videos she created. 

    Armed with this knowledge, Raquel decided to double down on this type of content rather than keep trying to create loads of different types of posts/content. 

    This approach works for her and her audience, but every one of us needs our own unique 'recipe' of marketing ingredients to drive our clients into booking in. 

    [00:00:00] Introduction to Raquel Macias, her styling journey and the business she has built. 

    [00:04:42] Do Raquel’s clients just want her to tell them what their style should be? Or do they have an idea of what they want their style to be and they just can't? 

    [00:07:44] What type of marketing activity or marketing decisions have enabled Raquel to build her business. 

    [00:08:40] Studying her own content and the feedback she was getting

    [00:10:00] For Raquel, video is a better way of communicating her knowledge. 

    [00:10:47] Reviewing the engagement, the metrics, and the information to attract clients. 

    [00:12:05] How likes and comments sometimes can be misleading when you use Instagram as a business platform. 

    [00:13:07] Raquel’s client journey from video views to clients .

     [00:15:10] Free resources and freebies 

    [00:16:12] Planning video ideas and the creative process 

    [00:23:00] The mindset shift which will fuel the popularity of stylist's 

    [00:25:34] Why the more clothing choices you have, the harder it is for you to make a decision on your outfit.

     [00:27:04] What the call-to-action could be in your video 

    [00:31:37] The channel Raquel receives the most engagement from followers

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    Success Secrets for Virtual Styling Services with Celebrity & Personal Stylist, Bridget Bell

    Success Secrets for Virtual Styling Services with Celebrity & Personal Stylist, Bridget Bell

    How do you find enough clients that you'll be booked out months in advance? Celebrity stylist turned personal stylist (and a client of
    mine) Bridget Bell of Style Ambition
    (http://www.bridgetbell.com.au/personal-styling) shares her experiences, insights
    and strategies with me in this episode of The Styling Advisory Podcast.

    As an industry expert who has styled over 150 celebrity shoots, television shows and events, Bridget wanted to bring the celebrity styling experience to the everyday woman, delivering the ultimate ‘wow’ factor to their wardrobe regardless of budget or location.

    Known for nailing the brief no matter the silhouette, budget, creative vision or time frame, Bridget now helps executives, working mums and entrepreneurs ‘nail their own styling brief’ through shoppable videos and styling boards, virtual styling sessions and wardrobe edits all from the comfort of their own home. Virtual platform ShopShareTV has been an integral part of this revised business model, despite Bridget not being a big online shopper….and Bridget explains:

    -How she uses online tools
    -Her transition to online services
    -How virtual styling services work especially wardrobe edits

    Over the course of 2020, Bridget and I worked together to build a brilliant brand identity, value proposition, compelling services and social media content… and you can too!

    Sign up for the program Bridget completed: 👑 The Empire Blueprint Marketing &
    Business Program https://www.stylingadvisory.com.au/services/branding-marketing-strategy/

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    ‘Stylist Partnership Channels & Style Boxes' with Garmentier Founder, Lisa Bubes

    ‘Stylist Partnership Channels & Style Boxes' with Garmentier Founder, Lisa Bubes

    Garmentier was founded in 2018 by professional stylist and retail veteran Lisa Bubes, who recognized the potential for personal shoppers to change the retail world through an entirely new direct sales model.

    The Garmentier digital platform revolutionizes the relationship between retailers, brands and stylists and removes the barriers that have prevented a seamless and strong commercial partnership between them and the brands they help support.

    Commissions, pulling and sending stock to clients without them lifting a finger and custom tailoring are just some of the features of this platform.

    In my interview today, Lisa and I talk about the industry challenges and how Garmentier was built to remove them in an innovative and intuitive way.

    Currently available to US image professionals only, they do have plans to open the functionality and membership to other countries in 2021.

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    'Understanding the Styling Client Journey' with My Virtual Stylist Founder, Rosie McKay

    'Understanding the Styling Client Journey' with My Virtual Stylist Founder, Rosie McKay

    Rosie McKay is a stylist with over 15 years experience in editorial and commercial work, most notably styling for WHO and OK magazine in Australia.

    Rosie launched her personal styling business in 2017 and has since built a virtual styling platform ‘My Virtual Stylist’, offering clients ‘style subscriptions’ delivered quarterly.

    In today’s episode, we’ll be focusing on the Client Journey; How your ideal client journey defines your business success.

    Rosie has 2 distinct client profiles who each make purchasing and booking decisions in different ways.

    Understanding these differences have enabled Rosie to anticipate the needs of each client as they move through the buyer cycle, removing any barriers to booking in and getting them signed up to her programs!

    We’ll discuss:

    · The 2x types of Virtual Styling client and what they need from Rosie.
    · How each client likes to engage with Rosie.
    · How we get them from ‘unaware of your services’ to ‘booking in’ (the buyer cycle)
    · The service types that match each client’s needs

    Rosie also shares her advice as an entrepreneur growing a business organically; it’s all about testing and tweaking to get results!

    TAKEAWAY 🔑 Understanding exactly how your ideal client makes a decision about booking in a service or buying a product should define the customer journey in your business.

    SUPPORT 💻 Book a marketing coaching session in this month and we’ll define the steps your clients takes, make specific tweaks and help drive more bookings together!

    More info: https://myvirtualstylist.com.au/about

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5.0 out of 5
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6 Ratings

marymichele68 ,

A Wealth of Information

Such great nuggets here! Love the topics and the guests are fabulous. Keep it up!

April Styling ,

Must Listen For Every Stylist!

I love hearing the nuggets of wisdom shared by stylists from different backgrounds on how they built their styling empire! It’s also wonderful to glean from people at the forefront of the industry from the technology end. I also believe that personal stylist are the future of retail and the world has yet to see our potential and how our influence will shape and contribute to the fashion/retail world! Sarah is so engaging and gets at all the answers you want to know! The Styling Advisory Podcast is a must have on your listening list!

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