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Prepper News and Survival Tips. A podcast about survival skills, prepping, preparedness and politics. This is not your typical basic prepping podcast. We dive onto a wide range of topics like current events, politics, technology and anything that helps us stay prepared for the challenges life throws at us.

The Survival Preppers with Duff & Dale The Survival Preppers with Duff & Dale

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Prepper News and Survival Tips. A podcast about survival skills, prepping, preparedness and politics. This is not your typical basic prepping podcast. We dive onto a wide range of topics like current events, politics, technology and anything that helps us stay prepared for the challenges life throws at us.

    TSP014: Zenobots, Omnicron & Hunter Biden

    TSP014: Zenobots, Omnicron & Hunter Biden

    In this episode of the Blabbercast, we talk about the new Zenobot technology that creates human robots, the newest Covid variant Omnicron, and how China has a grip on everyone from Hunter Biden to Anthony Fauci.

    We also talk about why nothing will come from the Ghislaine Maxwell trial, and how Twitter is the cesspool of Politicians, Hollywood, and the Media. What would the world look like if there were no Twitter? And who would be implicated in the Epstein saga if the rules were fair?

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    TSP074: Internet Outage Effects & Social Credit Scores

    TSP074: Internet Outage Effects & Social Credit Scores

    In today’s show, we’ll be going over what a complete internet outage would look like, the newest Covid variant, and how a social credit score could be coming to the U.S. and other countries around the world.

    Complete Internet Outage

    What would a complete internet outage mean to the economy and the average person? Just like our dependence on the electrical grid, we utilize the internet for just about everything. We take access to the internet for granted, just like we expect the light to come on when we flip a switch, and water to endlessly come streaming out of our faucets.

    It seems like an internet outage would have the same effects as an EMP, although probably on a smaller timeframe. And just like power outages, there are different levels of outages. Hackers could disrupt small portions, but the World Economic Forum thinks there might be a scenario where we need to shut it all down.

    Covid Variant Omnicron

    Well, here we go again. The WHO has announced there is a new variant of the virus that came out of a lab. This is not a NU variant, but a NEW variant because the WHO skipped over nu and xi in the Greek alphabet and named it Omnicron, which ironically is an anagram for moronic.

    Did they skip over Nu because they didn’t want it referred to as the Nu Variant? And XI to avoid offending Chinese leader Xi Jinping? The more important question is, what does this mean to us and our future of being human pincushions.

    Social Credit Score

    Because China can do whatever they want, whenever they want to their people, their social credit score is in full swing. While it’s unlikely that a system such as theirs gets implemented in the U.S., that doesn’t mean our elected officials won’t try.

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    TBC013 Erasing History & Destroying the Future

    TBC013 Erasing History & Destroying the Future

    Everyone these days want to fundamentally change the systems we have in place before there is a real plan to replace them. The BLM wants to change our racist political system, but to what? Marxism is my guess. Politicians want to go away from fossil fuels, but don’t have the infrastructure in place to do so.

    We also talk about how more than ever these days it’s becoming increasingly evident that no one will protect us but ourselves. Politicians throw their support behind criminals by letting them burn down cities, let them out of jail, and loot stores at will.

    • 1 hr 8 min
    TSP073 Food Shortages & Our Dystopian Future

    TSP073 Food Shortages & Our Dystopian Future

    What is it that happens when someone becomes a billionaire that makes them feel like they know what’s best for society and the future of humanity? In today’s show, we are going to talk about some of these people and organizations, and how our world leaders are falling in line.

    You have millionaires like The World Economic Forum and Cargill game-planning how to capitalize on the demise of civilization, Mark Zuckerberg wants to put us in the Matrix, and every world leader and politician following the money rather than following the will of the people.

    Rittenhouse and the Media Lies

    To start the show off this week we talked about how the media and politicians are in damage control mode over the Rittenhouse verdict. Joe Biden can call Satchel Paige a “Great Negro”, but Rittenhouse is the white supremacist.

    Is the media lying more than they used to? Or is it just more obvious because we now have access to more information? Regardless of what it is, the media is no longer the watchdog of the rich and powerful, they are in lockstep with the rich and powerful.

    Zuckerberg and the Metaverse

    Are you ready for Skynet? If creepy Mark Zuckerberg has his way, it won’t be very long. The company formerly known as Facebook has plans on plugging everyone into what they call the Metaverse. It’s not enough that people can’t get their faces off their phone or computer screen, now they want you IN the machine.

    It appears this type of future technology is inevitable and has some positive applications. The question is, who controls this technology, and what are their true motivations. If it’s Facebook we all know the answer.

    Universal Basic Income & the WEF

    The world Economic Forum would like nothing better than to control every aspect of our lives. How much of this is based on where they see us heading in the future? Even though their main motivation is to keep a grasp on their power, we could be in for some challenges in the future.

    • 1 hr 13 min
    TBC012: Russia, China & Climate Change

    TBC012: Russia, China & Climate Change

    Today’s show goes over Russia recklessly blowing up satellites, China preparing for war, climate change activists going rouge, and more anti-gun hypocrisy.

    While we are being distracted by the economy, inflation, and shortages, China and Russia are playing target practice, gearing up for a conflict with the U.S. Could this lead us into WW3? Or is it just another example of posturing?  

    The term ‘Greedy Americans’ is nothing new, but now that China and Russia have their eye on bigger and better things, will they give us a run for the greedy crown?

    We start with an update on the Glen Tate / Shelby Gallagher situation we touched on last week. Glen has had a challenging year – first he battled cancer, then he was intubated due to Covid-19. We are happy to report that is now recovering at home, and it seems like the worst may be over. Through everything, their preparedness mindset has enabled them to remain strong in the face of adversity.

    The Kyle Rittenhouse (mis)trial rages forward, with Atty. Binger topping last week’s debacle of a performance by pointing an AR-15 towards the jury with his finger on the trigger. He followed that up with the discovery that he had provided the defense with a low quality drone video, when they had an HD version available. Unsurprisingly, the defense team made their third motion for a mistrial. The judge has decided not to rule on the mistrial requests until after a verdict has been reached, so this mess is far from over.

    Meanwhile, Hollywood, along with prosecutor Binger , proves over and over that, although they talk a big game about gun control, they don’t actually know the first thing about firearm safety.

    In other news, Greta Thunberg was shut out of the recent Climate Summit. She was pretty angry when she realized she had been used and tossed aside, and trust us, she was vocal about it. It will be pretty interesting to watch her become a P.I.A. to the same Americans who couldn’t get enough of her when it served their purposes.

    Regardless of the perceived reasons from opposing sides regarding the cause of modern climate change, we should all be working towards not compounding the situation. But, is there even a point if China and India are not on board?

    Besides, there are lots of other things to think about, like the amount of open positions for workers across America. Have some people just had enough? Did the play for power during the lockdowns backfire and make people decide to jump off the hamster wheel? Heck, the government may even decide to kill two birds with one stone and allow a war to begin. After all. wars are historically excellent for an economy… the perfect solution for a pwer hungry greedy government.

    There is no growth without friction. Could this be the friction the previously quiet Americans need to begin to speak out? Perhaps the refusal to work is only the first step in a documented escalation of resistance used by law enforcement. We must find a way towards de-escalation before things progress further.

    In the meantime, Democrats seem to be up to their usual tricks. In an effort to re-focus attention, our military is now focused on diversity and inclusivity instead of superiority, Facebook has announced that they are no longer going to use facial recognition software (Wait until you hear the rant on this one!), and the government is willing to admit to aliens rather than Tic Tacs.

    Remember: Preparedness is believing that the government is not looking out for your best interests and realizing that you need to look out for yourself!

    • 1 hr 18 min
    TSP072 Preparing for a Long Winter & The World Economic Forum

    TSP072 Preparing for a Long Winter & The World Economic Forum

    In tonight’s video, we discuss how we could be in for a long winter. Along with going over the basics of winter preparedness, we talk about the economy, shortages, and a complete internet shutdown that could change life as we know it.

    For years prepping has been seen as unnecessary, but recent events have shown how unprepared people are. Some of these people are waking up, but is it too little too late?

    Kyle Rittenhouse Trial

    With the Rittenhouse trial winding down, it seems as though he will be acquitted, or there will be a mistrial. Because he has been convicted by the media already, this might shock the average person. Could this mean more riots and protests?

    Winter Preparedness Tips

    With winter coming, we must reassess our winter preparedness plans. In the show, we go over some essential tips and discuss being ready to be stuck somewhere. As much as we drive, the chances are high that we get stuck at work or on the side of the road.

    Shortages & Inflation

    Keeping with the show’s theme, we could be in for a long winter ahead with inflation and shortages. On top of that, you have the government handing out blank checks to everyone.

    In the show, we discuss what is causing the shortages and how inflation worsens.

    Cyber Polygon & The World Economic Forum

    Candice Owens recently posted on Instagram about The World Economic Forums’ involvement in Cyber Polygon. The WEF’s solution to a massive internet hack is to shut everything down and seize control of everything.

    • 1 hr 29 min

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4.5 out of 5
75 Ratings

75 Ratings

Tarrbear430 ,

Love the show

Newer listener but making my way through all the old episodes. Love all the advice and product recommendations!

Vidaliagrl6 ,

Wanted to like it.

When they talk about prepping and tips, it’s a great show. But now it’s all political talk and “F this, F that” every other word. Not worth listening to anymore. Clean it up and go back to what you know, stay out of politics.

Dfarro01 ,

Keep up the great work!

Keep up the great work guys! Thanks for everything you do 🤙

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