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The Texas Outdoor Digest offers the latest and most in-depth insight into Texas hunting, fishing and outdoor pursuits with a focus on conservation and preservation of our natural resources.

The Texas Outdoor Digest Will Leschper

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The Texas Outdoor Digest offers the latest and most in-depth insight into Texas hunting, fishing and outdoor pursuits with a focus on conservation and preservation of our natural resources.

    Texas Memorial Day fishing tops outdoor listings

    Texas Memorial Day fishing tops outdoor listings

    Memorial Day weekend in Texas long has signaled the start of summer across the state, bringing with it thought of fishing, camping and other outdoors excursions. Here are your holiday listings for things to do, places to go and how to plan a last-second trip to some of our favorite places.

    Texas freshwater summer fishing guide

    “It’s tough to beat Texas angling no matter where you are, and while these bodies of water are surefire locales to find the fish of the year or fish of a lifetime, there are plenty of other places not far away that likely are just as good.”

    Catfish the perfect angling target for young, old across Texas

    “Because of its wide-ranging appetite for anything — and I do mean anything — the catfish is a great angling target for young and old. Not only can they grow to extreme size in some cases, they are tough to beat as table fare and definitely will put some curl in a fishing rod.”

    Texas saltwater summer fishing guide

    “The Texas coastline stretches from the Louisiana border to the Mexican border and harbors game fish of all shapes and sizes – and tastes. With that in mind, here’s a summer saltwater fishing guide, featuring more than a few reasons why it’s worth making the trip south or east, at least for a few days when the weather’s scorching outside.”

    Texas jetty fishing provides some of the finest angling conditions imaginable

    “The miles of rocky outcroppings from Sabine Pass to Port Mansfield – and everywhere in between – are magnets for game fish of all shapes and sizes, offering the everyman angler their best chance to come close to the biggest and best fish swimming in the salt.”

    It’s time to play well with others in Texas hunting, fishing pursuits

    “There are millions of acres of land and water open to public hunting and fishing if you can get there, but I’m telling you right now, if you don’t like sharing, don’t even pack the truck. It’s Memorial Day weekend and you’re guaranteed to find people before you find redfish or bass.”

    Texas hunting, fishing pursuits continue to get even more crowded

    “During the next few months from east to west and north to south we’ll be sharing some of our favorite places that we find most dear with more than a million others, who may or may not be our future friends. My advice is to celebrate all that we have to legally enjoy.”

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    Welcome to The Texas Outdoor Digest

    Welcome to The Texas Outdoor Digest

    Howdy, fellow Texans, outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen. My name is Will Leschper and I’d like to introduce you to the new Texas Outdoor Digest.

    I’m a native Texan, and, no offense to anyone out there not from the Lone Star State, but I just have to say it: Texas is awesome. It’s awesome because of all the exceptional hunting, fishing and recreational pursuits that help us get outside and stay there. That’s exactly why I created The Texas Outdoor Digest, a place where we can discuss and celebrate all things sporting.

    I was introduced to the outdoors at a young age and I’ve been hooked ever since. I really have hooked myself numerous times, whether it was as a kid trying to catch sunfish or later on using the long stick for the first time and whipping a fly pattern right into the back of my head.

    I also have been hooked on bringing my passion for the outdoors to others. I’ve been a contributing writer and photographer to many outdoor magazines you may have heard of … and some that are no longer in print, thanks to the changing ways that folks consume their information.

    I currently serve as conservation editor for Texas Fish & Game Magazine and I provide regular content for the Journal of the Texas Trophy Hunters. Those are a couple of great publications with their own dedicated audiences. I would urge you to check them out, and if you like them, subscribe.

    I also want you to subscribe to The Texas Outdoor Digest. And guess what? It’s free. That right, no fee required to get the best of the outdoors directly to you, when you want it.

    As far as The Texas Outdoor Digest goes, you may ask, “Well, there’s lots of other shows and media out there about hunting and fishing … so what makes you different?” And you know what, that’s a great question.

    My easy answer is that I know what you want because I want the same things. I want to know about the fishing conditions along the Texas coast this time of year, how the spring turkey hunting outlook is shaping up and hundreds of other topics that I enjoy discussing.

    And there’s so much to talk about when you’re talking Texas hunting and fishing.

    However, there also are opportunities to enjoy outdoor pursuits elsewhere, so we’ll talk about those, too.

    What I would urge you to do today, in addition to signing up for show updates, is to plan out your hunting and fishing pursuits if you haven’t already. Then, once you’ve got an overall outline, take a second and go back over your list. Is there at least one opportunity to take a youth along? It could be your kids or your neighbors’ kids … or even someone you’ve never even met.

    It’s up to us as hunters, anglers and conservationists to give back to future generations. They’ll be the ones entrusted with overseeing our traditions when we’re long gone.

    And if you don’t have your list of outdoor pursuits locked down yet, please go to The Texas Outdoor Digest homepage. I’ve got a breakdown of one outdoor pursuit per month to help get you thinking.

    While you’re on the homepage, you also can sign up for content updates to make sure you never miss out on any conversation … and please don’t forget to follow on Instagram @texasoutdoordigest.

    I look forward to what 2017 brings outdoors and hopefully you do, too.

    Thanks for joining The Texas Outdoor Digest.

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    Texas deer forecast looks excellent and Lake Texoma still a striper hot spot

    Texas deer forecast looks excellent and Lake Texoma still a striper hot spot

    It’s Father’s Day weekend, and in this installment of the Texan Outdoors Show, I offer my take on what it means to be a father and why fulfilling that role successfully is so important to our children and to future generations.

    With summer rains come big predictions for the fall and winter deer seasons, and Alan Cain, white-tailed deer program leader for the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, stops by to discuss this year’s seasons.

    Texas deer hunting is a multi-billion-dollar industry enjoyed by more than a half-million hunters each fall and winter, and even in average or bad years when dry conditions are prevalent we still have it better than any other state in the country. However, this year’s seasons should shape up to be exceptional, possibly one of the best on record, Cain said.

    “I have no reservations suggesting antler quality will be above-average this year and with a good number of bucks in the 5.5-year-old age class … I expect a number of hunters to harvest some exceptional bucks this year,” he said. “The habitat conditions statewide are much better than we’ve seen in years and the abundance of native forage will help bucks maximize antler growth this year.”

    Cain pointed to the best areas to bag a huge buck, with no surprise in which ones he picked.

    “Those hunters looking for a buck with good quality antlers can expect the usual locations to produce such as South Texas where the average Boone & Crockett score of a 6.5-year-old buck is about 136 B&C,” he said. “The Rolling Plains is right up there with South Texas where the average score of a 6.5-year-old buck is about 133 B&C.

    It should be noted, Cain said, that other areas still produce some top-quality headgear.

    “Although South Texas and the Rolling Plains are destination locations for bucks with big antlers, hunters can still connect on great deer in any ecoregion. In fact, in 2014 a beautiful 197 5/8 B&C buck was bagged in Nacogdoches County in East Texas and multiple bucks scoring 160 B&C or better were taken in many of the antler restriction counties of the Cross Timbers, Post Oak Savannah and Pineywoods,” he said. “Although those type of deer are the exception to the norm, the average 6.5-year-old buck still sports quality antlers with the statewide average around 128 B&C. The majority of ecoregions produce bucks with that quality of antlers if the bucks are able to survive to those older age classes. Regardless of where you hunt in Texas, there’s always a good chance you’ll see a great quality buck each season. Enhancing habitat to make your hunting lease or ranch more attractive to deer is always helpful to entice that big buck to your deer blind and hopefully in your crosshairs.”

    Later in the show, Bill Carey of Striper Express Guide Service, will discuss the fishing on Lake Texoma. Even though the lake has never been as high as it is now with recent huge rainfall and flooding events, the fishing outlook remains strong heading toward the heat of the summer. Carey, who along with his son, Chris, have great insight into catching striped bass, white bass and a host of other freshwater species, offers his take on what makes Texoma such a great angling paradise, including how his guides helped break four Texas and Oklahoma records this year and last.

    I’ve fished with the Careys a couple of times and the topwater bite always is mind-boggling for stripers during the summer. Texoma features the only self-sustaining population of breeding stripers in the country, making it among the best fishing destinations in the entire United States. The lake even made the Bassmaster Top 100 lakes in the country recently and shows no sign...

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