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Theo Fleury welcomes you to journey with him on his podcast. Theo sets out with the purpose of getting different perspectives, from different people, from all walks of life. Theo has discussions and conversations on a variety of different topics including mental health & wellness, sports, art, music and politics. Theo always strives to make meaningful connections and have impactful conversations with his guests.

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Theo Fleury welcomes you to journey with him on his podcast. Theo sets out with the purpose of getting different perspectives, from different people, from all walks of life. Theo has discussions and conversations on a variety of different topics including mental health & wellness, sports, art, music and politics. Theo always strives to make meaningful connections and have impactful conversations with his guests.

    Episode #24 - Bill Burr

    Episode #24 - Bill Burr

    On this episode of the podcast Theo welcomes stand-up comedian and actor Bill Burr.  Theo and Bill share some funny stories and shoot the shit about hockey, golf, comedy and even some politics.

    Bill Burr is an American stand-up comedian, actor, producer and podcaster.  Bill grew up outside of Boston, Massachusetts, where he started his career in comedy and acting.
    Having first gained notoriety for his recurring role on the second season of Chappelle’s Show, Bill developed a comedic style of uninformed logic that has made him a regular with Conan O’Brien, Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel. Bill has filmed many comedy specials, his most recent being “Paper Tiger” released in 2019 which can be found on Netflix.
    Bill created and stars in the Netflix animated sitcom “F is for Family”, played Patrick Kuby in the AMC crime drama series “Breaking Bad”, and plays Migs Mayfeld in the Star Wars TV Series “The Mandalorian”.
    Bill can be also be seen in many films including, “The Front Runner”, starring Hugh Jackman, “Daddy’s Home” with Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell, Black or White with Kevin Costner, “Walk of Shame” with Elizabeth Banks, “The Heat” with Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy, “Stand Up Guys” with Al Pacino and Christopher Walken, and “Date Night” with Steve Carell and Tina Fey. 
    Bill is the co-founder the “All Things Comedy network” and he has hosted the twice-weekly comedy podcast, titled The Monday Morning Podcast, since May 2007.

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    Episode #23 - Dr. Pat O'Leary & Matthew Widmer

    Episode #23 - Dr. Pat O'Leary & Matthew Widmer

    On this exciting episode of the podcast Theo makes a special announcement about his new alliance with Metamedical Solutions.  Along with Dr Pat and Matthew, Theo discusses the new and innovative technology that Metamedical Solutions is offering in the area of mental health and wellness.  They also discuss the amazing new Mobile Wellness app they have recently released.
    Website: https://www.metamedicalsolutions.com/
    Link to the Mobile Wellness App: https://www.metamedicalsolutions.com/mobilewellness/
    Dr Pat O’Leary
    Bringing more than 37 years of International Executive experience from both public and private ventures Pat has always been motivated to succeed. Bringing companies public, mergers and acquisitions along with strategic financing and structure has allowed him to adapt quite quickly to the fast pace of software development. This will enable the company to grow quickly into all the vertical markets in the Health and wellness industry.
    Matthew Widmer
    With an educational background in Neuroscience, Cognitive Science, Philosophy and Psychology; Matthew leverages his research combined with 19 years of IT and Developmental experience into innovative solutions for multiple technology sectors. Innovation and Development is his niche. These combinations put him at the forefront of re-imagined medical and virtual platform design driven by applicable scientific research. His drive is to solve large problems with global scalability and focus on the integrations of technology into society for the betterment of health, wellness and learning.
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    Episode #22 - Paul Brandt

    Episode #22 - Paul Brandt

    On this special episode of the podcast Theo and Paul have an in-depth conversation about human trafficking.  They discuss Paul's connection to this very serious issue and hope to bring awareness and support to #NotInMyCity, a movement to generate awareness, engage communities and create action against human trafficking.

    Paul Brandt is a Canadian Country Music Hall of Famer. Musician, songwriter and performer. He’s also an entrepreneur, humanitarian and philanthropist.  Paul Brandt draws on his vast musical experiences and abilities, his creative mindset as well as his former role as a Registered Nurse at Alberta’s Children’s Hospital to engage his audiences and challenge them to be more outward looking, and to create “stuff the world needs”.  
    When not on tour, Paul has served as Calgary’s Mount Royal University’s “Storyteller in Residence” at the Bissett School of Business. Through an entrepreneurial process, Paul collaborated with Branding & Marketing students to develop new business and social enterprises, including the successful Anti-Human Trafficking movement #NotInMyCity.  
    Through storytelling and song, Paul draws on his varied experiences of success, resiliency and advocacy to help people understand that every person has a unique purpose full of potential, leaving them inspired and motivated to do more than they had ever dreamed possible.
    Paul lives with his wife Liz and their two children on The Buckspring Ranch in the foothills of Alberta’s Rocky Mountains.

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    Episode #21 - Robb Kelly

    Episode #21 - Robb Kelly

    Theo and Robb have a conversation about addiction, alcohol and recovery.  Robb tells his compelling story of his fight with alcoholism and his long hard journey to becoming an addiction recovery expert helping others to overcome their addictions.
    Robb Kelly, PhD is a world-renowned addiction consultant who believes in treating the problem of addiction, not the symptoms. He has worked for many years helping addicts and alcoholics to RECOVER their lives from the disease of addiction.  Based on his own experiences working with addicts and alcoholics over the last 20 years, a PhD in Psychology from Oxford University and as a recovered alcoholic himself – he is a triple threat against the disease of addiction. Dr. Kelly was the CEO of a thriving telecommunications company when the walls came crashing down on him due to alcoholism. He ended up homeless and broken on the streets of Manchester, England until he found the courage to save himself. Since recovering, Dr. Kelly has made it his life’s mission to assist other hopeless, chronic alcoholics and addicts. 
     He has lectured at many high-profile universities and hospitals about addiction and is recognized as a leading authority on addiction recovery methods that are changing lives. Dr. Kelly is currently the CEO of the Robb Kelly Recovery Group, an addiction recovery coaching company he created based on extensive research and behaviour studies that he conducted over the last 20 years. Dr. Kelly’s methods may seem unconventional and unorthodox leading some people to refer to him as "The Gordon Ramsay of the Addiction World" because of his direct, no-nonsense, and candid approach to treating addiction. Dr. Kelly works to "make the road of recovery less of a mystery tour."
     Today, Dr. Kelly inspires, educates, and changes lives with his amazing gripping story of success to failure to success….
    November 2019 Robb Kelly published “Daddy, Daddy Please Stop Drinking” which chronicles his story. Inspiring and sad at times, but it stands as a testament to the power of recovery.   
     Dr. Robb Kelly
    Robb Kelly Recovery Group
    20770 US Hwy 281 N, Ste 108
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    Episode #20 - Glori Meldrum

    Episode #20 - Glori Meldrum

    On this episode of the podcast Theo has a deep conversation with special guest and friend Glori Meldrum.  Glori shares her courageous story, which includes being sexually abused as a child, and her battle with cancer in recent years.  Glori is a inspiration to many and an example of true courage.
    Glori is a survivor of child sexual abuse. Glori had a dream to build a treatment facility dedicated to rebuilding the lives of sexually abused children and their families. In 2008, Glori founded Little Warriors, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to educating adults how to recognize, prevent and react responsibly to child sexual abuse. In 2014, Glori’s vision expanded to include The Be Brave Ranch, a ground-breaking facility offering treatment to children who have been sexually abused.

    Glori is described as energetic & determined with a ‘let’s-get-it-done-and-done-right’ attitude. Based on the foundations of integrity, commitment and perseverance Glori founded, and is the CEO of g[squared], a full-service marketing, advertising and communications agency working with world-class local, North American and international businesses. Glori is a graduate of Dalhousie University with a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing.

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    Episode #19 - Thomas Budd

    Episode #19 - Thomas Budd

    Thomas Budd was in the investment industry from 1981 to 2009 where he held various investment banking roles.  Mr. Budd’s last position was when he joined the partnership of Griffiths McBurney & Partners as President and took the Company public to form GMP Securities which is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.
    During his career Mr. Budd was involved in over 1000 financial deals, of which he was lead underwriter on over 480 and as lead financial advisor on over 600 mergers, take-overs and restructurings.
    Thomas Budd is a well-known community leader, philanthropist and founder of the Thomas Alan Budd Foundation.  Mr. Budd generously supports a variety of charitable organizations predominantly in his community of Kelowna.
    Mr. Budd has survived the tragic suicide of both his sons, Dillon and Payton Budd.  His painful loss has been the advent of a new journey and purpose – to share his story, to give people hope, and help get them through the hardest times in their lives by speaking out.   He is an advocate for awareness surrounding mental and emotional health issues and suicide prevention initiatives.
    Mr. Budd has embraced his community.  He is a leader, a listener and a speaker.  He strives to inspire others to do their best.  He is a passionate sports enthusiast, tennis player and car racer but most of all values the quality time he spends with his family and friends or people in need.  He is a man who chooses to make a difference in our community and around the world.
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5.0 out of 5
15 Ratings

15 Ratings

scheds_14 ,

Theo is unbelievable!

Not just saying this because he is the reason I wore #14. He is truly authentic and embodies what it means to be a leader!

Ruffdog113 ,

Awesome podcast!!

I remember watching Theo when he played for the Golden Eagles in my home town in Salt Lake. What a rad podcast! The episode with Bill Burr is amazing!

GGCondor ,

Beyond inspiring

I can’t say enough about the importance of this message. The insight offered here rings undeniably true of a man who has found some happiness and purpose after maybe one of the most painful experiences of life that a person could face.

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