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The Thirteenth Guardian - Book Excerpt

The Thirteenth Guardian KMLewis

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The Thirteenth Guardian - Book Excerpt

    Thirteenth Guardian - Chapter 4 (with author commentary)

    Thirteenth Guardian - Chapter 4 (with author commentary)

    A mysterious benefactor who visits a world renown museum holds the key to understanding what is causing the events around the globe. She shares evidence of an excavation in the desert sands of Iraq that could change the course of history. But some of that evidence could be lost forever.

    • 18 min
    Thirteenth Guardian - Chapter 3 (with author commentary)

    Thirteenth Guardian - Chapter 3 (with author commentary)

    While the core group of characters in the Thirteenth Guardian come from very different socializations, those differences are what will make them so well suited to play such consequential roles as their new reality unfolds. What begins as a series of seemingly unrelated events shrouded in secrecy, culminates in a devastating revelation that leaves Remi on his knees as he grapples with the agony of loss.

    • 38 min
    Thirteenth Guardian - Chapter 2 (with author commentary)

    Thirteenth Guardian - Chapter 2 (with author commentary)

    As Eli walks home after an eventful day working at the Vatican, he runs into an old friend whose life has just been turned upside down after an alarming discovery forces his return to Rome. Eli could not be more unprepared for what he experiences next on his way to his small apartment in the heart of Rome.

    • 19 min
    Thirteenth Guardian - Chapter 1 (with author commentary)

    Thirteenth Guardian - Chapter 1 (with author commentary)

    The Thirteenth Guardian is a fast paced novel, with lots of twists and turns, and a ton of drama that escalates as the story progresses. For Avery, Eli, Kaliya and Remi, their normal lives deteriorate rapidly as they are thrust into unexpected circumstances beyond their control. Their separate and tumultuous experiences will ultimately prove to be deeply connected and will force their paths to converge.

    • 36 min
    Thirteenth Guardian Excerpt - "Three Days"

    Thirteenth Guardian Excerpt - "Three Days"

    "Three Days" is an audio excerpt from The Thirteenth Guardian, with a bonus Behind-the-Scenes Author's Cut.

    At this pivotal point in the novel, bizarre events are unfolding high above the peaks of the Rocky Mountains near Salt Lake City, Utah. As Air Force One experiences unusual atmospheric conditions, the two Air Force Generals at the helm of the aircraft fight to regain control.

    Author K.M. Lewis offers a unique view into the cause and devastating effects of the Three Days of Darkness. Find more at https://thirteenthguardian.com

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5.0 out of 5
1 Rating

1 Rating

#FIERCEFemaleFounderInTech ,

WHOA!!! Look out Da Vinci Code!

Binge-read a hard copy of The ThirteenGuardian on a train ride through the Alps (of all places) this summer. O.M.G!!!!!!! 😲

I couldn’t put the book down! Still reeling from that ending- whaaaattt?!?! Honestly, things moved so fast, it felt like I was reading through a movie script! The last time I had this experience with a book was when I read Da Vinci Code. It’s SO sooooo good... a truly riveting storyline.

I’m a believer with very strong convictions about the stories in the Bible, and still I found myself having moments of pause at the brilliant way certain concepts are explained and fictionalized (is that a word?). The diversity of the characters is awesome... and the extent that K.M. goes to bring them to life made the crazy events all the more plausible. I absolutely Looooove Kaliya and Avery 👸🏾🔥 #FIERCEFemales

And that cliff-hanger ending - didn’t see it coming! So mad I have to wait for the sequels!! This is one of those times I’d love to see the Author pull off a Netflix-for-books move (make all three parts available at once)!

Listening to K.M. Lewis offer a behind the scenes perspective on this excerpt was like icing on the cake! Can’t wait for more of these...

I’m definitely getting a physical copy for everyone I know that’s into post-apocalyptic fiction!

K.M. Lewis - you’re on to something!! Pitch this trilogy to Hollywood… Netflix… Amazon… somebody!

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