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The Thirteenth Guardian - Book Excerpt

The Thirteenth Guardian KMLewis

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The Thirteenth Guardian - Book Excerpt

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1 Rating

#FIERCEFemaleFounderInTech ,

WHOA!!! Look out Da Vinci Code!

Binge-read a hard copy of The ThirteenGuardian on a train ride through the Alps (of all places) this summer. O.M.G!!!!!!! 😲

I couldn’t put the book down! Still reeling from that ending- whaaaattt?!?! Honestly, things moved so fast, it felt like I was reading through a movie script! The last time I had this experience with a book was when I read Da Vinci Code. It’s SO sooooo good... a truly riveting storyline.

I’m a believer with very strong convictions about the stories in the Bible, and still I found myself having moments of pause at the brilliant way certain concepts are explained and fictionalized (is that a word?). The diversity of the characters is awesome... and the extent that K.M. goes to bring them to life made the crazy events all the more plausible. I absolutely Looooove Kaliya and Avery 👸🏾🔥 #FIERCEFemales

And that cliff-hanger ending - didn’t see it coming! So mad I have to wait for the sequels!! This is one of those times I’d love to see the Author pull off a Netflix-for-books move (make all three parts available at once)!

Listening to K.M. Lewis offer a behind the scenes perspective on this excerpt was like icing on the cake! Can’t wait for more of these...

I’m definitely getting a physical copy for everyone I know that’s into post-apocalyptic fiction!

K.M. Lewis - you’re on to something!! Pitch this trilogy to Hollywood… Netflix… Amazon… somebody!

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