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The Thomas Datt Podcast focuses on next-level music, spirituality, healing, and raising of the human consciousness.

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The Thomas Datt Podcast focuses on next-level music, spirituality, healing, and raising of the human consciousness.

    Dragons Tear Remix Launch Party- Live Stream (April 11 2022)

    Dragons Tear Remix Launch Party- Live Stream (April 11 2022)

    To celebrate the first Thomas Datt release in 3 years, we decided to do a live stream so that everyone can enjoy the emotional resonance spoken through the journey of a set.

    We thank you very much for taking the time to support Dark Matter - Dragons Tear (Thomas Datt's Third Eye Activation Remix), as you all helped us make it pretty high up the charts to an amazing #11 on Beatport Trance 100.

    We hope you enjoy this musical journey, as Thomas does his first DJ set in some time.

    If you would like to support this track then you can grab it here - www.beatport.com/track/dragons-tear/16348799

    Join my new Music Production Group on FB - www.facebook.com/groups/thomasdattmusicproduction


    • 2 hr 30 min
    2. Dragons Tear Chat With Jack (Dark Matter) And Shyamol (Landscapes Music)

    2. Dragons Tear Chat With Jack (Dark Matter) And Shyamol (Landscapes Music)

    Welcome to Walking The Path - The Thomas Datt Podcast, where we talk music, energy healing, and how to be a spiritual being in the 3D human experience.

    In today's episode, I sit down with Jack aka Dreamy and Dark Matter, as well as Shyamol who is known as Horizons, and the label boss of Landscapes Music.

    We discuss the current state of the industry, progressive sounds, the flow, resistance, template music, being stuck in the past, what we are missing in trance music, and of course the Dragons Tear Remix.

    Enjoy the show.

    If you wish to support the Dragons Tear Remix, then please be sure to get it here - www.beatport.com/track/dragons-tear/16348799

    If you want to level up your life and music productions abilities, then be sure to get in touch or ball a call - beyondhealing.as.me/dattmusic


    • 36 min
    1. Student Transformation, Resistance, and Next Level Music

    1. Student Transformation, Resistance, and Next Level Music

    Welcome to the brand new Thomas Datt Podcast, where we talk music and how to be a spiritual being in the 3D human experience.

    Today’s episode is taken from a FB live transmission with one of my music students Jordan. He was brave enough to show us 2 pieces of his music, first one being before he started Walking The Path, and the second just 4 months into my music program.

    We also discuss resistance, and what it takes to be able to create next-level music, that comes from the heart and soul.

    I hope you enjoy this episode.

    If you wish to learn how to create next-level music then be sure to get in touch or book a call - beyondhealing.as.me/dattmusic


    • 48 min
    Walking The Path - Thomas Datt Music Program

    Walking The Path - Thomas Datt Music Program

    This recording is taken from my FB Live transmission, which talks about what is included in my new music program called Walking The Path.

    If you ever wanted to learn how to make music as I do, which is from a clear channel of the heart and soul, which tells a story that others will resonate with, then my course is perfect for you!

    If you're struggling with finishing your tracks or finding inspiration, then I can help you tap into unlimited creativity, where blocks and beliefs will no longer keep you from writing your best music.

    If you want to make the best music of your life, then I can teach you how!


    • 29 min
    Chronicles 172 Live (June 2020)

    Chronicles 172 Live (June 2020)

    1. Nox Vahn & Marsh - Come Together
    2. Braxton - Chiaroscuro
    3. Chicane ft. Justine Suissa - Autumn Tactics (Jody Wisternoff Remix)
    4. Orkidea - That Feeling
    5. Slam Duck - Towards The Blue
    6. Gai Barone - An Emotionally Distant Guy
    7. Sound Quelle - Ah Up
    8. Grum - Lose Control
    9. SoundLift - Dreamers Of Dreams
    10. Chicane - Halcyon (2020 Anniversary Remix)
    11. Ferry Corsten - Tomorrow
    12. Kyau & Albert - What It Takes
    13. Solarstone - Take Me On Your Flight PT II
    14. Grum - The Ascent
    15. Oliver Imseng - New Dawns
    16. Anthony Yarranton - City Of Steel (Tim Bournes Peace Gardens Remix)
    17. Leblanc & Silvestri - Turning The Tide (The Digital Blonde Remix)
    18. Stoneface & Terminal - Sequence B (BTR Remix)
    19. Narel - Baseline (Cerebral Remix)
    20. Super-Frog Saves Tokyo - Kyoto
    21. DIM3NSION & DJ Nano - Feel The Waves
    22. Mhammed El Alami - BLVE
    23. Aimoon - Milky Way
    24. Dan Stone - Placebo
    25. UCast - Glow
    26. Serenity Flux - Yallah
    27. Karmalogic - Reality
    28. Serenity Flux - Shooting Star
    29. Golden Drop - Synergetic
    30. Static Movement & Invisible Reality - Linoy
    31. Lifeforms - Delusions
    32. Sonic Entity - Elysian
    33. GMO - Broken
    34. Lifeforms - Spells
    35. Sonic Entity - Lakshmi
    36. Impact & Hyperflow - Collective
    37. MoRsei & Karmalogic - The Journey
    38. Volcano & Faders - Real Magic
    39. FERR - Opia
    40. Sunny Lax - If I Knew It Was The Last Time
    41. Chicane - Overture (20th Anniversary Remix)


    • 3 hr 38 min
    Trancefamily SF Journey Series - Thomas Datt

    Trancefamily SF Journey Series - Thomas Datt

    1. Empathy Test - Here Is The Place (Thomas Datt Remix)
    2. Thomas Datt - 1983
    3. Ryan Farish - Stars Collide (Thomas Datt Remix)
    4. CHVRCHES - Clearest Blue (Thomas Datt Remix)
    5. School Of Seven Bells - Reappear (Thomas Datt Remix)
    6. John Askew - Beirut (Thomas Datt Remix)
    7. Eli Spiral - Light Rider (Thomas Datt Remix)
    8. John Dopping - The Fire Behind (Thomas Datt Remix)
    9. Thomas Datt - Still Alone
    10. CHVRCHES - Afterglow (Thomas Datt Remix)
    11. Danny Stubbs - They Walk Among Us (Thomas Datt Remix)
    12. Thomas Datt - Letting Go
    13. Natious - Amber (Thomas Datt Remix)
    14. Thomas Datt - Narani
    15. Thomas Datt - When Hope Fails
    16. D.A.T.T. - Eden's Light
    17. Timo Pralle - White Clouds (Thomas Datt's Asedo Remix)
    18. Andrew Candid & John Dopping - Polarise (Thomas Datt Remix)
    19. Matt Hardwick feat Senadee - In My Mind (Thomas Datt Dub)
    20. Above & Beyond feat Zoe Johnston - Good For Me (Thomas Datt Remix)
    21. Ronski Speed - Aural Slave (Thomas Datt Remix)
    22. Britney Spears - Till The World Ends (Thomas Datt Remix)
    23. Solarstone - Seven Cities (Thomas Datt Remix)
    24. Kenidel Lopez - Heaven's Caliber (Thomas Datt Remix)
    25. Sensorica - Masta Of Sound (Thomas Datt Remix)
    26. Datticus - Sestra
    27. Thomas Datt - Mass Effect 2.5
    28. Paul Oakenfold & Cassandra Fox - Touch Me (Thomas Datt Remix)
    29. Thomas Datt - Evaporate (Part 2)
    30. Datt & Bissen feat Tiff Lacey - Take Your Time (Thomas Datt Dub)
    31. Thomas Datt - Across The Edge (Club Mix)
    32. Thomas Datt - Prana Flow
    33. Thomas Datt - The Love Frequency
    34. Lisa Miskovsky - Still Alive (Thomas Datt Remix)
    35. Tilt vs Paul Van Dyk - Rendezvous (Thomas Datt Remix)
    36. Thomas Datt feat Ben Lost - Dead Machines (Club Mix)
    37. Thomas Datt vs Freefall feat Jan Johnston - Long Distance Skydive
    38. Federation - Black Tide (Thomas Datt Remix)
    39. Deep Dish - Say Hello (Thomas Datt Rework)
    40. Thomas Datt - It's In The Past
    41. Obsidian Radio feat Jan Johnston - Love Like This (Thomas Datt Remix)
    42. Paul Oakenfold feat Carla Werner - Souther Sun (Thomas Datt Remix)
    43. Thomas Datt & Magnus - Binary Complex
    44. Paul Oakenfold - Glow In The Dark (Thomas Datt Remix)
    45. Marco V - I Feel You (Thomas Datt's Dreamstate Mix)
    46. Lostly - No Direction Home (Thomas Datt Remix)
    47. Thomas Datt - The Pyschonaut
    48. Thomas Datt - Fluid Karma
    49. You Are My Salvation - Breeze (Thomas Datt Remix)
    50. Datticus - Infinity Loop
    51. Chicane - Offshore (Thomas Datt Ambient Mix)
    52. Thomas Datt & Kenidel Lopez - Elysium
    53. Thomas Datt - Lost In The Woods
    54. Thomas Datt - Seven Bells
    55. Thomas Datt - Pleiades
    56. Thomas Datt - Dark Angel
    57. Robert Nickson & Thomas Datt - Godless (Chillout Mix)
    58. Thomas Datt - The Edge
    59. Chicane - No Ordinary Morning (Thomas Datt Ambient Mix)

    • 5 hr 57 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
32 Ratings

32 Ratings

Heismau5 ,


so many different levels of trance genres from chill to psy. this is a great listen.

Tiny The Bodyguard ,

This podcast has a great mix.

Can’t say enough how great this podcast is. A good mix of all different kinds of trance. Thomas really knows his stuff. Keep it up my man!

bdog__82 ,

Love this podcast!

Thomas Datt's Chronicles is the one podcast I look forward to every month. The quality and polish that goes into his productions is top-notch, and every episode is a great 2 hours of great prog/trance. Love the voice overs and Moment of Zen!

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