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You’re gonna love this DAILY, commercial-free entrepreneur spotlight show. We feature CEOs and founders of 6-9 figure B2B companies. Agencies, coaches, consultants, and other leaders share not only their success stories - but their advice for business leaders focused on business growth.

You’re going to hear real stories from real people all in 15-25 minutes time - perfect for your commute.

On this podcast, your host, Josh Elledge encourages entrepreneurs to share not only their expertise but their stories and their hearts.

We believe that every person has a unique message which can positively impact the world. Even YOU! If you’d like to be featured on The Thoughtful Entrepreneur, apply here: https://UpMyInfluence.com/guest/

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You’re gonna love this DAILY, commercial-free entrepreneur spotlight show. We feature CEOs and founders of 6-9 figure B2B companies. Agencies, coaches, consultants, and other leaders share not only their success stories - but their advice for business leaders focused on business growth.

You’re going to hear real stories from real people all in 15-25 minutes time - perfect for your commute.

On this podcast, your host, Josh Elledge encourages entrepreneurs to share not only their expertise but their stories and their hearts.

We believe that every person has a unique message which can positively impact the world. Even YOU! If you’d like to be featured on The Thoughtful Entrepreneur, apply here: https://UpMyInfluence.com/guest/

    1889 – Navigating Leadership and Entrepreneurship with Jennifer Wilson

    1889 – Navigating Leadership and Entrepreneurship with Jennifer Wilson

    In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Founder and Lead Coach of Oak Bay Coaching and Consulting, Jennifer Wilson.
    Jennifer Wilson is a leadership coach and the founder of Oak Bay Coaching and Consulting. Transitioning from a ski instructor and midwife to a family business leader and coach, Jennifer brings valuable insights to entrepreneurs and leaders. Her background in guiding skiers and assisting in childbirth has given her a deep understanding of human potential and the nuances of leading individuals through difficult transitions. This wealth of experience has propelled her into leadership coaching.
    In discussions, Jennifer describes herself as a "thinking partner" to her clients. She adopts a non-directive role, encouraging clients to explore their solutions through introspective and powerful questions. This method promotes client autonomy and instill a sense of responsibility for their decisions and consequences.
    A key focus of the discussion was Kolbe, a tool that Jennifer Wilson uses to assess individual strengths and problem-solving styles. She highlighted the importance of recognizing and utilizing these strengths and acknowledging the diversity within a team. This understanding is essential for entrepreneurs dealing with complex team dynamics.
    Key Points from the Episode:Jennifer Wilson's journey and transition to becoming a leadership coachHer role as a thinking partner and guiding clients to solve their own problemsWorking with clients in family businesses and women in leadershipCoaching framework as a passenger in the car while clients are in the driver's seatThe value of Kolbe in understanding problem-solving strengthsChallenges that entrepreneurs face, including effective delegationAddressing burnout and the importance of self-reflection and leveraging strengthsResources available on oakbaycoaching.com for new leaders and preserving organizational cultureEncouragement to join the Thoughtful Entrepreneur communityPromise to continue bringing positivity and inspiration to listeners' daily lives
    About Jennifer Wilson:Jennifer Wilson is a dedicated coach and mentor who fosters personal transformation and resilience in her clients. She perceives challenges as hidden opportunities and emphasizes the importance of understanding and utilizing one's innate talents. With a coaching career that began in earnest in 2022, Jennifer brings a wealth of experience from her diverse background, including significant roles in business, education, healthcare, and, notably, as a CEO in the family business specializing in Homestay placements for international students. Her approach is characterized by a blend of non-directive coaching and mentoring tailored to individual client needs, making her a compassionate and practical personal and professional development guide.
    Jennifer's qualifications and experiences are extensive, covering a spectrum from a Bachelor of Science in Anatomy to an MBA in leadership, alongside certifications in coaching and the Kolbe Index, which she utilizes to enhance team productivity and stress management. Her life experiences, including overcoming burnout, career shifts, and personal trials, equip her with unique insights into life's complexities. Beyond her professional achievements, Jennifer is a dedicated mother, an avid mindfulness and yoga practitioner, and an enthusiast of Vancouver Island's outdoor adventures, embodying the balance and growth she encourages in her clients. 
    About Oak Bay Coaching and Consulting:Oak Bay Coaching and Consulting is dedicated to unlocking the...

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    1888 - Business Growth Strategies with Quantum Evolution's Mariana Lacombe

    1888 - Business Growth Strategies with Quantum Evolution's Mariana Lacombe

    In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the CEO Advisor and Founder of Quantum Evolution Corp, Mariana Lacombe.
    Mariana Lacombe, founder and CEO of Evolve with Quantum, specializes in helping CEO founders enhance their profits and net worth. Her unique approach combines personal growth with business success, which she believes is essential for effective leadership. Mariana's work focuses on helping founders realize the importance of personal development in translating business success into increased personal wealth.
    She has committed her career to assisting founders in translating business growth into personal net worth. She believes that while leaders frequently prioritize the needs of others, personal development is essential for serving more effectively. This principle forms the foundation of her work at Evolve with Quantum.
    Mariana also introduced her "profitability multiplier method," aimed at identifying and addressing profit losses within a company. This method may involve reevaluating expenses, modifying pricing strategies, or broadening services offered to existing clients. According to her, even minor adjustments in these areas can significantly boost profitability.
    Key Points from the Episode:Importance of balancing personal growth and wealth with business growthIdentifying and addressing blind spots that may be sabotaging financial growthFree masterclass and routine checklist to help business owners streamline processes and maximize financial exitHelping CEO founders maximize profits and grow net worthFocusing on translating business growth into personal net worthChallenges faced by business owners in growing personal net worth while scaling their businessesImpact of business decisions on personal growth and wealthPsychological aspects of business and personal decision-makingAction items for assessing and addressing energy drains and business growth ceilingsProfitability multiplier method for identifying and addressing profit-draining factors in the company
    About Mariana Lacombe:Mariana Lacombe is a distinguished entrepreneur and authority in business development, with over twenty years of experience assisting a diverse range of coaching and consulting clients globally to expand their influence and profitability. Her tailored advice and coaching methods empower entrepreneurs to refine their operations, boost revenues, and establish enduring strategies for sustained achievement. Mariana's effectiveness is evidenced by her clients, who not only have seen their net worth double but also have broken free from the relentless grind by adopting her systematic approaches.
    With an eclectic educational background and extensive professional experience, Mariana is uniquely equipped to guide ambitious leaders to surpass their growth plateaus. She holds degrees in Psychology, Service Management, and an Executive MBA with a concentration in International Business and Finance, alongside certifications from the Harvard Coaching Institute and as a Certified Board Member. Before establishing her consultancy, she contributed her expertise to leading coaching organizations, including those of Tony Robbins and Clients on Demand. She successfully grew her ventures, demonstrating her capacity to drive significant business success and client transformation.
    About Quantum Evolution:Quantum Evolution is a transformative force for business owners aiming to transcend conventional operational or sale objectives. Leveraging vast international expertise in corporate finance, leadership performance, and innovative funding strategies, Quantum Evolution...

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    1887 – Empowering HOA and Condo Boards for Success with Tina Larsson

    1887 – Empowering HOA and Condo Boards for Success with Tina Larsson

    In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the Co-Founder of The Folson Group, Tina Larsson.
    Tina Larsson, co-founder of The Folson Group, explored the complexities of HOA, co-op, and condo boards. Her insights proved invaluable to those managing or residing in these communities. Tina and her team specialize in consulting for volunteer-led boards in these sectors, mainly in New York City and nationwide. Volunteers face challenges in balancing board duties with personal and professional commitments.
    A significant challenge for these board members is maintaining and upgrading outdated infrastructure. Tina emphasized the importance of addressing emergency repairs and initiating major projects like facade, roof, and elevator replacements. She advocated for a proactive approach to management, which involves anticipating and resolving potential issues before they become emergencies, thus saving time and resources and reducing stress.
    The Folson Group's growth has been fueled by word of mouth, networking, and the influence of Tina's book. She invites anyone facing community-related issues to seek their support, highlighting their dedication to assisting boards in overcoming unique challenges.
    Key Points from the Episode:The Folson Group's consulting services for HOA, co-op, and condo boardsChallenges faced by board members, such as aging infrastructure and emergency repairsTransitioning from a reactive to a proactive approachDynamics within the boards and making tough decisionsThe role of The Folson Group as coaches and therapists for boardsTina Larsson's book, "Living the High Life," as a guidebook for community ownersPositive feedback and impact of the bookAttracting clients through word of mouth and networkingThe importance of proactive solutions for community-related challengesEncouragement to reach out to The Folson Group for assistance
    About Tina Larsson:Tina Larsson is a multifaceted entrepreneur known for her expertise in real estate and commitment to sustainability. Originally hailing from Sweden, Tina has significantly impacted New York City, transitioning from a successful career on Wall Street to revolutionizing the real estate industry. Her journey began with a remarkable achievement: saving her own cooperative housing (coop) $340,000, which laid the groundwork for her consultancy services. Tina's consultancy focuses on aiding cooperative and condominium boards to enhance their property values through strategic advice and innovative solutions. She holds a LEED Green Associate designation and is a recognized author and speaker, with works such as "Living the High Life" under her belt.
    With her venture, The Folson Group, Tina has established herself as a key figure in encouraging sustainable and efficient management practices within the cooperative and condominium communities. By co-founding this consultancy firm, she has dedicated her expertise to guiding boards toward managing their buildings like businesses, emphasizing sustainability and affordability. The Folson Group's mission aligns with Tina's personal and professional ethos, offering tailored solutions that promote environmental responsibility while ensuring financial savings for their clients. Through her efforts, Tina has influenced the real estate sector and positioned herself as a leading "Green Queen" in the industry, advocating for a more sustainable and economically savvy approach to property management.
    About The Folson Group:The Folson Group is a pivotal ally for New York City cooperative (coop) and condominium owners aiming to maximize the potential of their...

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    1886 – Transforming Talents into Lasting Success with William Reagan

    1886 – Transforming Talents into Lasting Success with William Reagan

    In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Co-Founder of Kingdom Marketing, William Reagan.
    William Reagan, co-founder of Kingdom Marketing, provided an in-depth exploration of his journey in marketing and entrepreneurship. During the discussion, he recounted the founding of Kingdom Marketing, highlighting the challenges and achievements encountered while establishing the company. He emphasized the company's mission, which focuses on passion, perseverance, and a vision that transcends profit.
    William also discussed the importance of building a brand to create a lasting legacy, not just selling products or services. He explained how Kingdom Marketing integrates purpose into its branding, effectively connecting with its audience.
    William's insight into the marketing strategies that have driven the company's success was a key highlight of the conversation. He offered specific tactics, tools, and approaches for entrepreneurs looking to enhance their business strategies.
    Key Points from the Episode:EntrepreneurshipMarketing strategiesBusiness growthInnovative approachesSuccess storiesIndustry insightsThoughtful leadershipImpactful strategies
    About William Reagan:William Reagan stands at the forefront of Kingdom Marketing, a full-suite marketing agency he co-founded to bridge the gap between faith and business. Under his leadership, the agency has carved a niche by aligning with businesses and entrepreneurs who share a commitment to faith-oriented values. By specializing in a wide array of services, including SEO, web design, graphic design, and digital content creation, William’s enterprise strives to make a meaningful difference in the marketplace.
    Their unique approach to integrating biblical principles with business practices distinguishes William and his agency. Drawing inspiration from the parable of the talents in Matthew 25, Kingdom Marketing focuses on talent optimization. This philosophy guides their business strategies and helps foster a community of like-minded individuals and businesses. Through William’s vision, Kingdom Marketing endeavors to expand its reach, contributing to the growth of a market ecosystem where faith and entrepreneurship flourish together.
    About Kingdom Marketing:Kingdom Marketing emerges as a beacon for businesses rooted in faith and purpose, championing each enterprise's unique stories, dreams, and aspirations. This marketing agency is dedicated to amplifying the distinctive melodies of businesses, ensuring they cut through the digital noise to touch the hearts and minds of customers. Kingdom Marketing seeks to elevate these narratives with a focus on the untapped potential within kingdom businesses, enabling them to resonate globally.
    Navigating the digital landscape can be daunting, but Kingdom Marketing simplifies this journey with bespoke marketing solutions that transcend mere algorithms and strategies. Their approach is deeply personal and centered on understanding each client's vision, passion, and journey. This partnership philosophy extends to their commitment to community and faith-based initiatives, making Kingdom Marketing a service provider and a partner in creating lasting impact. By aligning with Kingdom Marketing, businesses do more than grow—they contribute to a larger purpose, supporting community and faith-based projects that make a difference in the world.
    Tweetable Moments:07:21 -  "To be an entrepreneur, you have to be a man of faith in something."
    Links Mentioned in this Episode:Want to learn more? Check out Kingdom Marketing’s...

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    1885 - Digital Marketing Growth with Rahul Alim of Custom Creatives

    1885 - Digital Marketing Growth with Rahul Alim of Custom Creatives

    In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the CEO of Custom Creatives, Rahul Alim.
    Rahul Alim, the founder of GSD (Get Stuff Done) and president of Custom Creatives, embarked on a journey that transformed him into a leader within the digital marketing industry. His agency, Custom Creatives, was established with a clear mission to significantly impact the digital marketing space. Rahul targeted businesses aiming to enhance their online presence with innovative and effective marketing strategies, focusing on delivering services and creating lasting impacts that would drive his clients' success.
    The inception of the GSD program marked a significant milestone in Rahul's career. GSD is his initiative designed to empower agency owners at various stages of their business development. The program provides a structured path to achieve business goals, emphasizing the importance of action over planning, a principle that aligns closely with entrepreneurial values.
    The conversation with Rahul Alim revealed key insights into his strategies and tactics for fostering agency success. From establishing Custom Creatives to launching the transformative GSD program, Rahul's story is a testament to the power of vision and determination in the competitive realm of digital marketing.
    Key Points from the Episode:Rahul's journey in starting an agencyImpact of Rahul's workTarget audience for Custom CreativesGSD program for agency ownersInsights on tactics and strategies for agency owners and consultants
    About Rahul Alim:Rahul Alim is the driving force behind Custom Creatives, serving as its CEO with over 16 years of experience in the digital marketing landscape. Beginning his entrepreneurial journey in 2004, Rahul has demonstrated a deep-rooted passion for entrepreneurship, a trait inspired by his family's business background. His leadership has steered Custom Creatives through the evolving digital marketing industry, focusing on innovative strategies and prioritizing impactful results for their clients.
    Rahul's approach to business and digital marketing is characterized by his dedication to helping clients attract more customers, embodying the roles of a doer, a go-getter, a straight talker, and a connector. Under his guidance, Custom Creatives has specialized in delivering high-impact digital marketing solutions tailored for local businesses and attorneys, aiming to enhance their online presence and convert online engagement into tangible sales. Moreover, Custom Creatives extends its expertise to support digital marketing agencies in managing their client portfolios and ensuring quality service delivery across the board.
    About Custom Creatives:Custom Creatives, founded in 2004, has established itself as a comprehensive graphic design and internet marketing firm dedicated to enhancing brand visibility and engagement through a holistic digital media strategy. Their commitment lies in delivering products and services that are not only innovative and intuitive but also intelligent, interactive, inspiring, and impactful. This focus has enabled Custom Creatives to craft solutions that adeptly transform website visitors into customers, leveraging the power of effective graphic and web design alongside a robust suite of internet marketing services, including search engine optimization and social media management.
    Recognized twice as the #1 Digital Marketing Agency in Los Angeles by Clutch Agency in 2017 and 2018, Custom Creatives prides itself on a limitless capacity for innovation and creativity. Their team of dedicated and enthusiastic professionals is well-versed in various digital marketing disciplines,...

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    1884 – Unveiling the Limits of Grit with Dean Guida of Infragistics

    1884 – Unveiling the Limits of Grit with Dean Guida of Infragistics

    In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the CEO of Infragistics, Dean Guida.

    Dean Guida discussed the limitations and challenges of perseverance, leadership nuances, and the elements essential for a successful entrepreneurial career. Dean Guida, who is also the author of the book "When Grit is Not Enough," proposes a critical view on the traditional concept of grit as the sole key to success, suggesting significant limitations to this belief. He highlights the importance of recognizing the fine line where perseverance may turn into stubbornness.

    As a company leader at the forefront of design and development tools, Dean brings extensive experience in navigating the dynamic tech landscape. He recounted how Infragistics has maintained its relevance and innovative edge by emphasizing adaptability and the readiness to make strategic shifts when necessary.

    The conversation further delved into the importance of strategic thinking, understanding market dynamics, and leveraging a team's collective intelligence. Dean discussed the vital role of emotional intelligence in leadership, stressing the need for leaders to inspire and motivate, complementing personal determination with the capacity to engage and energize others.
    Key Points from the Episode:

    Challenging the Grit Myth
    Infragistics as an Innovation Model
    Identifying True Success Drivers
    Practical Lessons for Entrepreneurs:
    "When Grit is Not Enough" book by Dean Guida

    About Dean Guida:
    Dean Guida, an internationally recognized entrepreneur, stands out as a testament to the power of innovative thinking and strategic leadership in the tech industry. Before the internet became ubiquitous, Dean embarked on a journey that led to the creation of Infragistics, a global technology company. His transition from a coder on Wall Street to a pioneer in the software industry was marked by a significant early victory against Microsoft in 1992, securing a $300k deal for his then-small startup. This pivotal moment underscored the potential of his proprietary software and set the stage for the company's future successes.

    Under Dean's stewardship, Infragistics evolved from a modest operation into a multinational corporation with a significant footprint in the tech landscape. The company's resilience through various economic downturns, including the dot-com bubble and the 2008 recession, is a testament to Dean’s leadership and the robust culture he fostered. Today, Infragistics serves a global client base, including the entirety of the S&P 500, without ever seeking external investment. Dean's journey from an early internet coder to a business visionary illustrates the importance of adapting to challenges and leveraging critical insights into a philosophy that guides leadership, innovation, and growth.
    About Infragistics:
    Infragistics stands at the forefront of the tech industry, revolutionizing how applications...

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