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Join Podcast Host and Author David Temple as he gives you a front-row seat to the best thriller writers in the world. If you like thriller fiction in Books, Films and TV Shows, you’ll enjoy The Thriller Zone.

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Join Podcast Host and Author David Temple as he gives you a front-row seat to the best thriller writers in the world. If you like thriller fiction in Books, Films and TV Shows, you’ll enjoy The Thriller Zone.

    Remembering Ted Bell, New York Times Bestselling Author

    Remembering Ted Bell, New York Times Bestselling Author

    On today's Special 2-Hour Bonus Episode of The Thriller Zone, we honor the life of one of the world's finest talents.
    New York Times Bestselling author Ted Bell passed away this past week, leaving behind a loving family, and a legion of avid fans.
    As the creator of the Alex Hawke Series, among other titles, I will fondly remember Ted as a Southern gentleman with a stylish flair, a wonderful sense of humor, and a genuine zest for life.
    Today's show features two past episodes of The Thriller Zone, back to back, and shows just what a wonderful and engaging storyteller Ted was.
    I wish he hadn't left so soon, as there was so much he had yet to give, and there were so many cocktails we had yet to enjoy.
    I, like many others, were lucky to call him friend, so lift a glass and toast one of our finest authors, as we Remember Ted Bell.

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    Grady Hendrix, New York Times Bestselling Author

    Grady Hendrix, New York Times Bestselling Author

    On today's 116th episode of The Thriller Zone, you're in for a something completely different. Our guest is New York Times Bestselling Author Grady Hendrix and he's written a book called How To Sell A Haunted House.
    Yes, it's a thriller. Yes, it's horror story. And yes, it's bloody funny.
    Rarely do you find a book this multi-dimensional, or a guest who's got this vivid of an imagination. But today, you do.
    Sit back, relax (if you can), and enjoy my briefer-than-most conversations with a true genuis. And just wait until you hear his Advice For Writers; it will sound familiar at first, but notice the twist he puts on it.
    To learn more, visit: GradyHendrix.com. Follow us at TheThrillerZone.com and on Twitter @thethrillerzone. Don't forget you can watch us here: YouTube.com/TheThrillerZone

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    Brad Taylor, New York Times Bestselling Author with The Devil’s Ransom

    Brad Taylor, New York Times Bestselling Author with The Devil’s Ransom

    On today's 115th Episode of an all new season of The Thriller Zone, I'm stoked and honored to welcome New York Times Bestselling author, Brad Taylor.
    I've been trying to get Brad on The TZ for a long time now, and finally our stars and paths and chicken bones all crossed and connected. And just in the nick of time, as his latest military-flavored thriller, The Devil's Ransom, drops on Tuesday, January 24th.
    What perfect timing, right? Brad helps me (a) Kick off a New Year, (b) he officially launches our 4th Season, and (c) we get to compare notes on BBQ, Best Beaches in the country, Texas vs South Carolina (in the fight for Southern Supremacy-ish), and (d) we get the INSIDE SCOOP on where he gets some of the nicknames of his NYT bestselling series.
    If you'd like to pre-order a copy today, I'll provide a link at the bottom of this page. And trust me, if you're a PIKE LOGAN fan (his lead guy), you'll snatch this puppy up in a blink!
    If you're not familiar with Brad, here's bit of nifty background: Brad Taylor was born on Okinawa, Japan, but grew up on 40-acres in rural Texas. Graduating from the University of Texas, he was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army Infantry, where he served for more than 21 years, retiring as a Special Forces Lieutenant Colonel. During his service, he held numerous Infantry and Special Forces positions, including eight years in 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment – Delta, where he commanded multiple troops and a squadron. Finally, he has conducted operations in support of US national interests in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other classified locations.
    Now, just a few things you will hear in the show that I think it's worth noting for future, deeper consideration. Several of them are as follows:
    Charleston, South Carolina is a mighty fine city. And worth visiting if you ever get a chance.
    Folly Beach is quite possibly one of the nicest beaches on the East Coast.
    Mount Pleasant is just as its name states: a pleasant place to live (although there are no mountains in the area).
    Lewis Barbecue is one helluva restaurant. It's Texas style, and created by the owner, founder, and master of BBQ, John Lewis. John never cuts corners, unless you’re talking about burnt ends of, course. The pit master’s cult-like following can be attributed to his unerring dedication to barbecue, from welding his own custom-designed smokers to waking up at 4 a.m. to tend to the fire, he takes his meat seriously. Barbecue enthusiasts have flocked to his pits for years, waiting in long lines to get a taste of his expertly smoked pork spareribs, beef ribs, “Texas hot guts” sausage, oxtail, and his legendary beef brisket.
    You can stop in and enjoy (but forget reservations) here: 464 N Nassau St, Charleston, SC 29403. Call ahead to see if they have a spot: +1 843 805 9500, but go anyway.
    Also, if you're an aspiring writer like me, or a seasoned professional like Brad T, you need a rock-solid, -kicking, and super- website. As you'll hear in the show, we're both fans of the dudes & gals over at Authorbytes.com who built, manage and support our sites.
    Brad's is: BradTaylorBooks.com. Mine is: DavidTempleBooks.com. You can follow BT on Twitter @bradtaylorbooks and DT @thethrillerzone
    Lastly, if you want to buy Brad's THE DEVILS RANSOM, CLICK HERE. I don't get anything from this, I just believe in his talents.
    Perhaps in the (near) future, Amazon will bless me with some kind commissions, but they will NEVER come out of YOUR pocket. So there!
    Are you still reading?
    If you are, you really ARE a fan. Now, click the BUTTON and LISTEN to the podcast, or you can always WATCH right here: YOUTUBE.com
    Mentioned in this episode:
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    2023 Kicks off with Micro-Podcast!

    2023 Kicks off with Micro-Podcast!

    On this 114th "micro-episode" of The Thriller Zone, yours truly gives you a super brief update of where #TheTZ stands as it pertains to the New Year.In short, (1) our guest authors will join us to record on Mondays, (2) then those new shows will now drop on Wednesdays, (3) authors of all ranks, that's self-pub'd, newbies, or New York Times Bestsellers, can now advertise on our podcast!With super reasonable rates, just a very few rules, and lots of exposure, this seems to be a terrific way for everyone to win. Why? Because authors get exposure, this podcast gains a bit of help to defray costs, and listeners get to meet and learn about many authors they may not have known about. One last bit of news, because my lovely wife, Tammy, brought so much goodness and light to the Year End Extravaganza, and because of popular demand, she has agreed to return to co-host The Thriller Zone in the future. Okay, that's it for now, and while this isn't an "official podcast, complete with Super Star Talent and such," it marks what's in store for the new year.Last thing: Whether you're a brand new author, or an esteemed New York Times Bestseller, you can appear on the show. All you need is to follow these brief criteria:You must have traditionally published at LEAST ONE book in 2022, and have plans to publish again in 2023,If self-published, you must have published in 2022, also have plans to publish in 2023, and have at least 70 reviews on Amazon or Goodreads,You must have a Social Media Platform, with no less than 500 followers on ANY social channel. That's it!The reason for these rules is that there's only so many slots on the show, and the host has only so much time to read/prep/record/post (as well as write his own books). So thanks for playing along.As mentioned in the promo, if you'd like to advertise your book(s) on this podcast, go to: TheThrillerZone.com then contact us at thethrillerzone (at) gmail, and thank you!Cheers, David TempleCLICK TO WATCH HEREMentioned in this episode:Advertize on TheTZAre you an aspiring thriller writer? Have a book coming out soon? Want to get noticed...AND sell books? How about advertising on TheTZ! Rates are super reasonable, we offer a captive audience, and, well, who doesn't love The Thriller Zone? Let's talk: thethrillerzone at gmail.

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    The Dave & Tammy Top 10 Year End Extravaganza

    The Dave & Tammy Top 10 Year End Extravaganza

    On today's 113th Episode of The Thriller Zone, we celebrate 2022 with THE DAVE & TAMMY TOP 10 YEAR END EXTRAVAGANZA!Today’s show is extra fun because I get to spend it with my beautiful and talented wife, Tammy. By the way, it just so happens we’ll be celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary tomorrow; so, there's an extra reason to celebrate.Our show will highlight some of the very best entertainment we’ve enjoyed this past year. That includes our “Top 10 Favorite Books, TV Series and Movies of ’22." And before you get butt-hurt you didn’t make the list, no need to worry because many of the 50-to-60 (or so) guests this past year didn’t make it either. I say 50 to 60 only because there were times I hosted 2 episodes a week, while at others, there may have been only one. Either way, there’s plenty of entertainment to go around, so let's have FUN!Also, while Tammy and I certainly have different tastes, we share a good many favorites, mainly because we devour so much entertainment together on any day, night or weekend.There are so many people to thank for making this show possible, mainly because YOU, my faithful listener and/or viewer. Without YOU there on the other end of this microphone, well, frankly, I’d just be talking to myself. So, thank you.Also, I want to say thanks for all the 5-star reviews you’ve given The Thriller Zone over the past year, either by ApplePodcasts, Spotify, directly on our website, TheThrillerZone.com, or any other podcast listening space. Again, thank you, the kind words mean a lot and let us know we’re being enjoyed all around the world.Special thanks for the support of the following people who have helped make The Thriller Zone the hotspot for thriller writers and readers around the globe:Meg GardinerDavid EllisChris HautyWanda MorrisAndrews-WilsonDon WinslowPeter FarrisBrian FreemanScott BlackburnAce AtkinsAndrew ChildNick PetrieWhile this list doesn't come close to exhausting the vast talent who made appearances on the show, it represents the names mentioned in the show today.Special Thanks to the following people who helped support us in "quiet ways..."THANK YOU:Jack Carr ... Eric Bishop ... Mark Westmoreland ... Tom Colgan ... Joe Kenda ... Samantha Bailey ... Simon Gervais ... J. Todd Scott ... David Pepper ... Connor Sullivan ... Rick Bleiweiss ... Eli Cranor ... Kelly J. Ford ... Sarah Pearse ... Tracey Devlyn ... Dean Koontz ... Amina Akhtar ... Brad Thor ... Jane Friedman ... Brian Lebeau ... Steve Stratton ... Don Bentley ... Joey Hartstone ... Mark Greaney ... Frank Zafiro ... Tori Eldridge ... Joshua Hood ... Alma Katsu ... Marc Cameron ... Bobby Matthews ... Ward Larsen ... Kris Tsetsi ... Aaron Philip Clark ... Avanti Centrae ... Matt Scott ... Jeffery Deaver ... Ted Flanagan ... Louise Candlish ... Stephen Hunter ... JB Stevens ... Emilya Naymark ... Todd Kniss ... JD Barker ... John Gilstrap ... Nick Kolakowski ... Chris Swann ... Janosh Neumann (aka ?) ... Luke McCallin ... Ted Bell ... Kevin Tumlinson ... Nicole Baart ... Kent Krueger ... Mullin & Mabry ... William Boyle ... PJ Vernon ... David McCloskey ... Sean O'Rourke ... Fred Burton ... Suzanne Chazin ... Caitlin Rother ... Megan Collins ... Sharon Doering ... Adam Hamdy (one of the first) ... Joe Goldberg ... and ... May Cobb.THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!Lastly, a very special thanks to our Prime Sponsors, AuthorBytes.com & Warwicks.com for their patronage and support this past year.In closing, if you would like to make a tax deductible donation to benefit the citizens of Ukraine, discussed inside the show, or if you would like more information about a cause we believe in, please click here: bit.ly/kherzon-aid.* Thank you, LazParking for your heartfelt commitment to helping people in need. Last & Final: THANK YOU for listening and/or watching our show today, and this past year. I thoroughly enjoyed every podcast, and so deeply appreciate your support. I trust you'll come back in the new y

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    Bradley Somer, author of Extinction

    Bradley Somer, author of Extinction

    On today's 112th episode of The Thriller Zone, I'm thrilled to introduce you to Bradley Somer, the talented author of Extinction.You're going to be surprised at how interesting this chat ends up being. Brad is smart, engaging, and perhaps one of the most prepared authors I've had the pleasure of interviewing.Extinction is getting rave reviews from authors from around the world. Tim Lebbon, New York Times bestselling author of Eden, calls it, "A beautiful tale of hope in the face of hopelessness...a haunting nightmare of the future, and a lyrical song to nature."Friend of the show, and author of Bath Haus and When You Find Me, P. J. Vernon says it's, "Harrowingly tense and cerebral."And this host says, "the humanitarian and ecological commentary that lies under the surface is quietly profound and deeply thought-provoking."All accolades aside, this is a book that will entertain you, inspire you, and challenge you to think; a feat that isn't all that easy to do, yet Brad does just that and more.To learn more about Brad and other of his work, go to: bradleysomer.comAs always, we appreciate your following, sharing and subscribing to TheThrillerZone.com, and don't forget to watch the show on YouTube.com/thethrillerzoneMentioned in this episode:Avanti Centrae GiveawayAvanti Centrae, author of the international bestselling VanOps thriller series has just released her latest thriller, "Cleopatra's Vendetta." Win prizes by going to VanOps.net, use code: thrillerzone for bonus points!Advertize on TheTZAre you an aspiring thriller writer? Have a book coming out soon? Want to get noticed...AND sell books? How about advertising on TheTZ! Rates are super reasonable, we offer a captive audience, and, well, who doesn't love The Thriller Zone? Let's talk: thethrillerzone at gmail.

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5.0 out of 5
14 Ratings

14 Ratings


Great Interviews

David Temple’s laid back style of interview makes for really engaging conversations. A must for mystery and thriller fans.

mp4Reviews ,

I Love This Show!

David Temple is engaging and affable. His highly accomplished guests are as interesting as the thrillers they write. I look forward to each new episode.

krispykritter74 ,

Best new-ish podcast ever

It’s been years since I was an obsessive reader of mystery/thriller novels, but The Thriller Zone has revived my addiction. I’m ordering too many books, but I can’t help it. The authors interviewed are too interesting, the conversations led by host David Temple too engaging. I blame him.

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