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Tips, Ideas, and Explanations for how to survive toxic people from a philosopher's perspective.

The Toxicity Survival Guide Dr. Louise Williams

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Tips, Ideas, and Explanations for how to survive toxic people from a philosopher's perspective.

    When your mental health is rough- try this

    When your mental health is rough- try this

    Blackburn suggests you need good mental health in order to do philosophy. I say he's got it all wrong. In this episode, I share how philosophy can directly improve your mental health and some of the best ways to accomplish that!

    Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/AskPhilosophyFAQ/comments/4ifqi3/im_interested_in_philosophy_where_should_i_start/


    Think by Simon Blackburn

    Sophie's World

    A Very Short Introduction Series

    Plato's Dialogues


    A History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps

    Philosophy Bites

    Youtube Philosophy:



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    • 22 min
    They Will Misunderstand You: Speak Anyways

    They Will Misunderstand You: Speak Anyways

    Some topics demand nuance and not everyone is going to have the capcity to hold onto that nuance. That doesn't mean that we shouldn't express what needs to be said. I explore the value of expressing nuance in light of the Israel-Hamas war and as someone who regularly speaks about child abuse.

    Here is the Charlotte Clymer piece

    Here is a link to the Instagram post I mention in this episode

    Email me: dr.louise@empowermentthroughthought.com

    • 19 min
    Wisdom from inside the Holocaust: Viktor Frankl for cycle breakers

    Wisdom from inside the Holocaust: Viktor Frankl for cycle breakers

    I explore the wisdom existential philosopher and holocaust survivor Victor Frankl has to offer in these turbulent times. I share how his wisdom is helping me navigate the current increase of antisemitism and how it can help everyone working hard to break cycles.

    UPDATE: Since the recording of this episode, I have learned that the specific incident that directly inspired it was inaccurately reported on. You can read the details of what happened here https://www.uclahillel.org/stateofjewishbruinlifeoct2023

    There have been other incidents recently at instutions of higher education including Columbia University and Cooper Union. Learn about those specifics here: https://www.nydailynews.com/2023/10/30/jewish-students-at-columbia-other-ny-colleges-facing-anti-semitism-say-they-feel-unsafe-abandoned/

    To learn more about the increasing rate of antisemitism around the world you can see the Anti Defamation League's recent report here: https://www.adl.org/resources/blog/global-antisemitic-incidents-wake-hamas-war-israel

    Instagram: www.instagram.com/empowermentthroughthought

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    Cycle Breaking and World Events: Israel and Palestine

    Cycle Breaking and World Events: Israel and Palestine

    While I am no expert on world politics, I am a Jew thanks to my abusive mother. As a result, I am involved in the Israel and Palestine conflict. I talk about the cycles I see taking place in this conflict and reflect on how these events really reveal just how needed and critical your cycle breaking work really is.

    • 31 min
    What to do when you're on the strugglebus

    What to do when you're on the strugglebus

    I don't have a cure all for the strugglebus, but I do have a few ideas about what might help you.

    Instagram: www.instagram.com/empowermentthroughthought

    • 30 min
    Be angry: Heal Intergenerational Trauma

    Be angry: Heal Intergenerational Trauma

    Check out the sermon I refer to here:

    Message me on Instagram: www.instagram.com/empowermentthroughthought

    Email me: dr.louise@empowermentthroughthought.com

    • 31 min

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3.7 out of 5
6 Ratings

6 Ratings

BarbieDollHead ,


I absolutely love this podcast. Seriously, we all have some toxic people in our lives - and this is such logical, grounded advice. Dr Louise is awesome - I kinda want to hang out with her!

Sigma Taurus ,

YouTube Educated Poser

Another case study of someone with a YouTube degree in psych or philosophy, in this case, and a very clear agenda of teaching prejudices against people who suffer from a mental health condition. After one episode I was onto the fact that this “Doctor” actually has NPD. Just by observing her self centered speech and thought patterns. This type of false expertise is incredibly dangerous and nurturing of already existing social stigmas. It fosters and encourages prejudices that can lead to alienation, and quite possibly violent beliefs against people with a mental health condition.
And for this individual to refer to herself as a Buddhist is quite laughable. Her lack of compassion and alienating nature flies in the face of every Buddhist teaching about universal love and compassion for all living beings.
It misinforms, misleads, and teaches dangerous mindsets.

LMJS1979 ,

Very Informative

I really enjoy this podcast. Louise is very good as giving detailed explanations and breaking down toxicity along many spectrums. She’s easy to listen to and very informative.

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