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A Podcast about spreading your legs, and opening your mind! Max and Lilly Chameleon of Carnal Chameleon join up with Kitt from Curious Kitt Reviews to discuss fantasy sex toys and the entire universe of sexual freedom.

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A Podcast about spreading your legs, and opening your mind! Max and Lilly Chameleon of Carnal Chameleon join up with Kitt from Curious Kitt Reviews to discuss fantasy sex toys and the entire universe of sexual freedom.

    #41 Sweatin’ to the Coregasm

    #41 Sweatin’ to the Coregasm

    The Trysexuals work you out till you coregasam in this episode. We cover penis soap pumps, monster-erotica with full teeth penetration, your dick as a switch and top drawer wood. Also Lilly boinks Max so hard it erases his memory.


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    #40 Space Doggo Butt Sniff with Special Guest Akifu Toys

    #40 Space Doggo Butt Sniff with Special Guest Akifu Toys

    The Trysexuals talk with Akifu toys about dick smithing, butt sniffing as a greeting, and of-course space doggos.


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    #39 A “No Penis” Business Plan

    #39 A “No Penis” Business Plan

    The Trysexuals interview Winged Spider of Fantasy Dangus and talk about sex toys, mushrooms and sex-toys with no penis!


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    #38 Sexual In-Your-Endo with Returning Guest Dr. Wolverine

    #38 Sexual In-Your-Endo with Returning Guest Dr. Wolverine

    The Trysexuals invite Dr. Wolverine back on the show to answer your questions, max’s questions, and explain why you shouldn’t use Coors light to clean a wound. Also Lilly sneaks in a secret blow job while recording.


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    #37 Porn with Cheesecake

    #37 Porn with Cheesecake

    The Trysexuals talk about cheesecake in porn. Porn in cheesecake, and cheesecake porn. Plus Lilly hypnotizes listeners with her boobs.

    RACE TO THE GUTTER: Tell us your definition of this randomly generated phrase!

    Languid Strangerhttps://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSesEdqYpB4nCzcztHmNzZsIYkzK0lZDujvu-WELMl5C4QfZCA/viewform


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    • 58 min
    #36 Race to The Gutter

    #36 Race to The Gutter

    In this episode of the podcast Lilly asks folks to set their dicks on fire for her satanic worship and Kitt ask them to send their dicks in the mail to add to her collection. It’s a strange episode.

    Pick your favorite or come up with your own Race to the Gutter



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Customer Reviews

Dark_as_coal ,

Great learning expernce

This is such a fantastic show with 3 amazing hosts that know their way around a dildo. This is a great sex-positive resource that actual looks into not only kinks, but the why for some of them.

ClaraSol860 ,


I love this podcast! I’ve only listened to a few episodes, but I really enjoy it!

bassment45 ,

Try this!

Love this podcast. Funny and informative. Great to listen to by yourself or witch your partner.

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