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The TV Dudes discuss all things TV from news, to reviews, and general podcast discussions. Tune in!

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The TV Dudes discuss all things TV from news, to reviews, and general podcast discussions. Tune in!

    The Killers

    The Killers

    This week we're talking about killers! There's the increasingly dark tale of Barry, starting season 3 on HBO Max. There's the cops of David Simon's spiritual sequel to The Wire, We Own This City, on HBO Max. There's the snake killers of Killing It on Peacock. And there's the killer revealed in the finale of Moon Knight on Disney+
    3:05-23:15 TV Diary
    23:15-39:20 Power Rankings
    40:50-45:05 Barry (HBO Max)
    45:05- 52:55 We Own This City (HBO Max)
    53:05-1:01:20 Killing It (Peacock)
    1:01:20- Moon Knight (Disney+)

    • 1 hr 19 min
    Weird Mysteries

    Weird Mysteries

    This week we're talking about some weird mysteries. The mystery of a fire and some old footage and maybe a cult in the podcast-based Archive 81 on Netflix. The maybe a little too dead-on parody of a Lifetime Mystery that is The Woman In The House Across the Street From the Girl in the Window, also on Netflix. The shifting narrative murder mystery that is The Afterparty on Apple+. And of course, the mystery that gives away its twist with the title, Wolf Like Me, on Peacock. Plus the mystery of how DC finally got it right with Peacemaker on HBO Max, and the mystery of whether Boba Fett will ever get his own show back on Book of Boba Fett on Disney+.

    • 1 hr 17 min
    Don't Know Squat

    Don't Know Squat

    This week on the TV Dudes, almost nobody knows anything. Nobody knows what's up with Toni Collete's past in Netflix Pieces of Her, Sam Jackson doesn't know if he can keep his memory long enough to solve a murder in Apple TV's The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey, and the lovable crew of idiots in Peacock's Bust Down just don't know much, period. Plus we don't know where Randy is! 
    4:23-28:43 TV Diaries
    28:43-35:57 Last Days of Ptolemy Gray
    35:57-45:07 Pieces of Her
    45:07- Bust Down

    • 1 hr
    Are You Sure That's a Good Idea?

    Are You Sure That's a Good Idea?

    This week we're asking... Are you sure that's a good idea? There are any number of bad ideas surrounding the uploading of consciousness into the cloud after death, the concept at the core of Upload season two on Prime. Trusting a Borg Queen to take you into the past to fix the meddling of Q seems a bit dodgy on the second season of Picard on Paramount+. And launching a feminist magazine on the backs of nude male pictures might be genius... or it might not be such a good idea, we'll find out in Minx on HBO Max.
    3:15-31:10 TV Diaries
    31:10-40:45 Upload
    40:45-53:25 Picard
    53:25- Minx

    • 1 hr 6 min
    Wait, That's Your Job?

    Wait, That's Your Job?

    This week, we've got a lot of people doing some interesting work. There's the pioneering cooking show of Julia Child on Julia on HBO Max. There's cartoonist-turned-sneaker-activist Keef Knight on the second season of Woke on HULU. There's factory worker turned pro bowler Tom Smallwood on How We Roll on Paramount+. And then there's the motley crew of parolees on The Outlaws on Prime. Plus, of course, freelance archaeologist/grave robber/fist of vengeance Marc Spector on Moon Knight on Disney+ Julia (HBO Max)
    Woke (HULU)
    How We Roll (Paramount+)
    The Outlaws (Prime)
    Moon Knight

    • 1 hr 13 min
    Whoa. Slow It Down.

    Whoa. Slow It Down.

    This week, we're gonna slow it way down. There's the deliberately paced tale of an American journalist in Japan in Tokyo Vice on HBO Max. There's the tale of bad cops and an unlucky athlete in 61st Street on AMC+. And there's another contender for worst show of the year in Netflix's Anatomy of a Scandal. Plus... Marc and Steven have quite the change of pace on this week's Moon Knight on Disney+. Check it out! 2:04-24:00 TV Diary
    25:15-38:58 Tokyo Vice (HBO Max)
    39:43-45:40 61st Street (AMC+)
    45:40-53:08 Anatomy of a Scandal (Netflix)
    53:08- Moon Knight (Disney+)

    • 1 hr 5 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
91 Ratings

91 Ratings

M L33t N1nja ,

This show is so good BUT Grant...smh

This show is on point and never afraid to speak there mind about any show they watch. From the well know to possibly unknown these are willing to give it a shot. However, let talk about the monster known only as Baby Punching aboriginals slayer Grant DAVIS. This slayer of life with either his hands or terrible puns must be stopped before he turns his sights on this land. Check out The Beerists for the true story of this beast!!! Please “Stop Grant 2019!”

Nurse Lady TV Vixen ,

Bears don't know jack

I think these guys are great! You would have to be a bear with a thorn in your butt to not enjoy the TV Dudes Podcast. Bears don't even watch TV!

fultondsmith ,

TV + Podcast

As someone who listens to television shows while driving, listening to people talk about them is pretty nice.
Keep up the good work. Looking forward to more guests and random appearances by past TV dudes.

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