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The Editors of thetwingeeks.com profile classic and contemporary films and bring you the latest news from the world of cinema.

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The Editors of thetwingeeks.com profile classic and contemporary films and bring you the latest news from the world of cinema.

    Ep. 138: Benevolent Halloween

    Ep. 138: Benevolent Halloween

    Each year, film lovers flock to their screens for the month of October to partake in an annual ritual of Halloween-themed viewing. Most often, we pack the month with the goriest, most terrifying, horrific movies we can find, but that has never been the true essence of the Halloween spirit. There will always be room in our ghoulish hearts for the likes of Micahel Myers and Jason Voorhees, but growing up, Halloween was a time reserved for spooks more than scares. Benevolent Halloween, as we have chosen to call it, is the spirit of the month which focuses on its more universal appeals. The autumnal atmosphere, the folklore and mystery, and the suburban traditions of jack-o-lanterns and festive decoration. This picturesque vision of the holiday is best exemplified through the films we see each year, many of which were imprinted onto us at an early age through annual showings on television. Generations grew up experiencing the traditions of Halloween through the eyes of Charlie Brown, but as the years have gone by, and the annual outdoor excursion has ceased, we've turned inward and found a treasure trove of seasonal favorites which manage to encapsulate that Halloween spirit through the medium of film. Whether it's old favorites first seen on the Disney channel, unknown classics revived from the hallows of history, or a brand new treat such as the recent Muppets Haunted Mansion, we're here to catalogue of few of the outstanding favorites that make it into our rotation each year. Joining us in this endeavor is the foremost expert on Benevolent Halloween, and good friend of the show, Murph. All of this and more from your independent resource for classic and contemporary cinema.

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    Ep. 137: The Devil's Backbone (2001)

    Ep. 137: The Devil's Backbone (2001)

    It's a podcast overflowing with enthusiasm! The Twin Geeks' newest Editor, Vaughn, an enthusiast of all things, debuts on the show to discuss a plethora of exciting new topics ranging from massive blockbusters to crafty art films. We begin with Denis Villeneuve's Dune, after returning from an early theater screening. Julia Ducournau's Titane is also spotlighted, in proximity with her beloved prior work, Raw (2016), and her fundamentally unique approach to sweet but haunting character pieces. It's also peak festival time, as our Editors return from Nightstream's virtual festival with a stock of diverse outsider films, with the exceptional Mad God leading the pack. Then.. Seattle has a hockey team and Calvin must discuss it, it's in the contract. Guillermo Del Toro's The Devil's Backbone finishes off the show, as we dissect a shared favorite filmmaker and the creative vision of his Spanish films in particular. All of this and more from your independent resource for classic and contemporary cinema.
    Time Stamps:
    0:00 Dune
    18:30 Titane
    24:24 Nightstream: Mad God; After Blue (Dirty Paradise); Alien on Stage; Hellbender
    33:22 The Kraken Report
    36:22 The Devil’s Backbone

    • 51 min
    Ep. 136: Friday the 13th, Part II (1981)

    Ep. 136: Friday the 13th, Part II (1981)

    This week, we're joined by the Marvelous Matt Farley, The Earl of Christmas, Freaky Farley, the composer of 23,000 published songs, friend of the show, and the star of many site favorite cult movies such as Don't Let the Riverbeast Get You! (2012) and Local Legends (2013). There's even a new Motern Media film coming this month, Metal Detector Maniac — releasing on Vimeo and Blu-ray from Gold Ninja Video — we discuss the new movie, connect over a love for low budget film, and simply achieve a bit of wish fulfillment for Calvin and Stephen (who sits in for David this week). Someone released a new movie, too! It was James Wan, purveyor of slick modernized horror and with Malignant, a hilarious director with more than a few tricks up his sleeve. That's not our only trick and certainly not our only treat, as Matt joins us for a spirited and fun-movie-loving discussion about Friday the 13th: Part II (1981), the film that really ignited the long-running horror franchise, and take a closer look at whether the horror is what matters, or if it's the hangout movie of it all. So, grab some s'mores and gather around the campfire friends, it's Friday the 13th (Oh No!)... All of this and more from your independent resource for classic and contemporary cinema.

    Time Stamps:
    0:00 The Twin Geeks Matt Farley Interview
    43:14 Stephen Loves Malignant
    53:40 Friday the 13th Part II with Matt Farley

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    Ep. 135: Night of the Living Dead (1968)

    Ep. 135: Night of the Living Dead (1968)

    How many horror movies can truly claim to have changed the landscape of popular culture as we know it, becoming such a widespread influence on everything to come after that the very conceit upon which its built becomes as ubiquitous as centuries of prior genre myth-making? George Romero's legacy will forever be associated with his first feature film, the groundbreaking and pioneering zombie progenitor, Night of the Living Dead. Not only did it invent all the mechanics of a modern movie horror, structured to operate as both a vessel for social projection and as a uniformly terrifying fictional threat, it also managed to revolutionize the tools of modern genre filmmaking with a grounded approach to its low budget production, enhancing the realistic sensation of horror one feels when watching this masterpiece. As we lurch into the spookiest month of the year, we relay the last of our non-horror watches of the year with trips to the repertory theater and a brief look at Michael Showalter's new biopic, The Eyes of Tammy Faye. All of this and more from your independent resource for classic and contemporary cinema.
    Time Stamps:
    0:00 Repertory screenings of Steamboat Bill Jr. (1928) with live organ accompaniment and Rushmore (1998)
    13:50 New movie season arrives
    16:24 The Eyes of Tammy Faye
    24:04 The Night of the Living Dead

    • 1 hr 3 min
    Ep. 134: In Memory of Norm Macdonald

    Ep. 134: In Memory of Norm Macdonald

    Last week, we lost one of the people who made us laugh the most. Iconic comedian Norm Macdonald left behind a vast legacy of work and we've spent the last week chewing over his great contributions to comedic storytelling. What we've found is a veritable treasure chest of profoundly funny material spanning diverse forms and functions. Today we celebrate the endless joy Norm Macdonald has provided us with, from his stint on Saturday Night Live with Weekend Update, to his legendary appearances on David Letterman and Conan O'Brien, to Norm's own hosting forays on YouTube and Netflix. It's time to give Norm his flowers. With guest host Pavlos stepping in, we also highlight the Late Era-careers of Clint Eastwood, Paul Schrader, and Sion Sono, with Cry Macho, The Card Counter, and Prisoners of the Ghostland. Meanwhile, awards season begins! The Emmys happened and we lightly reflect on the year's show and the space for television awards shows in a media climate that heavily favors streaming services. And it's an Anime Takeover on The Twin Geekscast, as we discuss the long, storied history of Mobile Suit Gundam (1981), and the outsized influences of the show and their movies. All of this and more from your independent resource for classic and contemporary cinema.
    Time Stamps:
    0:00 The Twerking Twenties and Wet Johnnies
    4:10 Emmys in the Age of Streamers
    10:29 Pavlos, chess expert, on The Queen’s Gambit
    15:27 Prisoners of the Ghostland
    21:29 The Card Counter
    28:35 Cry Macho
    35:40 Mobile Suit Gundam I
    49:50 In Memory of Norm Macdonald

    • 1 hr 23 min
    Ep. 133 PlayTime (1967)

    Ep. 133 PlayTime (1967)

    After many attempts of conjoining in person yet again, a mutual love of the French comic auteur and his gargantuan masterwork PlayTime have reunited our two cohosts for an in-person discussion of their various misadventures throughout the day, as well as the setting and spectacle of Tati's grandiose playground for his signature Monsieur Hulot character. Tati's recurring themes about the oppressive reach of modernist design and technological advancements reach skyscraper-like heights in this epic farce, at the time the most expensive film made in France. The meticulous detail of Tati's eye vigilantly crafts every detail in every frame, capitalizing on every moment as an opportunity for social satire and absurdist romp. We talk about all the big moments that make an audience roar, as well as the small jokes that illicit a constant chuckle. But most of all, we zero in on what makes Tati's comedy so universal, to such a point where a cacophony of languages are heard throughout the film with nary a sign of a subtitle to translate, much to the surprising benefit of the overall piece. On top of all that, we recount the wonderful day we shared together, from Calvin's unfortunate brush with the law to the latest videogames we're eagerly anticipating the return of the Daydreamcast for proper discussion, not to mention the time we had tearing up the town at the various arcades and restaurants we visited before moseying our way over to the historic Hollywood Theater for an incredible cap on our raucous night out. All of this and more from your independent resource on classic and contemporary cinema.
    00:00: Back Together Again!
    00:45: Calvin's Brush with The Law
    02:33: Uhh this isn't the Daydreamcast?
    04:29: Calvin Comes to Town/The Cultural Allures of the Big City
    09:35: Crying about Cry Macho, Neo-Westerns vs Modern Westerns, The 2020 Oscars?
    12:55: An exclusive look at the first trailer for Paul Thomas Anderson's Licorice Pizza
    17:24: Arcade Escapades
    29:11: Introducing the Hollywood Theater
    36:39: PlayTime

    • 1 hr 9 min

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25 Ratings

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Very fun show to listen to!

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Dynamic movie duo

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Awesome show!

This podcast was a great find! These guys are very entertaining as they in their own way critique various films! Give them a listen!

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