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Helping Landscape Business Owners to Fix, Scale and Exit their Business

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Helping Landscape Business Owners to Fix, Scale and Exit their Business

    “I am doing it my way” with Ivan Katz

    “I am doing it my way” with Ivan Katz

    Ivan Katz, founder of Great Lakes Landscape Design, near Detroit, Michigan, shares his experiences in the landscaping industry, including overcoming embezzlement and a major accident.

    His firm will hit close to 10M in 2024.

    He emphasizes the importance of trust, loyalty, and investing in employees.

    Katz also discusses the value of customer service and the impact of his personal mission on his business. The conversation covers topics such as financial management, employee development, and creating a positive work environment.

    Ivan Katz discusses how his approach to business has changed over the years and the challenges he faces in pulling himself out of sales. He shares his experience of hiring a sales manager and the importance of refining processes and production rates. Ivan also talks about the need to hire salespeople who can build enduring relationships, especially in the commercial sales sector. He emphasizes the value of having a coach and being part of a peer group for learning and accountability.

    Ivan’s key takeaway is to run your company as if it’s already as big as it will ever be and make proactive decisions with the future in mind.


    * Trust is crucial in business, and implementing controls and protocols can help prevent fraud and embezzlement.

    * Investing in employees and creating a positive work environment can foster loyalty and long-term commitment.

    * Listening to clients and focusing on customer service can lead to valuable insights and improved business practices.

    * Having a clear personal mission and values can guide decision-making and inspire others.

    * Overcoming challenges, such as financial setbacks and accidents, can lead to personal growth and resilience in business. Refining processes and production rates is crucial for business growth.

    * Hiring salespeople who can build enduring relationships is essential, especially in commercial sales.

    * Having a coach and being part of a peer group provides learning and accountability.

    * Running your company as if it’s already as big as it will ever be helps make proactive decisions.

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    The Visionary Consultant with Jim Paluch

    The Visionary Consultant with Jim Paluch

    Jim and I discuss his history and background in the landscape industry, and his career extensions into property development and consulting.

    We discuss his “visionary” appraoch to consulting and the impact it had on his business and life.

    We discuss his latest book, “The Depressed Motivational Speaker”, and his own struggles with depression and how he overcame them.

    This podcast is a discussion between the old guard (Jim) and the newer guard (Jeffrey) that came up in his wake.

    Jim also shares ideas on recruiting from high school and on selling and other topics.


    Jim Paluch, former president of JP Horizons, shares his journey from being a landscape architect to becoming a consultant. He discusses his experiences in sales, working with developers, and the importance of building relationships. Jim also talks about the creation of JP Horizons and their various programs, including the Working Smarter Training Challenge. He emphasizes the importance of enthusiasm, creativity, and leadership development in the landscape industry. Jim Paluch shares his experiences of using unique team-building exercises, such as breaking through boards, to help people overcome obstacles. He also discusses his book, ‘The Depressed Motivational Speaker,’ which explores the topic of depression and offers strategies for overcoming it. Jim emphasizes the importance of taking care of oneself, practicing the right things, and focusing on what is happening through us rather than to us. He also encourages business owners to attend association meetings with key team members and to connect with high schools to promote the landscape profession.


    * Building relationships with developers and clients is crucial in the landscape industry.

    * Enthusiasm and creativity can make business principles more engaging and effective.

    * Effective communication and teamwork are essential for success in any organization.

    * Leadership development and continuous learning are key to personal and professional growth. Team-building exercises can help people overcome obstacles and build camaraderie.

    * Taking care of oneself physically and mentally is crucial for success.

    * Practicing the right things and focusing on what is happening through us can lead to positive outcomes.

    * Attending association meetings with key team members and connecting with high schools can promote the landscape profession.

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    The Stages of Growth with Ted Carter

    The Stages of Growth with Ted Carter

    Ted Carter, is President of Pinehurst Landscape Company in Glen Arm, Maryland. They focus 85%  on residential landscape design, build, and maintenance. The company employs around 40 people during peak season and aims to surpass $6 million in revenue this year.

    Pinehurst was founded by Carter’s father in 1964. Initially a lawn mowing business, it evolved into a landscaping company. Ted Carter formally joined the company in 2009, following a significant revenue drop during the recession.

    We cover many critcal stages of growth that Ted experienced. 

    Challenges and Adaptations: Ted faced numerous challenges, including financial struggles and a key workforce crisis in 2018 when they didn’t secure H2B visa workers. This led to hiring issues and morale problems, ultimately teaching the importance of company values and aligning staff accordingly.

    Financial Health: Over the years, Pinehurst shifted its strategy by focusing on value and realistic project bidding. Ted emphasized the need for accurate job costing and avoided underbidding, which helped stabilize the company’s financial health.

    Developing a Leadership Vision: Ted’s leadership journey involved overcoming initial defensiveness and fear, building a supportive team, and setting ambitious goals. His focus on creating a professional work environment and strong company culture has contributed to Pinehurst’s continued success and growth. Carter is actively working on delegating key responsibilities, such as financial management and sales, to trusted team members. His goal is to focus on strategic vision and employee relationships while ensuring the company runs smoothly.

    Acquisition Success: Ted Carter discusses Pinehurst’s successful acquisition of a company owning a Christmas Decor franchise. This move not only extended their seasonal business but also brought in skilled employees, contributing significantly to their growth and success. Carter is exploring further acquisitions and diversification into new services like pool installations. He recognizes the potential in expanding their offerings to meet client demands and attract new business.

    Employee-Centric Approach: Carter emphasized the importance of a supportive and growth-oriented workplace culture at Pinehurst, focusing on employees’ well-being, personal growth, and ensuring they feel valued and respected. This is a huge cornerstone of their company.

    Personal and Professional Integration: Carter highlighted the inseparable nature of personal well-being and professional success for entrepreneurs. He advocates for a balance between work and personal life, believing that personal growth and support directly impact business performance.


    Ted Carter, the president of Pinehurst Landscape Company, shares his journey of taking over the family business and growing it into a successful company. He discusses the challenges he faced during the economic downturn and how he navigated through them. Ted emphasizes the importance of investing in employees and maintaining company culture. He also shares his experience of joining a peer group and the impact it had on his leadership skills. Ted’s story highlights the significance of making the right calls, building confidence as a leader, and embracing growth opportunities. In this conversation, Ted Carter, President of Pinehurst Landscape Company, discusses the company’s growth and talent acquisition strategies. He shares how Christmas lighting has been a successful recruiting tool and talks about the potential for future acquisitions and new services. Ted also explores the importance of engaging architects and home renovators in the landscaping industry. The conversation delves into the significance of pool construction and the potential for fiberglass pools and plunge pools. Ted discusses his role as President and emphasizes the company’s employee-first culture and fo...

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    The future of landscape maintenance with Electric Sheep: Nag Murty and Jarrett Herold

    The future of landscape maintenance with Electric Sheep: Nag Murty and Jarrett Herold

    My guests on this podcast are the real deal: Nag Murty is an aerospace engineer turned serial tech entrepreneur.


    Jarrett Herold is co-founder and COO of VC-backed startup Electric Sheep, the first large-scale outdoor maintenance company powered by artificial intelligence and robotics.


    This company is acquiring traditional outdoor service providers and progressively transforming operations by deploying proprietary AI software and robots.

    Electric Sheep’s approach is designed to automate various physical tasks like mowing and knowledge work like inventory management. Through consolidation and AI-fueled vertical integration, Electric Sheep will become a major player in the $1 Trillion Global Market for outdoor infrastructure services.


    We speak about all aspects of their business and vision.


    Fasten your seatbelts and hold on tight.


    Show Notes:

    Electric Sheep is a vertically integrated landscape and robotics company that builds autonomy solutions for commercial landscaping businesses. They challenge industry assumptions and rethink workflows and processes from first principles. The company is focused on the electrification of the industry and the development of AI models for outdoor autonomy. They have acquired and integrated several landscape businesses and are using their data engine to continuously improve their AI models. Electric Sheep’s end game is to create a platform company that leads the industry in innovation and automation. Electric Sheep Robotics is focused on using data and AI to revolutionize the landscaping industry. They believe that the core value lies in their data engine and AI model, which can be applied to different machines and products. They are eager to share their progress and journey with others, aiming to remove the guesswork and show success stories in automation and electrification. While they may not see immediate acquisition offers, they are open to partnerships with technology companies that understand the value of their AI model. The industry is slowly moving towards integrated businesses,

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    Artificial Turf & BBQ with Chad Simmons

    Artificial Turf & BBQ with Chad Simmons

    Chad Simmons is owner of Playrite, a small but powerful $2M profitable artificial turf company in Knoxville, TN

    Regarding artificial turf, we discuss his proactive hiring strategy, how he uses competition to drive his business, and how his vendor relationships give him a strategic advantage.

    Chad is also a BBQ expert, and shares some tips and tricks.

    You will enjoy our business and personal conversations, and you will be very hungry by the end of this special podcast.

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    Five Strategies for Growth with Larry Ryan

    Five Strategies for Growth with Larry Ryan

    Larry Ryan is founder and owner of Ryan Lawn & Tree, based near Kansas City, KS, a 37 yr old company.

    Larry and his team have grown their firm organically and through acquisition to approx $75M with more growth planned this year.

    Jeffrey and Larry discuss the 5 most valuable growth strategies that Ryan undertakes, plus many more facets of the business that everyone can learn from.

    Ryan Lawn & Tree will be the host company for our upcoming Summer Growth Summit in August. For more info, visit our website, www.JeffreyScott.biz or visit https://jeffreyscott.biz/2024-summer-growth-summit/

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
27 Ratings

27 Ratings

Eddie J. Soto ,

Love this podcast and its guest!

Jerry from Schill Grounds Management really knows how to stay involved with each brands. The townhall meetings are really something buisness owners should really take note of. NOBODY EATS FOR FREE!! Thanks for the episode!

McCoy Horticultural ,


We've followed the work of Jeffrey Scott for many years and appreciate his work very much. Jeffrey’s willingness to provide his vast knowledge of the landscape industry to allow others to grow has been beneficial. The Ultimate Landscape CEO Podcast. It is an extension of his and other successful landscape owners' enthusiasm to give back to improve our industry and encourage landscape owners to continue to be motivated to strive for their own success.

Thank you Jeffrey

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