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Capturing the culture's imagination through speculative fiction, the Untold Podcast produces audio fiction by Christian authors.

Untold Podcast Nathan James Norman

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Capturing the culture's imagination through speculative fiction, the Untold Podcast produces audio fiction by Christian authors.

    Untold Podcast 98 - The Guardian

    Untold Podcast 98 - The Guardian

    Story: "The Guardian" by Jakki Jelene  Genre: Fantasy Song: "Winter" by Jakki Jelene Rating: PG
    Wandering and exhausted in the snowy forest, young D is about to give up when she meets a terrifying creature.
    Credits:"The Guardian" by Jakki JeleneJakkiJelene.comBandcampFacebookTwitterWorks by Jakki JeleneSeasons EP (feat. "Winter")Luminous LP Mele Kalikimaka/Jingle Bells Support Us on PatreonSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Stitcher | RSS

    • 15 min
    Untold Podcast 97 - Gulgoleth

    Untold Podcast 97 - Gulgoleth

    Story: "Gulgoleth" by Lisa Godfrees Genre: Fantasy Song: "Dragons" by Mae Klingler Rating: PG
    Over dark waters and through blind fog, Elora the dragon risks her life to fly toward a strange music.
    Credits:"Gulgoleth" by Lisa GodfreesTwitterAmazon Author PageWorks by Lisa GodfreesMind WriterFlynn Flybear to the Rescue (in Havok Magazine)Song: "Dragons" by Mae KlinglerSupport Us on PatreonSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Stitcher | RSS

    • 18 min
    Untold Podcast 96 - The Vision of Endor

    Untold Podcast 96 - The Vision of Endor

    Story: “The Vision of Endor” by A. K. Preston Genre: Supernatural, Horror Rating: PG-13
    On a fateful night in Endor, one woman pierced the veil between the worlds. What did she see? 
    Credits:"The Vision of Endor" by A. K. PrestonA.K. Preston.comEmpyrean Voyager BlogFacebookWorks by A. K. PrestonThe Gevaudan ProjectThe Gevaudan Chronicles (Free with Mailing List)The Unseen Anthology 1 & 2
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    • 31 min
    Untold Podcast 95 - Rocket Raising

    Untold Podcast 95 - Rocket Raising

    Story: “Rocket Raising” by Frederic Gero Heimbaugh Genre: Romance, Science Fiction Rating: G
    Miriam has been chosen to venture to another world to help a neighboring Amish community. But if she accepts the call, she will never see the love of her life again.
    Credits:"Rocket Raising" by Frederic Gero Heimbaugh(Originally Appearing in Planetary: Venus)Fredösphere on TwitterWorks by Frederic Gero Himebaugh"Dear Son""Countdown" in 100 Worlds: Lightning-Quick SF and Fantasy Tales"The Best Workout" from Cirsova MagazineProtecting Project Pulp (Archive)The Devil's Dictum NovelUntold Podcast 65 - "All Those Bulging Bellies"
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    • 49 min
    UPC - Voting Results

    UPC - Voting Results

    Announcement: UPC - Untold Picture ContestTopic: Flash Fiction Competition
    Voting results of our Flash Fiction Competition!
    Find out the winner of the UPC - Untold Picture Contest.Listen to all of the stories here: www.UntoldPodcast.com/UPCSupport Us On Patreon

    • 3 min
    Untold Podcast 94 - The Defeat of Raven's Swamp

    Untold Podcast 94 - The Defeat of Raven's Swamp

    Story: "The Defeat of Raven's Swamp" by Rachel Ann Michael Harris Genre: Fantasy Rating: PG
    Talaith travels into Raven's Swamp, hoping it will not cost her soul.
    Credits:“The Defeat of Raven's Swamp” by Rachel Ann Michael HarrisRachel Ann Michael Harris on WordPressFacebookWorks by Rachel Ann Michael Harris featured in: Paws, Claws, and Magic TalesSpace Kitties 2HavokReviews by Peter Christian Fiction Reviews by Peter Younghusband
    VOTE NOW (8/29/19 - 9/5/19)

    "The Defeat of Raven's Swamp" was written and produced for the UPC - Untold Picture Contest: A Flash Fiction Competition hosted by Untold PodcastSupport Us on Patreon

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Customer Reviews

sgdadmom ,

Love the Range of Stories

It's so great when I refresh my podcatcher and see a new story from The Untold Podcast/Nathan James Norman. Not sure how he manages pastoring a church and producing a podcast of this caliber, to the point that, like reviewer mandokysoto mentioned, I totally want to know what happens next for several stories, "Space Wings", "Standoff", and "The True Light" to name a few. Thank you NJN for capturing my imagination with speculative fiction :D

mandokysoto ,

Love this podcast

If you haven't gotten around to listening, please do. The authors that N.J. Norman highlight each month are some fantastic authors. The short stories are fun, interesting, and in many cases, leave you wishing for more (like this month's story "Space Wings"). But the short story format is perfect to highlight the authors talents. If there was one critique I would give, it's that it's a once a month podcast. I could handle more offerings a month. :)

Hanna House ,

Fun and Compelling!

The Untold Podcast provides a unique listening experience in storytelling that engages the imagination in a way few media platforms do these days. The production of the audio dramas is top notch. It is apparent that Nathan is passionate in his love of literature and drama, as he puts a great deal of effort in properly conveying the author's intent. It's also great fun and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in compelling Christian speculative fiction!

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