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Music journalist B.Getz explores the inner sanctums of music and festival cultures. With guests from across the spectrum, the focus of this podcast leans toward inspiration and human resilience, high brow conversations from a variety of voices. The host has been covering underground music and festivals for twenty years for Live for Live Music, Everfest, JamBase, upful LIFE, Herb An’ Music, and more.

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Music journalist B.Getz explores the inner sanctums of music and festival cultures. With guests from across the spectrum, the focus of this podcast leans toward inspiration and human resilience, high brow conversations from a variety of voices. The host has been covering underground music and festivals for twenty years for Live for Live Music, Everfest, JamBase, upful LIFE, Herb An’ Music, and more.

    079: GREYBOY [DJ/producer/multi-instrumentalist, co-founder Greyboy Allstars] + FTF Fest

    079: GREYBOY [DJ/producer/multi-instrumentalist, co-founder Greyboy Allstars] + FTF Fest

    Twas an honor and privilege to welcome legendary DJ/producer/multi-instrumentalist GREYBOY to Episode 079!! A career highlight for this program to facilitate a wide-reaching, ever-rare interview with the man born Andreas Stevens, who's pioneering 90's work on Ubiquity Records set, raised, and re-raised the bar for West Coast acid jazz and trip-hop. Greyboy's solo canon is long revered for blurring the lines between hip-hop, funk, soul, jazz, and beyond; he's also the visionary behind rare-groove ragers The Greyboy Allstars. Released June 2024, Greyboy's latest LP Word On the Street represents an artistic rebirth and musical revolution tied to the broadening of his palette and a personal evolution.
    0:00 - episode preview
    3:30 - sponsor - For The Funk Of It Fest
    5:45 - sponsor - Fete du Void
    8:20 - The Upful Update
    12:30 - introducing GREYBOY
    16:30 - interview w Greyboy [90 min]
    1:46:30 - introducing Spencer from FTF Fest
    1:49:00 - chat Spencer [17min]
    2:05:00 afterglow x Vibe Junkie JAMZ
    1988 DMC Regional Champion. Recovering midcentury modernist. Responsible for wrangling together esteemed boogaloo bandits The Greyboy Allstars, hence their moniker and sonic blueprint. Over the course of three decades, DJ Greyboy has worked with musical and cultural luminaries that span genre and generation, his music oscillates between styles yet remains consistently Era Correct.
    Grey shares a few of his leftfield non-musical passions that are sure to surprise even the most attentive fans of his timeless tunes. During this sprawling 90-minute conversation, Greyboy was stoked to explore the inspirations, losses, and motivations that gave us his most recent LP, Word On the Street. Plus unpacking seminal releases Greybreaks, Freestylin', Land of the Lost, and reflections on crucial collaborators. Grateful that Grey was such a open book, and seemed quite happy to hop in the sidehack and bomb the hill down memory lane. Give Thanks for Greyboy.
    After wrapping with Grey, we check in with Spencer from For The Funk Of It Festival, slated for Aug. 6-9 in NorCal, to get the 411 on this year's throwdown on the Feather River.
    Vibe Junkie JAMZ -
    GREYBOY: "Unwind Your Mind", "Grey Royale", "Word on the Street"
    Dwell Magazine article about Greyboy's house restoration
    Greyboy - Word On the Street album on BandCamp
    Check out  FOR THE FUNK OF IT FESTIVAL  August 9-11 in NorCal
    Our friends Fete du Void, Oct. 3-6 in Oakdale, LA
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    Theme Song: "Mazel Tov"- CALVIN VALENTINE

    • 2 hr 25 min
    078: MZG [Zach & Charles Weinert - electronic producer duo, twin bros]

    078: MZG [Zach & Charles Weinert - electronic producer duo, twin bros]

    Welcome Florida-bred, Denver-based electronic producer duo MZG to Episode 078! Zach and Charles Weinert are wildly talented yet humble and hilarious, studio wizards who can cook up with the best in the game. Many of us have long been convinced these two handsome gents are destined for superstardom, if not global EDM domination. I've had the privilege of watching the evolution of their craft, careers, collaborations, and trademark sound since before they were even performing as a duo, as well as call them real-life homies for nearly 15 years. Get ready for the Twinzies Takeover!
    0:00 - episode 078 prevoew
    2:40 - For The Funk of It Music Festival sponsor
    6:00 - Fete du Void Music/Arts Fest sponsor 
    9:00 - The Upful Update
    15:00 - introducing Zach n' Charles - MZG
    20:20 - interview w/ MZG [92 mins]
    1:52:20 - afterglow, Vibe Junkie JAMZ
    Topics include: growing up twins, coming of age in Northeast Florida, separate musical journeys, Greenhouse Lounge/Sir Charles, exploring Ableton, discovering festival culture, finding Soundtribe Sector 9, figuring out Phish, collaborating with Big Gigantic, The Floozies, Griz. Spirit of Suwannee/Hulaween magic, moving to electronic mecca Denver, distilling/focusing their sound. Unveiling house side-project Duplex. A classic tale of the ol' switcheroo, plastic bong/pocket-p*ssy/kazoo with a country cop, plus barrels more laughs and memories. We run thru a few of the most nuclear MZG bangers to finish strong.
    Bio: Twin brothers, Zach and Charles Weinert, spent many years working on separate musical projects, but in 2015, they relented to the inevitable and joined forces to create MZG. Shorthand for “monozygotic” (the scientific term describing identical twins), the name MZG describes the unique bond these two share. After honing their craft in Jacksonville, FL, the pair began playing out for audiences. MZG’s reputation for setting dance floors aflame saw them soon sharing the stage with like-minded acts such as RL Grime, Herobust, and Opiuo, as well as earning residency at Florida festival mainstay Suwannee Hulaween. They've also appeared at festivals Sonic Bloom, Okechobee, and Electric Forest, among others. Rooted in Colorado the past six years, the brothers have wasted no time in making a mark, performing with respected state staples Big Gigantic, Griz, The Floozies, Barclay Crenshaw, and Manic Focus. These self taught musicians and producers deliver bass driven, hip-hop influenced electronica while sharing a chemistry on stage that is natural and infectious.
    Vibe Junkie JAMZ
    "One 2 Shtep", "BANGA," "FAYDED2023", "FTCU Flip" - MZG
    unknown unreleased joint from Duplex
    Stay up on all things MZG ---> Bandcamp, Instagram, Soundcloud, Spotify
    Check out  FOR THE FUNK OF IT FESTIVAL  August 9-11 in NorCal
    Our friends Fete du Void, Oct. 3-6 in Oakdale, LA
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    Theme Song: "Mazel Tov"- CALVIN VALENTINE

    • 2 hr 9 min
    077: PETER LEVIN [keys - Gregg Allman, Blind Boys AL, The Highwomen] + Summer Tours '24 Preview w/ J.A.

    077: PETER LEVIN [keys - Gregg Allman, Blind Boys AL, The Highwomen] + Summer Tours '24 Preview w/ J.A.

    Welcome NY-bred, Nashville-based PETER LEVIN, a keyboardist/singer/producer to Episode 077! A veteran of multiple music scenes, bands, and geographies, Peter Levin has written/performed with numerous artists who've appeared on this show, & dozens more who have not. A well-respected musician, songwriter and producer, across 3 decades Peter has collaborated with legends like the late, great Gregg Allman, cultural institutions such as the Allman Brothers Band and Blind Boys of Alabama, rising stars i.e. Amanda Shires, and appears on the award-winning album The Highwomen.
    0:00 - ep.077 preview
    3:00 - a word from our sponsor For the Funk of It Festival
    6:20 - The Upful Update
    11:00 - introducing PETER LEVIN
    14:25 - interview w/ Peter [65min]
    1:20:30 - introducing Jason Abrams
    1:23:00- Summer Tours '24 Preview w/Jason  [37min]
    1:59:00 - Afterglow, Vibe Junkie JAM
    Late last year, Levin released the fantastic record under his own name: 'Saturday Night, Sunday Morning'. The LP features an all-star slate of contributors that dot his musical journey, including guitarists/friends-of-the-pod Adam "Shmeeans" Smirnoff and Eric Krasno. Most recently, Peter has been an integral member of the Allman Brothers tribute ensemble 'Trouble No More', with our hero Nikki Glaspie, among others. Peter Levin was kind enough to take some time to drop in and explore his career and collaborators, a conversation that took place at the very end of 2023.
    Special Thanks to Solaris Entertainment Studio for making Peter available for this interview.
    After Peter's interview wraps, we head right into the Summer Tours 2024 Preview segment with returning fave Jason Abrams, co-host of the Rock n' Wrestling Connection Podcast, my friend of nearly 35 years and an encyclopedia of both rock n' roll and pop culture.
    Vibe Junkie JAM
    "The Chain" [Fleetwood Mac cover] - The Highwomen
    Check out our awesome sponsor FOR THE FUNK OF IT FESTIVAL , going down August 9-11 in NorCal
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    Theme Song: "Mazel Tov"- CALVIN VALENTINE

    • 2 hr 7 min
    076: AGENT 23 - Granola Funk Express [mc/educator/Grammy-winning artist - SECRET AGENT 23 SKIDOO]

    076: AGENT 23 - Granola Funk Express [mc/educator/Grammy-winning artist - SECRET AGENT 23 SKIDOO]

    Agent 23 aka Cactus aka Secret Agent 23 Skidoo, welcome to The Upful Life Podcast! A founding member of pioneering Asheville-based live hip-hop collective Granola Funk Express (GFE). A progenitor of "family hip-hop" with his Secret Agent 23 Skidoo project, which took home a Grammy in 2019 for Best Children's Album. Cactus is a published author of several books, and a prolific educator around the country for kids of all ages and backgrounds.
    0:00 - episode 076 preview
    3:30 - iamavl - thank you for the sponsor
    6:30 - The Upful Update
    12:40 - introducing Agent 23 aka Cactus
    16:10 - interview w/ Cactus [95min]
    1:51:30 - afterglow, Vibe Junkie JAM 
    From train-hopping, to Rainbow Gathering kitchens, to rap ciphers at Phish festivals, this conversation is a colorful strut down memory lane for any GFE fan. And my man makes sure to spread the love around the krewe. Similarly, Cactus takes us through the birth of his daughter Saki, her transformation into MC Fireworks, and the heights their inspiring hip-hop connection took this beautiful family. These days, 23 and his 'Secret Agency' collaborate with students and symphonies, to wed classical music, global indigenous instruments, and storytelling to the elements of hip-hop. Cactus has also evolved into a successful educator, bringing hip-hop into the classroom as a multi-faceted teaching device.
    Secret Agent 23 Skidoo is an internationally touring, purple velvet tuxedo wearing family funk phenemenon. Combining the positive, primal power of hip hop with the surreal storytelling of science fiction, 23 Skidoo has concocted a potent potion that wows family crowds across the planet. After a decade of touring nationally as a rapper and producer in Granola Funk Express, he released his first kids' hip-hop album in 2008.
    The ingredients of his magic spells include reverence for the boundless mindstates of young children, respect for the culture and DNA of hip hop, funk and soul music, and a deep belief in the power of the imagination to change the world in positive ways, both personal and universal. At the 59th Grammy Awards in 2019, Secret Agent 23 Skidoo won Best Children's Album for his record Infinity Plus One. At the 57th Grammy awards [2017], his record The Perfect Quirk was nominated in the same category. Book Weirdo Calhoun and the Odd Men Out won Silver at the 2014 Moonbeam Awards.

    Secret Agent 23 Skidoo & Asheville Symphony - The Beat Bach Symphonies

    Dennis Cook feature article on GFE - 2006

    Vibe Junkie JAM 
    "Dreamland Theatre" Agent 23 feat. Adam Strange
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    Upful LIFE 2023: Favorite Records & More! 
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    Theme Song: "Mazel Tov"- CALVIN VALENTINE

    • 1 hr 58 min


    Live n' direct from their studio in Vienna, Austria, iconic electronic producer/DJ duo KRUDER and DORFMEISTER tap into the Upful LIFE.  On Episode 075, Peter Kruder and Richard Dorfmeister pull up for a colorful, career-spanning conversation, both fellas waxing nostalgic, and piloting the wayback machine through the pair's prolific, pioneering journey in sound. Our chat starts at the 22min mark.
    00:00 - episode preview
    04:30 - our sponsors: iamAVL, & Love That Baby
    09:00 - The Upful Update
    13:00 - Introducing KRUDER & DORFMEISTER
    22:00 - Conversation w/ Peter Kruder & Richard Dorfmeister [83min]
    1:45:45 - Afterglow & Vibe Junkie JAMZ
    Listening to these two fine gentleman humourously reflect on their embryonic origin story and enduring connection was nothing short of a pinch-me, bucket-list, feather-in-the-Kangol experience for your humble narrator, as K&D music remains among the most sacred in my lifetime playlist. Pod topics include:
    the serendipitous rendezvous that first brought them together.
    exploring their idiosyncratic creativity & DIY modus operandi.
    Atari to Ableton: sampling obsession & tech/gear evolution.
    the lost mystique of vinyl crate-digging.
    their early days of globe-trotting.
    developing a trademark sound/aesthetic.
    crafting genre-defining records & timeless remixes: G-Stoned, DJ Kicks, K&D Sessions, 1995
    reinventing themselves onstage w/ a sensational comeback 3 decades deep.
    K&D's virgin sojourn to Burning Man aka the Black Rock Mudpacolypse 2023.
    Kruder & Dorfmeister Bio
    During the 1990s, Vienna, Austria-based producer/DJs Kruder & Dorfmeister helped invent the electronic music genre known as downtempo/trip-hop. Their presence has loomed large over the scene ever since, despite a relatively small discography as a duo.  With 1993 EP G-Stoned- the first release on their similarly titled record label - the pair established a laconic, smoked-out, organic sound & aesthetic rich in live instrumentation. K&D are well-known to incorporate acid jazz, dub, house, atmospheric drum & bass, hip-hop, bossa nova, funk, soul and beyond into their trademark, succulent sonic gumbo. 
    The duo built up a lengthy résumé of remixes for a diverse smattering of artists, including Roni Size, David Holmes, Depeche Mode, and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. Several of these were aggregated on the landmark double-album The K&D Sessions (1998), which was lavished with much critical acclaim upon release and its reputation continues to age like a fine wine. Over the years, the two producers remained active with solo work and adjacent projects (most notably Tosca, Dorfmeister's duo with Rupert Huber, and Peter with Peace Orchestra). 1995, a fantastic full-length studio album of original material that had been mysteriously shelved for a quarter century, was unearthed and released in 2020.Kruder & Dorfmeister are currently celebrating their 30th anniversary with an expansive world tour that unveils an authentic, emotional, kaleidoscopic audio/visual concert experience.
    Eternal thanks to Peter & Richard for the time, music, & energy. -bg
    B.Getz's feature: K&D return to US, 1st Burning Man, SF show- Sept.23
    K&D 30th anniversary show - Belgium, Nov.23 
    K&D at Burning Man - DISTRIKT sunrise, Sept.23 
    Vibe Junkie JAMZ
    "Speechless" - Count Basic [K&D drum & bass remix]
    "Useless" - Depeche Mode [K&D remix]
    "Everybody Loves the Sunshine" [Roy Ayers remixed by NETSKY]
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    Upful LIFE 2023: Favorite Records & More! 
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    Theme Song: "Mazel Tov"- CALVIN VALENTINE

    • 2 hr 18 min
    074: ROGERS STEVENS [guitarist/co-founder BLIND MELON]

    074: ROGERS STEVENS [guitarist/co-founder BLIND MELON]

    Welcome ROGERS STEVENS, guitarist/co-founder of Blind Melon - as well as Towne & Stevens - to Episode 074! A dream come true for your host, an unabashed lifelong Blind Melon fanatic. Rogers joins the pod from his cozy home studio just outside Philadelphia for a 90-min conversation about his career - past, present, and future.
    A peek inside Rogers' process making records with Nathan Towne, and Stevens finally finding his singing voice later in life. Working with Rene Lopez again, long after Extra Virgin and The Tender Trio. Growing up a rocker in rural Mississippi. Embarking on the storied sojourn from the Deep South to the Sunset Strip, arriving at the peak of glam-rock hair-band decadence. Rogers pulls up in a Cadillac, sittin’ in the back, opens the passenger door and invites us on a wacky, wild, reflective ride through the galaxies of yesteryear in the Blind Melon wayback machine. 
    Buckle up fam, this ep is my love letter to anyone who ever treasured this beautiful band, and those of us who still grieve deep for the dearly-departed Shannon Hoon.
    3:15 - a word from our sponsor IAMAVL
    6:15 - shoutout COLD BLOODED DESIGNS
    7:30 - The Upful Update
    10:15 - Introducing ROGERS STEVENS + B.Getz’s BLIND MELON rabbithole
    31:20 - conversation w/ Rogers [97 min]
    2:08:30 - Afterglow & Reflections, + Vibe Junkie JAM
    In 1990, 23-year-old Shannon Hoon first met Rogers Stevens in Los Angeles after taking a bus from Lafayette, Indiana to SoCal. A year or so earlier, Stevens and bassist Brad Smith had relocated to L.A. from West Point, Mississippi, where they graduated high school and worked on the kill floor of a local slaughterhouse. Stevens connected with Shannon through a mutual friend in Hollywood; Hoon - hometown homies with W. Axl Rose and already making waves on the West Coast - swiftly reeled off a couple of tunes for Rogers. Immediately taken with Hoon’s voice and mesmerized by his presence, they decided - on the spot - to form a band together.
    Blind Melon consisted of Stevens, Hoon, Smith, drummer Glen Graham, and guitarist Christopher Thorn.  A promising, multi-hued, idiosyncratic brotherhood that was sadly short-lived. Dreamy single “No Rain” blasted the band into superstardom pretty quickly, and their self-titled debut went triple platinum in the tailwind of the huge hit. In less than five years, the quintet released a strong pair of studio albums, while touring at a furious clip. They appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman, SNL, MTV, Canada's MuchMusic, and threw down a legendary set at Woodstock '94. Headlined clubs and theaters, opened stadiums for The Rolling Stones, supported Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Lenny Kravitz, Neil Young, and numerous others. 
    After the monster success of their debut CD, Blind Melon set about refining/redefining their unicorn sound, as evidenced on sensational sophomore record Soup. Critically-panned and a commercial disappointment at the time, over the course of nearly three decades Soup has proven a celebrated fan favorite. A gumbo of compositions and performances that transcend era and genre, Soup is a magnificent work of high art in the Crescent City voodoo tradition. When Hoon died suddenly from a drug overdose, on tour in New Orleans in October 1995, the band was evolving rather organically, though still finding their stride. A posthumous collection of B-sides and outtakes, the gripping Nico  (named for Shannon's daughter Nico Blue Hoon - only a few months old when he tragically transitioned) was released in 1996, an emotional nod towards what could’ve - and should’ve - been. 
    These days, Rogers Stevens is an attorney who lives in the Philly suburbs with his family. He’s currently workshopping songs with Nathan for the next Towne & Stevens record. I offer the deepest of bows & eternal thanks to Rogers Stevens for his time, energy, the music and memories. Rest easy, Shannon Hoon & Long Live Blind Melon!
    Vibe Junkie JAM 
    Blind Melon - "Time" (

    • 2 hr 34 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
110 Ratings

110 Ratings

The real jimmyQ ,

Great music podcast

Love the interview style and authentic interest B getts has for the people he is interviewing. By far the best music podcast out!

Love the K&D interview. Those guys are dope! Had a chance to see them in 2006 and have been a fan since the 90s

Love this pod

Thomas7725 ,

Music Lovers!!! This is the podcast for you!!

Upful life is such an incredible podcast!! The host, Bee Getz, takes you on a musical journey into the lives of these amazing musicians. Thank you for sharing your love of music with us, Bee. Every single episode is incredible.

Rob Van Vranken ,

Nuanced, Knowledgeable, and Thoughtful Conversations

B. Getz is not only a great music journalist, but a great conversationalist. He has an intuitive way of digging deep into the musical heart of artists and performers and does so with an emotional heft, rarley seen in even the best of music writers. Bee has an inherent sensitivity for understanding the cultures that create music communities and offers insights into the humanity of the artist he interviews. If you are a diverse music obsessive who wants to see what's below the surface of artists who are creating influential works, you've landed in the right place. My personal favorites are the Kathy Iandoli and Jay Mumford episodes, great starting points for new listeners. Enjoy!

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