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This podcast is devoted to helping Military and First Responder families and loved ones thrive.

The Waiting Warriors Podcast Michelle Bowler

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This podcast is devoted to helping Military and First Responder families and loved ones thrive.

    Empowering Military Spouses with Financial Education: Comprehensive Guide for Deployments and PCSing

    Empowering Military Spouses with Financial Education: Comprehensive Guide for Deployments and PCSing

    Empowering Military Spouses with Financial Education: A Comprehensive Guide
     This episode of the Waiting Warriors Podcast features Michelle Bowler and guest Lizanne Lightfoot, the seasoned spouse and representative of Go VA, discussing the unique financial challenges and opportunities military families face.
    The conversation covers the importance of budgeting, how to effectively manage finances despite the unpredictable military life, and introduces Go VA's digital platform, The Edge, designed to empower military couples through free, comprehensive financial education.
    From assessing money personalities to setting financial goals and utilizing neutral tools for budgeting and planning, this episode provides invaluable insights and practical advice for military spouses seeking financial stability and growth.
    Check out THE EDGE: https://mygova.com/
    Get more Waiting Warriors content and resources: https://www.instagram.com/thewaitingwarriors/
    00:00 Introduction to Financial Empowerment for Military Spouses
    01:41 Meet the Expert: Lizanne Lightfoot, The Seasoned Spouse
    03:18 The Unique Financial Challenges of Military Life
    07:31 Practical Tips for Budgeting and Financial Planning For Military Spouses
    13:23 Leveraging Tools for Financial Education and Empowerment During Deployments and PCSing
    27:03 Setting Financial Goals and Building a Strong Partnership as a Military Couple
    36:46 Conclusion: Empowerment For Military Couples Through Education

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    How To Navigate Deployment: A Guide for New Military Spouses

    How To Navigate Deployment: A Guide for New Military Spouses

    In this episode of The Waiting Warriors Podcast, host Michelle Bowler speaks with guest Madison Greene about navigating the challenges of being a new military spouse facing a loved one's deployment for the first time.
    These military spouses explore feelings of being overwhelmed and give advice on finding joy and purpose during such times. The conversation covers practical advice, the importance of preparation, utilizing resources like the Deployment Readiness Coordinators (DRC), and fostering community connections.
    Additionally, they touch on mindset and perspective as key to thriving during deployment, rather than merely surviving.
    *Thank you to this episode's sponsor: National University! Check out their military spouse scholarship and how they can help you get your degree with flexible schedules and classes adaptable to the military spouse lifestyle! https://glnk.io/p987m/thewaitingwarriors
    00:00 Introduction to the Podcast - A Podcast For Military Spouses, Fiances, and Girlfriends
    00:39 Welcome to The Waiting Warriors Podcast
    01:28 Thriving During Your First Deployment
    02:32 Understanding the Concept of Thriving As A Military Spouse
    05:47 Experiences from a First Deployment
    07:03 The Importance of Staying Engaged and Active In The Military Community
    09:46 The Power of Mindset and Intentionality
    11:45 The Value of Community and Support For Military Spouses
    14:05 The Role of Preparation and Empowerment For A Successful Deployment
    25:50 The Impact of Mindset on Thriving
    29:37 Conclusion and Final Thoughts
    30:02 Sponsor Message: National University

    • 30 min
    How To Have A Successful Career As A Military Spouse During A Hectic TDY or Deployment

    How To Have A Successful Career As A Military Spouse During A Hectic TDY or Deployment

    In this podcast episode from Waiting Warriors, host Michelle Bowler engages in an insightful discussion with guest Amanda Scott, a military spouse, on the challenges and possibilities of maintaining one's career amidst the unpredictable and hectic TDY schedule. Michelle and Amanda offer actionable advice on building resilience, leveraging opportunities like remote work, and remaining proactive to ensure that careers are not solely dictated by military life. Amanda also discusses her personal experiences, underscoring the importance of mindset, openness with superiors, flexibility, and planning ahead to ensure career progress.
    00:00 Introduction to the Waiting Warriors Podcast
    00:39 Guest Introduction: Amanda Scott
    01:01 Understanding the Impact of TDYs on Military Spouses
    01:26 Amanda's Career Journey and the Role of RTX
    02:10 The Challenges of Maintaining a Career Amidst TDYs
    04:17 Defining 'Career' and 'Maintaining' in the Context of Military Life
    05:07 Amanda's Personal Experience with Career Progression and Military Impact
    11:43 Strategies for Maintaining a Career During TDYs
    17:31 Examples of Workplace Accommodations for Military Spouses
    20:23 Workplace Accommodations for Military Spouses
    20:53 Understanding FMLA and Its Benefits
    22:33 The Importance of Having a Plan
    25:16 Advocacy and Communication in the Workplace
    30:24 Overcoming Challenges and Thriving in Your Career
    36:12 Connecting with Resources for Career-Minded Military Spouses
    37:47 Amanda's Key To Thriving

    • 39 min
    The Honest Reality Of Military Spouse Life

    The Honest Reality Of Military Spouse Life

    In this episode of The Waiting Warriors Podcast, host Michelle Bowler interviews Tiffany Kelly, a military spouse of 23 years with vast experience in juggling career, parenting, and the ins and outs of military life. The conversation revolves around the need to openly communicate the challenges that come along with deployments, reintegration, and shifting family dynamics. They delve into the importance of networking and connections, their experiences as military spouses, and how seeking compassion rather than understanding can lead to more supportive communities. Tiffany encourages listeners to find meaningful connections away from the internet and shares her experiences in various supportive spaces, like spouses' clubs. Additionally, a discussion on misconceptions related to rank and the need to embrace vulnerability within the military community is shared. 
    Connect with Tiffany: 
    Get more Waiting Warrrios Content: 
    00:00 Introduction to The Waiting Warriors Podcast
    00:40 Guest Introduction: Tiffany Kelly
    01:04 The Reality of Military Life: Admitting the Hardships
    02:00 Tiffany's Personal Journey and Challenges
    04:50 The Importance of Open Communication and Support
    06:11 The Struggles of Being a Military Spouse
    08:55 The Misconception of 'Knowing What You Signed Up For'
    15:56 The Need for Compassion and Understanding
    18:43 The Impact of Military Life on Family
    22:00 Advice for Voicing Concerns and Struggles
    24:43 The Power of Human Connection Over Online Interactions
    26:20 Finding Resources and Support Within Your Community
    26:58 The Impact of Online Criticism and the Importance of Real-Life Interactions
    28:13 The Importance of In-Person Communication and Compassion
    29:57 The Struggles of Military Spouses and the Need for Understanding
    34:24 The Challenges of Reintegration After Deployment
    36:46 The Role of Senior Spouses in Advocacy and Support
    40:57 The Importance of Getting Out and Connecting with Others
    46:29 The Power of Compassion and Connection in the Military Spouse Community
    48:19 Conclusion: Thriving as a Military Spouse Through Connection and Compassion

    • 50 min
    Work / Life Balance As A Military Spouse with Liz Marion

    Work / Life Balance As A Military Spouse with Liz Marion

    n this episode of The Waiting Warriors Podcast with host Michelle Bowler, special guest Liz talks about effectively managing personal and professional goals while being a military spouse during deployment and training seasons. Liz shares tips to establish boundaries, set and achieve goals, and get comfortable with the quiet.
    The conversation delves into topics of developing communication and dealing with challenges. The Podcast discusses striving for balance, keeping open channels of communication, maintaining healthy family dynamics, and being kind to yourself during this often-difficult military lifestyle.
    Connect with Liz: https://www.linkedin.com/in/elizabethwmarion/
    Connect with The Waiting Warriors: https://www.instagram.com/thewaitingwarriors/ 
    00:00 Introduction and Overview
    00:50 Welcome to the Waiting Warriors Podcast
    01:48 Interview with Liz: Balancing Personal and Professional Goals
    02:08 The Challenges of Being a Military Spouse
    04:50 Liz's Journey as a Military Spouse and Business Owner
    06:53 Tactical Advice for Balancing Work and Life
    12:23 The Importance of Reframing and Redefining Success
    14:34 Dealing with Unexpected Challenges
    16:25 The Power of Gratitude and Open Communication
    19:26 Striving for a Happy and Peaceful Retirement
    22:32 Us Versus the Problem: A Mindset for Conflict Resolution
    24:08 Embracing the Hardships
    24:22 Making the Most of Difficult Situations
    24:43 Experiences in 29 Palms
    26:17 Setting and Managing Professional Goals
    28:46 Balancing Work and Personal Life
    30:05 Facing Loneliness and Embracing Stillness
    31:19 Managing Professional Life During Deployment
    34:08 Maintaining Boundaries and Building Resilience
    37:25 Balancing Travel and Family Life
    41:16 Key to Thriving: Embracing Individual Days
    43:10 Connecting with Liz
    43:39 Closing Remarks and Sponsor Message

    • 45 min
    Conquering Reintegration: Expert and Experienced Advice with Corie Weathers

    Conquering Reintegration: Expert and Experienced Advice with Corie Weathers

    Join host Michelle Bowler in this podcast episode as she interviews Cori Weathers, a military spouse, who provides firsthand knowledge and clinical perspective on the complexities and emotions tied to a military family's or couple's reintegration phase. Discover coping strategies, maintaining a strong relationship during deployments, and building resilience. Explore the new book, Military Culture Shift, for insights on effectively navigating the evolving military spouse culture. Tune in for practical advice to adapt to change and build a stronger and more resilient military family and spouse life.
    00:00 Introduction: The Challenges of Military Family Reintegration
    00:29 Interview with Cori Weathers: Expert Insights on Military Family Reintegration
    01:21 The Waiting Warriors Podcast: A Platform for Military Spouses
    02:19 Guest Introduction: Cori Weathers, Military Spouse and Mental Health Clinician
    03:06 Cori's Personal Journey and Career Evolution
    05:11 The Importance of Connection and Understanding in Military Spouse Life
    07:24 Reintegration Challenges: Feeling Broken and Alone
    13:41 The Process of Change and Growth During Deployment
    17:30 Reintegration Strategies: Building a New Normal
    25:20 Understanding the Importance of Shared Values in Relationships
    26:21 The Power of Shared Experiences and Playfulness in Reconnection
    27:32 The Struggles of Reintegration and the Role of Shared Vulnerability
    28:39 Exploring Non-traditional Date Night Ideas
    32:12 The Importance of Vulnerability and Confidence in a Marriage
    36:46 Introducing 'Military Culture Shift': A Book for Understanding Military Life
    42:53 The Importance of Positive Leadership and Care in the Military Community
    45:02 The Impact of Congressional Funding on Military Families
    46:49 Closing Thoughts: Spreading Goodness and Light
    Get Corie's Book "Military Culture Shift" (*affiliate link): https://amzn.to/3vV4UXA.
    Get Corie's Book "Sacred Spaces" (*Affiliate link): https://amzn.to/3UebMtA 
    Connect and get more Waiting Warriors Content on www.Instagram.com/TheWaitingWarriors  or TheWaitingWarriors.com 

    • 48 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
38 Ratings

38 Ratings

b.s.harding ,

So much good stuff!

With so many things to figure out and juggle (often on your own), Michelle offers podcast after podcast full of useful information, ideas, and hope for this crazy life! Thanks so much for all your support to this commmunity, Michelle!

K148 ,

Pure Gold

You will not be disappointed, I promise. Her content is so genuine, honest and inspirational.

SO thankful for you, Michelle. You are making my deployment a little more hopeful and helping me appreciate the time I have to grow and giving me tools to put those plans into actions.

Austin.James ,

Learn, Thrive, Enjoy

This podcast will help any Waiting Warrior THRIVE and not just “survive” in their crucial role as spouse/loved one of a military member or first responder. Interviews provide a mix of insightful lessons learned in the stories of everyday spouses and pro-tip guidance of seasoned experts (by experience and/or education) on a variety of topics.

Fun Fact: Michelle (The Waiting Warriors Podcast host) is my wife! I can honestly say with my behind the scenes vantage point that her heart, effort, time, and passion are constantly and sincerely poured into this project to inform, bless, and benefit the lives of others who, like her, want to do and be their best as well as enjoy the life of supporting a spouse whose career is often difficult and demanding in unique ways.

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