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News & Commentary by Author and Activist Wayne Besen, an independent-minded host.

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News & Commentary by Author and Activist Wayne Besen, an independent-minded host.

    Ep. 23 - Massacre at Colorado Gay Bar Stuns Community

    Ep. 23 - Massacre at Colorado Gay Bar Stuns Community

    On today’s show, we begin with the horrific massacre at an LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado. The mass shooting highlights the impact of hate speech and violence in America, as well as the nation’s deadly obsession with guns.

    Next, we discuss the superb Nancy Pelosi stepping aside as House Speaker, to likely be replaced by the supine Kevin McCarthy – a weak, spineless follower with a gaping hole in his soul. While the GOP ran on crime and the economy in the midterms, their post-election agenda is packed with bizarre circus acts, show trials and efforts to let rich donors get away with tax evasion.

    We move to our political round-up. The gay app Grindr has gone public! Let’s hope the Cock Market, err, Stock Market is up! Next, we talk about how Elon Musk’s ultimatum to his remaining Twitter employees backfired. He said, “my way or the highway”, and they decided to hit the road.

    The show explores the Baltimore Catholic Church, which called drag queens “evil”, but now stands accused of molesting more than 600 children. Talk about “groomers”! Meanwhile, a judge nixed Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis’ unconstitutional “Stop WOKE Act”, referring to it as “positively dystopian”.

    We interviewed Equality Florida Executive Director Nadine Smith. She reveals her thoughts on why Florida turned ruby red in the midterms. She also addresses calls to boycott Florida for its mean-spirited, backward Republican policies.

    Finally, we slam conservative Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito for working with extreme right-wing activists, while posing as an impartial judge. It appears that Alito told an anti-abortion activist the outcome of a “religious liberty” decision several weeks in advance. This is an ethical lapse so severe, that Alito should resign.

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    Ep. 22 - The Red Wave was a Red Ripple: Democrats Keep the Senate

    Ep. 22 - The Red Wave was a Red Ripple: Democrats Keep the Senate

    The Red Wave turned into a Red Ripple, with Democrats holding the Senate and the House still in play. We begin our post-election coverage with 10 key lessons learned in the midterms.

    One bright spot for Republicans is a 20-point victory for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. Wayne explains why DeSantis is highly overrated and will turn out to a bust. DeSantis victory, and bigoted right-wing policies, is leading activists to consider an “anything but Florida” campaign. Wayne interviews human rights activist Stampp Corbin who is urging tourists and conventions to shun the Sunshine State.

    Wayne interviews a conservative who says that Republicans could have performed better if they had paid more attention to helping American workers, rather than focusing on a culture war with the woke.

    Finally, Wayne discusses the fact that even in defeat, America is stuck with millions of brainwashed Trump supporters. They need to enter right wing rehab to deprogram, but Republican leaders don’t have the integrity or courage to tell these Q-Anon-loving zealots the truth.

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    Ep. 21 - Election Special: Democracy on The Line

    Ep. 21 - Election Special: Democracy on The Line

    This week’s election is one of the most important in American history. Republicans are running more than 300 election deniers who traffic in the Big Lie. Our show begins with Wayne offering the Top 10 reasons why people should vote for Democrats. 

    Next, we talk about how it’s time for the NBA to put the kybosh on Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving, who was suspended for promoting an antisemitic movie. We compare the abominable behavior of Kyrie Irving with former NBA legend Dwayne Wade, who defended Zaya, his transgender daughter, against his transphobic ex-wife.

    Wayne talks about Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter, which he is turning into an unseemly moral sewer where Nazis go to network and bigots like to bloviate. Then, Wayne interviews Matt Gertz, Senior fellow at Media Matters, who talks about the proliferation of right-wing conspiracy theories and how they are impacting America. 

    In the next segment, Wayne talks about Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ latest attack on the LGBTQ community. Wayne then interviews Heidi Beirich of the Global Project Against Hate and Extremism about intolerance in midterm election campaigns.

    Wayne ends the show with a discussion on how misogyny is alive and well at FOX News. The network aired a segment where host Greg Gutfeld condescendingly told Jessica Tarlov that she was “too emotional”.

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    Ep. 20 - Poison Politics Cause Pelosi Attack

    Ep. 20 - Poison Politics Cause Pelosi Attack

    On The Wayne Besen Show, we talk about the man who broke into Nancy Pelosi’s house in San Francisco and attacked her husband Paul Pelosi. We also talk about the abortion mill known as Herschel Walker. It seems like he’s facilitated more abortions than touchdowns. 

    Pennsylvania Republican Senate Dr. Oz makes a historic campaign gaffe, saying that state lawmakers should be included in reproductive discussions between women and their doctors. Wayne opines that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is overrated and doesn’t have the charisma to become President.

    Idaho lawmakers might consider an Orwellian bill to ban public drag shows. While the rest of Americans are laughing at drag shows, these creepy conservatives are lusting. We interview fierce Washington, DC advocate John Aravosis. He’s the founder of America blog and he appears daily on TikTok to offer updates on the war in Ukraine. 

    Finally, Wayne talks about how MAGA rallies are group therapy for angry people in pain. They are striking out at scapegoats and irrationally trying to tear down the country.

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    Ep. 19 - Reckless Americans on The Verge of Voting to End America

    Ep. 19 - Reckless Americans on The Verge of Voting to End America

    A new poll shows that voters are leaning Republican as the midterms rapidly approach. Despite offering no tangible economic plans, voters seem willing to hand over our country to election-denying “Big Lie” conspiracy peddlers. On Wayne Besen’s War of the Words, we discuss how such recklessness places democracy at grave risk and could lead to the end of America as we know it. We interview Sean Strub, the mayor of Milford, PA and the author of the riveting book, “Body Counts: a Memoir of Politics, Sex, AIDS and Survival”.

    Wayne discusses Mike Pence and Evangelical hypocrisy. We take “Two-Faced Tulsi” Gabbard to task for sucking up to Vladimir Putin and embracing right wing extremism. The show then busts the myth of Republicans being better at fighting crime, while exposing FOX New’s whitewashing of anti-Semitism.

    Finally, we delve into the GOP’s latest bizarre conspiracy: Michigan schools are supposedly setting up litter boxes to accommodate “furries”, which are said to be invading classrooms. Is there anything these gullible conservative fools won’t believe?

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    Ep. 18 - Nancy Pelosi’s Trip to Taiwan Upholds Freedom and Democracy

    Ep. 18 - Nancy Pelosi’s Trip to Taiwan Upholds Freedom and Democracy

    On today's show, I argue that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made the right move in visiting Taiwan. At a time of rising authoritarianism across the globe, including America, she made a strong stand in support of freedom and democracy. Then I interview Nancy Thompson, founder of the organization Mothers Against Greg Abbott. She discusses her campaign to defeat the extremist Texas governor, who she says is harming Texas families.
    Next, we pay homage to my friend Jerry Stephenson, who passed away this week. He was the father of the Ex-Gay’s Survivors movement and dedicated his life to fighting conversion therapy and exposing religious hypocrites. To discuss the topic of conversion therapy, I have a conversation with Matt Ashcroft, a survivor of the Ex-Gay Group Journey in the Manhood.

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