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Each person is an idea away from the trajectory of their lives changing forever. Press play to hear that idea. #WeGotUs

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Each person is an idea away from the trajectory of their lives changing forever. Press play to hear that idea. #WeGotUs

    Episode 26 ft. Eric Inasi & Tagwa Moyo

    Episode 26 ft. Eric Inasi & Tagwa Moyo

    In a point of history where everyone who has access to a smartphone can technically consider themselves a photographer, Eric Inasi and Tagwa Moyo are two Canadian creatives who continue to redefine the standard within digital photography. Two of their biggest contributions to the Culture (to date!) are Shutter Hoops Media Group, documenting High School Basketball within British Columbia, and Darby Magazine, documenting soccer within North America.   

    Eric and Tagwa join Gabe to discuss their respective relationships with their camera, navigating feedback to continually get better at their craft, what it means to “create art, not content,” and everything in between.   

    This episode is sponsored by tethr, the world's first peer-to-peer support community connecting men for open and honest conversations about life. Tethr is available to download for free on the IOS and Android app stores.  Please enjoy!  

    Guest bios: 

    Eric Inasi was born and raised in the city of Vancouver, BC. His photography is shaped by the beautiful scenery and sports he has immersed himself with throughout the years. Capturing unique moments while creating memorable experiences is what Eric hopes to accomplish through his imagery. Eric can be found on Instagram @EricInasi, and his website: https://ericinasi.ca​.   

    Tagwa Moyo is a visual storyteller based out of Vancouver and Toronto. After being gifted his first camera in high school he slowly became more and more drawn to learning how to tell stories visually through his camera. Photography is a vehicle for Tagwa to combine his love for storytelling and sports. Tagwa aims to make sense of the chaos, to seek out that moment of peace on the field or that small burst of excitement that can resonate with anyone. You can find him on Instagram @Shuttersworth, and his website: https://www.shuttersworth.com/​.

    Timecodes: ⁣ 

    0:00​​-Grand Opening 

    06:08​-The Consequences of Caring 

    14:13​--Advice to Up-and-Coming Photographers 

    20:33​-The Art of Photography 

    33:52​-Sponsored by Tethr 


    39:28​-Conversations with Immigrant Parents as Creators 

    43:55​-Back to the Roots 

    47:30​-Finding Inspiration  

    54:29​-Grand Closing

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    Episode 25 ft. Wendy Lim

    Episode 25 ft. Wendy Lim

    To celebrate the Silver Anniversary of the #WeGotUs
    Podcast, I invited Wendy Lim on the show to interview me. Wendy and I had an energizing conversation surrounding the theme of leadership through the lens of love, shared some heartwarming stories of unsuspecting kindness, as well as unpacked what drives my mission to help society become a better (and safer) place. I hope that you enjoy this episode. ⁣ ⁣ ⁣

    ⁣Guest bio: Wendy Lim recently retired from her role as Assistant Superintendent of the Richmond School District. Throughout her 37 years of service to the school board, Wendy was a classroom teacher, a district administrator and a vice principal. Her legacy lies in her development of student leaders through mentorship, community engagement, and environmental stewardship.⁣ ⁣ ⁣

    ⁣Connect⁣: ⁣

    Instagram: @GaberInc & @Wendy.Lim88⁣ 

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    Website: GaberInc.com. ⁣⁣


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    Episode 24 ft. Jennifer Dowdeswell

    Episode 24 ft. Jennifer Dowdeswell

    On Episode 24 (#MambaForever) of the #WeGotUs Podcast, Gabe welcomes his life coach, Jennifer Dowdeswell to the show. The pair unpack their last four years of working together, as well as reflect upon some of the seminal moments that have led to the summation of one of the most compelling humans Gabe has ever met.   

    Jennifer Dowdeswell (@JenniferBlyTheD) is a Certified Professional Life Coach currently based at the University of British Columbia (UBC). Her coaching approach is rooted in behavior change. She works with clients to help change their relationship with their thoughts through shifting their perspectives of themselves and the environment around them, to help them reach their goals.   

    When Jennifer was 11-years-old, she was ranked second in Canada for Table Tennis. Later on in her athletic career, she co-captained UBC's Varsity Field Hockey team for three years (with two national championships). She also represented Canada on both the Junior and Senior National Women’s Field Hockey Team from 1994 – 2000.  

    You can learn more about working with Jennifer here: https://www.jendowdeswell.com/.  This episode is sponsored by tethr, the world's first peer-to-peer support community connecting men for open and honest conversations about life. Tethr is available to download for free on the IOS and Android app stores.   

    Please enjoy this episode!   

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    Timecodes:  ⁣

    0:00-Grand Opening ⁣

    2:30-Approaching Competition with Joy 7:17-Recognizing New Baselines ⁣

    12:00-On the Beginning  ⁣

    15:00-Experience with Team Canada ⁣

    17:01-Sponsored by tethr ⁣

    17:40-Experience with Team Canada contd.  18:40-Coaching for the First Time ⁣

    24:10-Developing a Coaching Style  28:10-Episode 24 ⁣

    31:15-Jennifer asks a Question ⁣

    34:10-#TeenTipTuesday ⁣

    37:10-Grand Closing

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    Episode 23 ft. Bradley Braich

    Episode 23 ft. Bradley Braich

    Bradley Braich was one of the top basketball players in British Columbia of his senior year of high school at Yale Secondary School (2017-18). During that season, Bradley broke his school's single-game scoring record with 66 points - a record previously held by his brother, Riley. Bradley navigated mental illness - obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety and depression - all throughout high school, and since graduating has made it his mission to leave a legacy that is "bigger than basketball." ⁣

    I am grateful for Bradley's articulacy, courage and openness in one of the most mutually-vulnerable  conversations I have ever been a part of. This is Bradley Braich's story, and he's just getting started. ⁣

    Please enjoy this episode! 🤞🧘‍♂️⁣

    Helpful Mental Health Resources⁣

    📞: 604-204-1111 (Vancouver Coastal Health Line) ⁣

    📞: 18334564566 (Canada-wide)⁣

    📞: 1-800-273-8255 (United States) ⁣


    Instagram: @GaberInc & @BradleyBraich⁣

    YouTube Channel: http://bit.ly/SubscribeGaberInc⁣

    Website: GaberInc.com. ⁣

    ⁣Timecodes: ⁣

    0:00-Grand Opening⁣

    3:55-66-Point Game⁣

    7:44-Coping with OCD⁣

    11:55-Love & Basketball⁣

    19:07-Call to Action ⁣

    24:19-Sponsored by: tethr ⁣

    26:28-Diversify Your Identity ⁣


    34:02- #TeenTipTuesday⁣

    37:27-Grand Closing


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    Episode 22 ft. Amy Rhoades

    Episode 22 ft. Amy Rhoades

    On August 14, 2018 I (@GaberInc) attended my first-ever Pure Barre Vancouver (@PureBarreVancouver) group fitness class. Since then, I have completed over 300 Barre classes(!). Amy Rhoades (@AmyRhoadesHealth) was my teacher that night. This conversation is a tribute to the lady who fostered the love for my favourite way to sweat (excluding basketball). ⁣

    @AmyRhoadesHealth is an internationally-recognized Personal Trainer and Master Barre Instructor based in New Zealand, where she is an Under Armour brand ambassador. Amy has spent the better part of the last ten years living and travelling overseas pursuing a career in the performing arts, while also accruing her fitness credentials. ⁣

    Please see below for an outline of what Amy and I discussed - I hope you enjoy this conversation! ⁣⁣


    - Grand Opening⁣

    1:32- Pure Barre Vancouver⁣

    4:28- Other Vancouver Memories⁣

    6:53- Building an Instagram Following⁣

    10:58- Navigating Negativity Online⁣

    17:16- Living in a COVID-Free Country⁣

    23:35- Amy's Lockdown Routine ⁣

    29:53- Self-Care Starts with Self⁣

    33:16- "If it's not a 'hell yes,' then it's a 'no.'" ⁣

    34:40- #TeenTipTuesday⁣

    38:50- Grand Closing⁣


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    Episode 21 ft. Andrew Ntzouras

    Episode 21 ft. Andrew Ntzouras

    In 2018, Kobe Bryant visited Andrew Ntzouras' (@_Ntzy_) Gr. 4 Classroom as Bryant had caught wind that Andrew designed a curriculum surrounding 'the Punies' - a podcast produced by Bryant and his team at Granity Studios (@Granity).⁣

    ⁣With the first-ever anniversary of Bryant's passing around the corner, Andrew joins Gabe (@GaberInc) to discuss the memories of that day, the importance of retaining the #MambaMentality, as well as various strategies that he has found helpful in empowering young people through his career in education thus far. ⁣

    ⁣Andrew Ntzouras has served as a public-school teacher and a thought-leader in the field of education. He began his career in teaching after earning his BA in History and Political Science and Multiple-Subject Teaching Credential from Vanguard University of Southern California, Andrew earned his M. Ed. with a focus on curriculum design, assessment, and instruction. Currently, Andrew works for the Orange County Department of Education creating content to support Social-Emotional Learning and Inclusive Academic Instruction. Andrew also serves as an adjunct professor at Vanguard University, where his portfolio includes teaching a course based on a book he co-authored with two others teachers, 'the Show Matters.' ⁣

    ⁣Both Andrew and Gabe share Kobe's mission statement that "the most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do.”⁣

    ⁣I hope that you enjoy this episode!⁣

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    ⁣#WeGotUs ⁣#MambaForever

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