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Each person is an idea away from the trajectory of their lives changing forever. Press play to hear that idea. #WeGotUs

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Each person is an idea away from the trajectory of their lives changing forever. Press play to hear that idea. #WeGotUs

    Episode 32 ft. Coco Sauvé

    Episode 32 ft. Coco Sauvé

    Gabe sits down with Coco Sauvé to discuss her ambitions, challenges & triumphs as a woman who works in Professional Sports. ⁣

    Coco is the Manager of Sales & Service of the Vancouver Bandits. The Bandits are one of 10 teams that compete in the Canadian Elite Basketball League (CEBL). The league began with six inaugural teams in four provinces and has since expanded to 10 teams in six provinces, making it the largest pro sports league in Canada with further expansion planned. ⁣

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    0:00- Opening Monologue⁣

    1:37- Conversation Begins⁣

    7:38- Women in Sports⁣

    20:45- Applicable Advocacy ⁣

    24:36- Navigating Coaching Girls Basketball⁣

    33:36- Vancouver Bandits Season Opener⁣

    38:20- Kevin Durant's Impact on Coco⁣

    Single-Game Tickets for the Vancouver Bandits: https://bit.ly/VancouverBandits.⁣

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    Episode 31 ft. Clayton "Canuck Clay" Imoo

    Episode 31 ft. Clayton "Canuck Clay" Imoo

    Guest: Clayton Imoo is an award-winning Vancouver Canuck YouTuber and Season Ticket Holder for over a decade. Professionally, he is the Associate Director of the Catholic Archdiocese of Vancouver. He is a man who prides himself on his fandom, his family and his faith. ⁣

    This episode discusses the intersection of Mental Health and Sports Fandom. Being a fan of a pro sports team brings a lot of externalities. Arguably there are few bigger benefits of being a fan than the people you meet who are just as passionate as you about being a fan - Clayton is certainly one of those people. ⁣

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    Connect with Clay on his Socials: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/claytonimoo/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/CanuckClay YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/@CanuckClay⁣

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    ⁣0:00- Opening Monologue ⁣

    6:18- Keeping Fandom in Perspective 17:49- Life Transitions as Men ⁣

    26:10- The Science of Happiness ⁣

    32:24- Conversational Conclusions ⁣


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    Episode 30 ft. Orrett Morgan

    Episode 30 ft. Orrett Morgan

    Orrett Morgan is a Program Head of the Technology Support Professional Support Program at British Columbia's Institute of Technology (BCIT). Orrett and I know each other offline as his teenage sons participate in the community basketball league that I have the responsibility of overseeing in Richmond, British Columbia. ⁣

    Something that both Orrett and I feel very passionately about is creating brave and safe spaces - both emotionally and physically. In this episode, Orrett breaks down the four pillars that he outlines to each of his cohorts in order to engender a brave safe for his students to thrive. I typically derive a copious amount of value from Orrett and I’s offline conversations, and I certainly hope that those who listen to this can leave with a tangible technique, or two, in making the community around them a braver, and safer, space. Please enjoy this episode!⁣⁣

    Jump to a Topic (Timestamps): ⁣⁣

    0:00-Opening Monologue⁣

    1:00 - Conversation Begins/Orrett’s BCIT Work⁣

    6:35 - Engendering a Brave & Safe Space⁣

    10:48 - The Brave Space Rules ⁣

    17:55 - Modelling Benevolent Behaviour⁣

    23:40 - Policing the Brave/Safe Space⁣

    29:10 - The Art of Feedback⁣

    33:10 - Conversational Conclusions⁣


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    Episode 29 ft. Victor (Vic) Raso

    Episode 29 ft. Victor (Vic) Raso

    Victor Raso, General Manager & Head Coach of the Niagara River Lions, is built for this life. From growing up under Joe Raso, one of the most revered Canadian Coaches of his generation, to playing under Dave Smart, the mastermind of the dynastic Carleton Ravens Men's Basketball Program. Victor brings the intersection of that breadth of basketball expertise surrounding leadership & teams to each aspect of his professional life (he is also a Project Specialist at Meridian Credit Union). ⁣

    This is one of the most insightful & wide-ranging conversations I've had surrounding basketball with just about anyone in a very long time. Please enjoy!⁣

    Follow Gabe on Instagram: @GaberInc ⁣

    Follow Victor on Social: @CoachVic_NRL ⁣

    Support the Niagara River Lions: Riverlions.com. ⁣

    Jump to a Topic (Timestamps): ⁣⁣

    0:00- Opening Monologue ⁣

    1:00- Conversation Begins/The Inner Game of Shooting⁣

    9:40- Victor's Day-to-Day Professional Responsibilities⁣

    17:20- The Culture at Carleton Men's Basketball⁣

    24:30- Finding Peace Within Imperfection⁣

    28:44- Creating a Unique Culture With the Niagara River Lions⁣

    34:50- "If I Talk to People Like This, They're Going to Hate Me."⁣

    41:30- A Life-Changing Conversation with Dave Smart⁣

    46:55- "Good Shift." -Phil Scrubb⁣

    48:55- Conclusions on Coaching & Leadership⁣


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    Episode 28 ft. Mike Sielski

    Episode 28 ft. Mike Sielski

    Kobe Bryant experts, Gabe Lee & Andrew Ntzouras, are joined by Mike Sielski of the Philadelphia Inquirer to discuss his book: 'The Rise: Kobe Bryant & the Pursuit of Immortality.'  ⁣

    Timestamps: ⁣ ⁣

    0:00-Grand Opening ⁣

    2:53- ‘The Rise’ ⁣

    8:03- Unpacking Kobe’s Ambition ⁣

    13:49- The Social Cost of the #MambaMentality ⁣

    19:53- Done Rather Than Good ⁣

    24:59- Kobe’s Effect on Generation X

    • 30 min
    Episode 27 ft. Kyle Moore

    Episode 27 ft. Kyle Moore

    Please enjoy this episode with Kyle Moore (@Moorzyyy), the host of the ‘Life’s a Wreck’ (@LifesAWreckPodcast) Podcast, one of the most relatable Mental Health Podcasts in Canada. Kyle and Gabe peel back the proverbial curtain on what it’s like to be contemporary male Mental Health Advocates, who also aim to maintain a standard of excellence despite their respective challenges navigating Mental illness.⁣

    ⁣Kyle’s Podcast recently reached 10,000 listens on Apple Podcasts in May of 2021. And as a part of Mental Health Week 2021, Kyle was featured as a keynote speaker by the Canadian Mental Health Association. He is a graduate of Ryerson University’s Sports Media program, where in his fourth year of studies, he landed his dream internship with ‘Uninterrupted’. ⁣

    ⁣This episode is sponsored by tethr, the world's first peer-to-peer support community connecting men for open and honest conversations about life. Tethr is available to download for free on the IOS and Android app stores. ⁣

    ⁣Timecodes (Click on a time to view the topic): ⁣⁣

    0:00-Grand Opening⁣

    5:05-Life’s a Wreck⁣

    14:04-High-Functioning Anxiety ⁣

    19:20-Reflecting on Ryerson ⁣

    26:10-Be Open to Listening ⁣

    29:09-tethr ⁣

    29:48-Conversation Resumes⁣

    36:19-Hot Tub Time Machine⁣

    43:30-Rapid Fire⁣

    48:00-Hope vs. Reality⁣

    52:32-Grand Closing


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