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Your #1 source for the top news from the bottom of the barrel, all delivered with the kind of crackling wit that consumers DEMAND!

The Whiparound The Whiparound

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Your #1 source for the top news from the bottom of the barrel, all delivered with the kind of crackling wit that consumers DEMAND!

    “Monkey see, monkey douche”

    “Monkey see, monkey douche”

    The weird boys of news (or maybe the news boys of weird??) are back at it, delivering piping hot and absolutely bizarre-but-true real-world strangeness to your ear-holes! This week, Shaun’s Cabinet of the Macabre takes us back New York in 1849 to witness a DEADLY riot…over theater!? And, later, Phil unveils some recent research into just HOW large-scale clothing logos translates into douchery! With SCIENCE!

    Keep those logos small and your Hamlet’s American if ya know what’s good for ya. So sayeth THE WHIPAROUND!

    • 50 min
    The Hands of the Cat Anuses

    The Hands of the Cat Anuses

    Ride along with the oddest boys in town as they cover this week’s latest news of the bizarre kind, play a wild new game, and lift you above the horrors of the mainstream, y’all! Between cat anus science and a KILLER top-ten list all about death ,‘Murica style, how could you POSSIBLY resist? So don’t BOTHER, just tune in at once!

    Here he comes, here comes THE WHIPAROUND!

    • 55 min


    Ohmygod, we’re back agaaaaain! To bring YOU the weird news other stations are too scared to talk about, baby! Off we go…

    In Shaun’s Cabinet of the Macabre this week, the captain of cringe brings us a modern day tale of parenting gone right…maybe? AND it’s SPORTSY! Wowee! What happens when a bowling champ finds himself with one bowling ball hole too many and a surplus of dad’s ashes? Oh, it’s worth hearing, folks! It’s delightfully dark and surprisingly inspiring in the Macabrenet this week!

    And in SCIENCE!, Phil has news of a staggeringly powerful cluster of black holes out there in the void, but! There’s just one problem: no one seems to know what to CALL this greedy clump of universal avarice. Maybe the CITIZENS can help??

    And, as EVER, we’ve also got a haul of trainwreck headlines, PERHAPS a new Covidiot of the Week (!?), a BRAND NEW game, and a rapid crash through some of the latest weird news bits and pieces from around the (regulation sized!) globe in Three for the Road!

    Bing-bang-boom, it’s THE WHIPAROUND!

    • 46 min
    “Chicxulub is Waiting!”

    “Chicxulub is Waiting!”

    Ah, the good times, they are here again! The Whiparound returns in full force this week, juuuust a little bit late to celebrate 4/20 with y’all, but that’s rather on brand, too! Let’s get to the bizarre nitty-gritty, shall we??

    In Shaun’s Cabinet of the Macabre, Sir Hayes makes good on BOTH his running promises these past few weeks! He’s got fire, alright. AND death and destruction and LOTS of dreadful, wonderful things! Visit the end of almost all life on Earth as our Master of Macabre Ceremonies graphically praises a recent Wired article all about earth’s brush with total lifelessness!

    And what could be better to chill everyone out after an exciting bout of mass extinction than PHIL talking to us about the wonders of psilocybin! Yep, in a timely edition of SCIENCE!, the good doct…no. DOCTOR PHIL-GOOD discusses recent research into immediate and short-term benefits of dancing with the faeries via magic mushrooms! Oh, BABY!

    All this PLUS fresh trainwreck headlines, (alas) a new Covidiot of the Week, a BRAND NEW game, and everyone’s favorite rapid-fire weird-news round, Three for the Road!

    Awww, we missed you, too, Citizens, now come give a hug to your old pal THE WHIPAROUND!

    • 59 min
    Classic Redux - Ep132 - The Attack of the Flatulent Australian Cows!

    Classic Redux - Ep132 - The Attack of the Flatulent Australian Cows!

    Aloha, Citizens! We’re happily re-airing one of our funniest, rootin’est, tootin’est, silliest collections of weird news EVER. Veteran Citizens will surely recall our (badly accented) cries of “Kevin!?” and the absolute blizzard of laser-comb-adjacent cow farts. And the rest of ya?? You’re in for…well, we won’t say a TREAT, but a wild ride, yeah? We’ll be back next week with a full-blown, barn-burner of a new Whippy, but do enjoy this (smelly?) blast from the past until then.
    Here! We! Go!

    • 57 min
    “Fingertips, Baby!”

    “Fingertips, Baby!”

    Behold the power of science (and friendship!): Shaun’s life and schedule have left him with a major shortage of time and Phil steps in to take the wheel! Fortunately one subject managed to hit BOTH sweet-spots for the good…nay…GREAT doctor! That’s right, Phil managed to find something making (weird) news both in the science AND the oozing, gruesomely beautiful world of the macabre. Synergy between crime scenes and... NFT's?!

    And heck YEAH we’ve got a brand new game, AND (maaaaybe!) a brand new Covidiot of the Week, rapid-fire weird-news goodness in Three for the Road, and oodles of banter, too! What a steal! What a LEAGUE! Hey, that obscure movie reference was brought to you FOR FREE, courtesy of…THE WHIPAROUND! Stop reading and start listening before this show becomes an NFT!

    • 56 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
30 Ratings

30 Ratings

lcski23 ,


I am a loyal weekly listener of The Whiparound. The structure is super creative, with each host having his/her own rotating personal segment, followed by a weird news story presented by each, and a lightning round of short clips. It’s witty and weird and downright hilarious. Give it a listen!

Dealware Guy ,

All In

I am all in on this Podcast. I check it out every single week. All the hosts add something special to the show. I find myself bringing up information I hear on this show with my friends all the time. Give it a listen!

Azazel1000 ,

Kate Burners

LOVE this show! Funny and informative. With news being too depressing these days, it’s awesome to take in some info while laughing. Keep up the good work! #synergy

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