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Motherhood is life-changing, joyful, and often messy - literally! Join Jenna Gibbons, straight from her barn, as she shares powerful ways to embrace the mess and thrive in motherhood and learning at home. This podcast will empower, educate, and provide the tools to succeed in motherhood and raise compassionate and confident lifelong learners. If you are ready to join a community of mothers ready for change, throw something comfy on, grab a mug of your favorite drink, and start listening!

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Motherhood is life-changing, joyful, and often messy - literally! Join Jenna Gibbons, straight from her barn, as she shares powerful ways to embrace the mess and thrive in motherhood and learning at home. This podcast will empower, educate, and provide the tools to succeed in motherhood and raise compassionate and confident lifelong learners. If you are ready to join a community of mothers ready for change, throw something comfy on, grab a mug of your favorite drink, and start listening!

    Episode #21: You'll Never Regret Spending Time with Your Kids

    Episode #21: You'll Never Regret Spending Time with Your Kids

    “Reading aloud with our kids is indeed the best use of our time and energy as parents.  It’s more important than just about anything else we can do.” 
    -Sarah Mackenzie

    As I have started this homeschooling journey, I have tried to educate and read several books that were recommended to me. 
    Two of those were Teaching from Rest and The Read Aloud Family.
    Wow.  If you need some inspiration and motivation as a homeschooling mom or just as a mama in general, I highly suggest these!
    So, it’s important as mamas that we recognize this reality…and how to maximize quality time with our kids.
    How can we do that?
    1.     REFLECT
    2.     CREATE
    3.     PLAN
    "No one will ever say, no matter how good a parent he or she was, “I think I spent too much time with my children when they were young.”
    -Alice Ozma, The Reading Promise 
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    Episode #20: Our Homeschool Journey Part 1

    Episode #20: Our Homeschool Journey Part 1

    I share our journey to this decision, how God guided us in this direction, why we as mamas/parents need to be involved in our children’s education, why we need to listen to what He tells us, and why we need to do what’s best for OUR family.
    Every situation is different.  This is our story, and I hope it inspires you, motivates you, and encourages you to make the best decisions for your family without the anxiety, guilt or shame. 
    We have just started this journey…and I will tell you…we have had great days…and we have had frustrating days.  Mostly due to the fact that we are adjusting things with our two-year old in mind, but it has already gotten easier!  
    I hope this episode (and the continued discussion that will follow) will inform you, inspire you, and encourage you.  I hope it will answer questions you might have about learning at home.  I hope it will remind you that even if you don’t homeschool, God brought these children to YOU.  You are their greatest teacher…and you don’t need a teaching certificate for that.  You are their guide.  You are their inspiration.  You will always be…their mama.    
    Thank you for your patience as I had to put my podcast on a little bit of a hold!  We are back and ready as we celebrate the launch of The Whole Mama podcast one year ago!  
    It is has truly been a year of exciting things for me as a new entrepreneur and podcaster.  
    To celebrate such a wonderful year at The Whole Mama, we are wrapping up this month with these exciting things that end on October 31 - click the links below to get yours NOW:
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    Episode #19: 10 Fun Ways to Teach Math in the Kitchen

    Episode #19: 10 Fun Ways to Teach Math in the Kitchen

    “Being actively involved in an experience, reflecting on the experience, conceptualizing the experience, and using what you have learned to make decisions and problem solve in order to apply new ideas gained from the experience.” - David Kolb
    Cooking with our kids does a number of things for them.  It helps them establish math concepts, practice language skills, follow directions, recognize science reactions, problem-solve, and get creative.
    Today, we are going to chat briefly about how we can incorporate math skills quickly and easily into our cooking. 
    Book Recommendations:  Math Chef, Kitchen Math, Kids in the Kitchen 

    10 Ways to Teach Math:
    1.     Colors  
    2.     Shapes 
    3.     Sizes  
    4.     Important Vocabulary 
    5.     Weight and Measurement 
    6.     Early Counting  
    7.     Time 
    8.     Fractions  and Doubling/Halving Recipes 
    9.     Adding/Subtracting  
    10.  Math Journal + Conversion Charts

    Be a guest on my podcast!!  Email me at jenna@iamthewholemama.com

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    Mama Mastermind (Case Study Option):  Email me at jenna@iamthewholemama.com
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    Episode #18: Gather at the Table

    Episode #18: Gather at the Table

    "In a recent study, 84% of parents agreed that family meals were important, but only 50% of family dinners were eaten together."  
    Who gathers at your table?  How often?  Is it sacred time or time served distracted and disengaged?
    Today, we are talking all about the importance of gathering at the table with your family to share yummy food and connect and reflect together.
    It’s a time when all technology is off and out of arms reach (we DO play quiet music in the background), and every member of the family has a chance to share about his/her day.  
    The table is a very intentional space that serves a far greater purpose than just eating a specific meal.  
    This is especially the case right now as many are distanced by space, masks, differences, and more.  Gathering at the kitchen table might be exactly what we all need more of. 
    During my research for this episode, blog after blog mentioned the same idea…that gathering around the table is sacred and powerful.  
    “The table might not be new, but it’s as necessary today as it was in Jesus’ day and Israel’s history. We need space to regain perspective and reorient our focus back toward others and the things that matter most. So dust off your dining room furniture, pull up a few extra chairs, and make a simple meal. You might just find the life-giving grace of Jesus flowing from that space as you pass the bread and raise your cup.”
    The thing is…if we don’t capture our family in moments such as these…they will be pulled further and further away by social media, cell phones, differences of opinions, friends, etc.  Sitting together at the table for all or most meals during the week will provide an intentional set time to make powerful connections with your children and spouse.  It is truly a fundamental piece to establishing healthy, open, and positive relationships with your kids.  We are also teaching them how to be effective communicators and how to socialize in a dinner setting.
    What Are Some Family Questions??
    1.    Tell us the best part of your day.  Tell us the worst part of your day.
    2.    What great book did you read or have read to you?
    3.    How did you help today?
    4.    How did you show God’s love?
    5.    This or That questions
    6.    What’s one thing that helped you grow or become better?
    7.    What’s something funny that happened?
    8.    What’s one thing you are grateful for today?

    Gathering at the table with your kids will check so many boxes:
    -build relationships
    -teach communication skills
    -make connections
    -offer advice/guidance

    This month, it’s all about getting in the kitchen with your kids and gathering at the table with them is a highly impactful way to teach them how to cook and how to enjoy a meal with others.
    How will you gather around your table this week?




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    Episode #18: 5 Healthy Lunch Ideas for Back to School

    Episode #18: 5 Healthy Lunch Ideas for Back to School

    "About 19 percent of children and adolescents in the U.S. are obese — a record high, according to the latest data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey."
    How can we change this?  It can start right in your kitchen!
    This month is all about ways to incorporate cooking, healthy snacking, and gathering at the table together.  Whatever your family dynamic is - make it a priority this month to sit at the table together more often.  Make it a priority to make a new recipe together…even if it’s chaotic and messy because it really isn’t the end product, but rather the experiences they are having with YOU.
    Mark Your Calendars:  "National Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day is on September 13th. 
    We will be chatting all month about fun ways to cook with your kids, fun and healthy recipes to make at home, ways to incorporate learning in the kitchen, and the importance of gathering at the table together. 
    If possible (and time allows), let your kids help with packing their lunches.   This teaches them responsibility and different ways to make healthy eating choices.  
    Make the presentation colorful and fun!  Check out kid-safe skewers on Amazon.
    Use unique containers like bento boxes and special containers for dips like hummus and peanut butter.
    To carry on the tradition from my childhood, I write a quick note or draw a quick picture to let my kids know that we love them and are thinking about them while at school.  If you homeschool – you can still write a cute note!

    5 Healthy Lunch Ideas:
    1. Naan cheese pizza (make ahead – put small amount of sauce and cheese and bake) + sliced peppers/carrots + fruit salad
    2.  Mini ants on a log + pretzels (regular or gluten-free) + cheese and meat skewers + watermelon cubes
    3.  Burger skewers with meat/cheese/lettuce + melon cubes + gluten-free pretzels/veggie straws
    4.  Ham and cheese roll-ups + applesauce + veggie straws
    5.  Peanut butter mini pancakes + berry mix/jam + hardboiled eggs
    Some days it’s a lunchable….I mean…let’s be honest….we’re doing our best!
    https://www.yourhomebasedmom.com/peanut-butter-pancakes/ (we make these all the time)

    Links to Skewers and Bento Boxes (I am an Amazon Affiliate):
    Bento Boxes:  https://amzn.to/3zLUAyc
    Lunch Skewers for Kids:  https://amzn.to/3jH4c87

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    Join the Whole Mama Mastermind:

    Be a guest on my podcast!!  Email me at jenna@iamthewholemama.com to request a spot or to offer topic suggestions for the podcast. 
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    Episode #17: Starting School Positive and Proud

    Episode #17: Starting School Positive and Proud

    As we start another school year with uncertainty, anxiousness, and a heavy amount of anxiety, let’s remember our role as mamas (parents) and what we can do for our kids at this moment in time.
    Let us offer our child solid ground, familiarity, and support while showing up  for them every single day.
    Our support should be meaningful and intentional.  We should look at them and say:

     “No, [their name], I am REALLY proud of you for ________.  I am proud of you every single day, and I love you.”
    You just assume they know it.  You need to tell them - and tell them often.
    This is not to make them arrogant or full of themselves.  This is to remind them that they are loved, have immense value in this world, and that they are here on purpose.
    When I had first started teaching English as a Second Language several years ago, one of my supervisors/mentors shared this with me, and I’ve carried it on when created The Whole Mama and especially when thinking about the whole child.  
    She said, instead of just teaching skill by skill, start thinking and teaching from the end result and go backwards.  
    In other words, imagine what you want your students to know at the end of this lesson (or even the end of the year) and refocus that understanding through everything you do with them.  Wow.
    This is the same with being a parent.  We have to think about where we want our kids to be in terms of academics, character, faith, and overall as a whole person.
    So, if we want them to have a full cup and feel confident and content in their skills, we need to start filling that cup for them so that even if it gets tipped over a little sometimes by other kids  or adults with constructive criticism or even mean comments, they are so solid in their foundation that it doesn’t matter!
    Not only that, we also just want to start of this year on as much of a positive note as possible.  With all of the chaos and craziness swirling around them at all times, we can offer one, consistent, and powerful thing to them…every damn day.  
    They need to know that we are proud of them, we keep going and working hard no matter what, and at the end of the day, they should go to bed feeling proud of the work and effort that they put into that day.
    Can I get an amen?!?!

    Let's start this year with a bang!

    We are ONE week away:

    We are navigating unchartered waters here as mamas.
    So much to worry about for our children as we head back to school. Don't do it alone!
    Tutoring alone costs up to $2400 a year...join me for 3 months as the school year starts and get the SAME support AND all of this:
    -Weekly Group Coffee and Coaching Calls (short and sweet)
    -Monthly Happy Hour
    -Monthly Experts
    -Private Facebook Group
    -Session Workbooks
    -Goodie Bag of Favorite Things for Mama
    -Monthly Challenges (short and sweet)
    -Mama Vault: Cheat Sheets, Templates, Tool Kits + FULL Raising Whole Readers and Writers Courses + Materials
    -Voxer App Support (educational support + daily message and positive affirmations
    BONUS 1: Virtual Kick-Off Party on September 2 with James Whittaker
    BONUS 2: THREE 30-Minute Private Coaching Calls with Jenna
    BONUS 3 (just added!!): In addition to all of the above, I am including "highly-qualified teacher" educational support via Voxer + Zoom for the rest of the school year 

    Join HERE:  http://iamthewholemama.com/index.php/the-whole-mama-mastermind/

    Power Ball Recipe:  Will share soon!
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Grandma Peanut

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My New Favorite Podcast!

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A great way to connect and feel supported by another mom! Thanks, Jenna, for sharing your story!

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