The Wild with Chris Morgan Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
3K Ratings

3K Ratings

grievedghost ,

Best in its Category

This podcast is in my top 2 and definitely the best nature podcast I’ve listened to. Chris is a fantastic hosts, the stories are amazing and inspiring, and production is top notch (writing, recording, natural and musical soundtrack). I found it late in the most recent season but have been thoroughly enjoying binging all of the older episodes. Please keep going!

JesstheMesz ,

Favorite podcast!

Chris Morgan is so knowledgeable I love listening to his adventures. I learn so much!

prinetucey ,

I’m an artist who observes and paints wildlife

It was an older podcast but after listening to Dr Rae Wynn I had an epiphany about my art. I’m so passionate about our world of wildlife and the peril they are in if I can make a difference with my art I would be all in for that! Can I send her some samples and maybe she could tell me where to start showing it where it would make a difference!!

Oceanwall ,

Very inspiring podcast

I love this podcast. Would love to hear an episode on the conservation work being done for American Red Wolves or Mexican Wolves! Check out the Endangered Wolf Center, would be a great place to help with an episode!

Amidoingthisright? ,

So good!

Man this podcast is good. The animals and the human stories are so engaging. Chris is so authentic and he really makes me think. I love the YouTube channel too! It’s fun to see the stuff that I listened to earlier in the day.

satahbee ,


I’m absolutely loving this show. It’s captivating and I feel like I’ve found my people, people who absolutely love nature, from trees to animals. And reflect the importance of the natural world to us individually and the planet holistically.

Andrew bilezikian ,


I have never finished a tv show in my life, yet here I am having listened to all episodes many twice. Amazing work and truly inspiring. Thank you Chris

SSSS_21 ,

Great show

Informative, funny, and entertaining.

Katsumi_Ocelot ,

A treat for the ears with every episode!

Chris and the whole production crew do such an amazing job with every episode! You’ll be taken on a captivating journey around the world to discover about the natural beauty of the earth and all the wonderful creatures that live in it!

Chris is a bear guy at heart and hearing his passion for wildlife is such a serotonin boost! Every episode brings a new expert on everything from adorable foxes and lynxes to rattlesnakes or orangutans to Native Americans restoring rivers to their natural state. It’s an amazing journey and I’m here for every episode of it!

Living vicariously through this podcast while I’m out in the desert, pining for my home in the Pacific Northwest!

what can i say that is not alr ,

Intro music too loud

Intro music is much too loud. Have to turn way down, then you have rewind and have listen again to the same loud volume of the music.