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A Podcast from Sonoma, CA featuring experts Brian Casey, Sam Coturri, Bart Hansen & host John Myers. Taking the stuffiness out of wine every Friday!

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A Podcast from Sonoma, CA featuring experts Brian Casey, Sam Coturri, Bart Hansen & host John Myers. Taking the stuffiness out of wine every Friday!

    The Wine Makers – Bee Hunter Wine, Ali Nemo & Andy DuVigneaud

    The Wine Makers – Bee Hunter Wine, Ali Nemo & Andy DuVigneaud

    This week we virtually visit Anderson Valley and chat with the owners of Bee Hunter Wine. This region is typically known for Pinot Noir and racy whites but there is a lot more going on up there. One of our listeners turned us on to this “dynamic duo” and their funny way of talking up there. If you have never heard of Boontling, we will translate some of their favorite sayings. Super cool humans and talented winemakers. Do you know anyone that was born in a “fairy ring” ?? You will if you listen to the show, check it out…



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    The Wine Makers – UV Light for Grapes?

    The Wine Makers – UV Light for Grapes?

    This week we wish John Myers a Happy Birthday and talk about female wine influencers, UV light for grapes and smoke taint. [EP166]

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    The Wine Makers – Rosalind Reynolds, Emme Wines

    The Wine Makers – Rosalind Reynolds, Emme Wines

    Rosalind Reynolds started her journey into wine at a young age, working on experimental techniques in the lab for Gallo. Her passion for making wine pushed her to “harvest hop” around the world, finally settling in as assistant winemaker to Pax Mahle in Sebastopol. Rosalind then started her own label, Emme Wines, making small batches with unique varietals in a crushpad that can only be described as an incubator for young, talented winemakers. Sam and Brian were literally left speechless when she described some of the projects she was working on. Wine drinkers, meet your future, young winemakers that are more than willing to think outside the box and bring you fresh, interesting wines. She just released her new wines this week, I encourage you to act quickly if you want to try them.




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    The Wine Makers – Jennifer Reichardt, Raft Wines

    The Wine Makers – Jennifer Reichardt, Raft Wines

    This week we sit down with Jen Reichardt, owner-winemaker at Raft Wines. Jennifer was raised in Petaluma, born into a family of duck farmers. In 2016 she started her own wine label, focusing on unique varietals from interesting vineyards, maintaining a price point that was accessible to everyday wine drinkers. Her wines have also given her a platform to raise awareness about voting issues, supporting restaurant workers and obviously delicious duck consumption. In the midst of our current round of fries, we also discuss smoke taint and the issue of climate change. We encourage our listeners to follow Jennifer on Instagram and reach out to your House Representatives via the Capital switchboard to help us pass the Restaurants Act. Tune in, turn on, eat local, drink local… [EP164]

    Capitol Switchboard – 202-224-3121





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    The Wine Makers – Transfer of Power, Jamie & Jill Benziger

    The Wine Makers – Transfer of Power, Jamie & Jill Benziger

    With the sale of the Benziger Family Winery to The Wine Group in 2015, Joe and Mike Benziger have left as well as Tim Wallace. So who stepped up to continue in the family tradition? Jill Benziger took over Consumer, Trade and outreach Liaison and her sister Jamie, named Wine Enthusiast Magazines 40 under 40 tastemakers in 2019, took over as winemaker at Imagery. We sit down with the new generation to see how the transfer of power is going. The commitment to Biodynamic farming and the passion for making great wine is still there. So what’s different ? Give it a listen and find out.





    The Wine Makers is #9 on the list of Top 30 Wine Podcasts of 2020!

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    The Wine Makers – Happy International Grenache Day!

    The Wine Makers – Happy International Grenache Day!

    This week we celebrate one of our favorite holidays by sitting down with the two biggest champions of Grenache. The Haas & the Perrin Family changed the focus of the wine industry in California by introducing Rhone varietals to the New World. Sondra Bernstein from the girl & the fig forced wine lovers to step out of their comfort zones by only offering these wines at her hugely successful restaurant in Sonoma. These were not seen as smart business decisions at the time, but passion and focus sometimes override logic. Thank God, we hope you enjoy the show! [EP162]





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4.9 out of 5
99 Ratings

99 Ratings

Pod Love ,

Ken Porter

Sam Coturri described how Press Democrat Photographer Ken Porter had him rewrite “Global Warming Is Real “ from the back windshield of his vehicle. Ken Porter should know- and so should Sam - that as a photojournalist having Sam Coturri rewrite or have the subject of your photo do anything is unethical. Ken Porter did the biggest NO NO by photojournalist which is called “ A set up” . What other wild fire photo has
Porter set up?

gel_Table10 ,

Learn and be entertained

Hard to write a review, other than to say it is a great podcast. Whatever that means to an individual listener is rather subjective. But if you like wine and all that surrounds wine, then this is a great listen. And while it is Sonoma-County-specific, it is first about wine. From vineyard to bottle to customer, and everything in between. The focus is on smaller wineries and/or winemakers for small producers, much like the two winemaker-hosts. The other host is a Sommelier working locally - well, until recently. Coronavirus furloughs hit a wide swath of businesses. I started listening to my first wine podcast about a year ago. I was looking for something different to hear on my (long) commute. I spent several months listening to a wine podcast I read about in the NYTimes. I listened twice a day, each way on my commute. Before I knew it, I had listened to two full-years worth, plus about 10 years worth of a curated top-ten list. I learned a ton on wine and now I wanted to learn more. And maybe something closer to home. Not sure exactly how I found The Winemakers Pod, likely a Google search. I recall downloading a dozen different or so to sample, and this was the winner. Not sure which episode was first, but soon after I downloaded all of 2019, plus their very first episode. I was hooked. On any given episode you get to hear people, who love what they do, talk about all the aspects of wine. I already enjoyed wine, and had the good fortune to be introduced to occasional wines way above my pay scale. The time spent listening to this (and a few others) has really added to my enjoyment of wie. To paraphrase a saying, it is amazing how you don't know how much you don't know until you know something. Each week, I know something more. The three 'wine experts' are down to earth, opinionated - some more than others - entertaining, and just plain fun. After a few listens, they almost seem like your friends. And probably would be if we all lived in Sonoma. If you are a first timer, go through the list of the past year. If there is one with a winery or winemaker that you already know, start there. So pour a glass and give a listen.

witch0fthewaste ,

A must listen for any wine lover!

Incredibly fun and insightful.

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