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Steve Ramsey of Woodworking for Mere Mortals has conversations with other YouTube woodworkers and makers.

The Woodworking Talk Show with Steve Ramsey Steve Ramsey

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Steve Ramsey of Woodworking for Mere Mortals has conversations with other YouTube woodworkers and makers.

    Simone Giertz: Beyond S****y Robots

    Simone Giertz: Beyond S****y Robots

    In August 2015 Simone Giertz posted an 8-second long, toothbrush machine video, showing a machine she designed to remove the drudgery of manual tooth brushing. It was funny, ridiculous, and got shared just about everywhere. 
    That video would come to define much of what Simone’s videos would be about: making machines that sort of make sense. Like an alarm clock that slaps you awake or a breakfast machine that ensures you will be cleaning up a bunch of Cheerios.
    It wouldn’t be long before fans had dubbed her the Queen of S****y Robots, a title that she embraced, but has kind of moved away from in the past couple years as she has expanded to building an even wider range of projects.
    Things like remodeling a trailer, making a coffee table out of burnt matches, and converting a Tesla into a pickup, all presented in her casual, conversational style and wry humor. And sometimes her videos aren’t projects, but experiences, like when she got weightless in the Vomit Comet or talked candidly about her brain surgery.
    Simone has a beautiful workshop in LA where she uses all kinds of materials and techniques to create all kinds of projects limited only by her imagination.
    Watch Simone on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/simonegiertz 

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    Robert Dunn on woodworking and weird cars

    Robert Dunn on woodworking and weird cars

    Robert Dunn has two of the most entertaining channels on youtube. His main channel is Aging Wheels, a channel he started in 2014 mainly about weird and obscure cars, and how he fixes them up and drives them around. If you love cars, you need to check it out, and if you’re like me, and don’t know anything about cars, you will definitely love Aging Wheels. It's a car channel for the rest of us.
    But he started his second channel, a woodworking channel called Under Dunn in 2019 and as it approaches 100,000 subscribers and another silver play button, it has become its own thing and just as entertaining as Aging Wheels.
    Robert brings a natural humor to all of his videos and has found a different and unique take on the YouTube woodworking genre.
    Aging Wheels: https://www.youtube.com/user/agingwheels
    Under Dunn: https://www.youtube.com/c/UnderDunnOfficial 

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    Matt Cremona talks about his sawmill, furniture making, and home renovation

    Matt Cremona talks about his sawmill, furniture making, and home renovation

    Matt Cremona is unusual in the world of woodworking because he not only builds high end furniture, but he cuts down the trees and mills the lumber from those trees to make that furniture. 
    In 2016 Matt built his own bandsaw mill which allows him to make lumber out of really big logs.  Amazingly, Matt's most popular video is 42 minutes long and shows how he used his bandsaw mill to make slabs. It's a fascinating look at all the labor that goes into milling lumber and gives viewers insight into the finer details of a process most of us have never seen before. Let alone, the impact of seeing that it's just one guy doing this in his yard.
    Most recently, Matt moved into a  huge new home that he's renovating and making even huger by building an addition to the space, which he's documenting and sharing on YouTube.  
    Visit Matt Cremona on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/mcremona

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    John Malecki on Epoxy Tables and Football

    John Malecki on Epoxy Tables and Football

    John Malecki is a woodworker and epoxier who started his YouTube channel in January, 2016 and had a big breakthrough just two years later when he posted a pair of live edge epoxy table videos within 5 days of each other. The second of these, Live Edge River Table Woodworking How To is still his most viewed video with 5.1 million views.
    Ever since then, the channel is about going big! Big epoxy, big slabs, and most recently a huge workshop. Before getting into YouTube, John was a football player who actually got to play a game in the NFL.
    But I think viewers are mostly hooked on John's show because of his hijinks and fast paced presentation. You never know what to expect when watching a John Malecki video.
    Check out John's YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/JohnMaleckiBuilds 

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    Evan & Katelyn: How they work together to produce DIY content

    Evan & Katelyn: How they work together to produce DIY content

    On March 24 2017, Katelyn and Evan posted their first video to a YouTube channel that they decided to call Evan and Katelyn.  In the first 20 seconds of their first video, they established their high energy lifestyle format and instantly became the cutest, giggliest DIY couple on the platform.
    Evan and Katelyn's channel features a wide variety of fun, silly and useful DIY projects... everything from woodworking to metalworking,  candle making,  props, costumes, electronics, even cooking, and my personal favorites: their cat projects for Joobie, their cat and supurrvisor.
    In addition to all the lifestyle content they create for their main channel, they have a litany of 5 smaller channels and they livestream on Twitch.
    Visit Evan & Katelyn on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/EvanAndKatelyn

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    Rex Krueger on hand tools and furniture forensics

    Rex Krueger on hand tools and furniture forensics

    Rex Krueger a YouTuber, an author, a historian, and a woodworker. Although, we’re going to discover that there is no such thing as a woodworker. He builds mostly traditional furniture in a mostly traditional manner using mostly traditional tools. He's a leading advocate for ditching power tools and returning to a simpler time of human powered construction.
    Rex has made videos showing how to make workbenches, how to use and make traditional hand tools as well as restore them. He has a few furniture projects and some of my absolute favorite videos on YouTube, Furniture Forensics, where he examines an old piece of furniture to reveal telltale signs of how it was built, and why. 
    If you're interested in the history of woodworking and how that can help you to better understand your own woodworking, Rex Krueger is an amazing resource . No tablesaw necessary.  
    Visit Rex Krueger on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/RexKrueger

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Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
40 Ratings

40 Ratings

Lundy's Woodcrease ,

Steve is the Oprah of the content creators (woodworking/diy/maker universe that is)

Steve Ramsey’s newest podcast has been a lot of fun to listen to. If Marc Spagnolo is The Godfather of the woodworking YouTube generation, then Steve is now the Oprah Winfrey of the content creators. It’s been a blast learning more about the creators for whom I have watched for years. Steve asks many if the questions that an everyday-joe like me has wanted to ask. Steve’s conversations have even introduced creators whom I had never heard about or whose content I never thought I’d enjoy until Steve’s interview with them. Admittedly, I have even stopped watching snd following some creators since their interview with Steve.

All in all, the podcast is fun, laid back, easy to listen to while working and informative. 5 stars across the board!!!

Thanks Steve and keep up the great work!

rjhammy ,

Love the show, should be called the YouTuber woodworking show

Saying that Cam is the “king of big epoxy tables” was INSULTING and an absolute joke. Black Forest, Jeff Mack, the wright edge, Natures Beauty Woodworking, Timberwolf Slabs, woodworks by Jared, live edge lust, Rivka Wilkins Art and about 200 other woodworkers are better than Cam with Epoxy and as craftsmen… they can actually make a living as craftsmen and don’t need YouTube videos to glorify themselves…. epoxy tables are the lava lamps of furniture… cannot wait for them to go out of style. Most the other interviews are great!! 😂 sorry for the rant…

Spmrks ,

Go down the rabbit hole… it’s worth it.

The plethora of knowledge that comes out of this show is profound. Woodworking and content creation are the main focus and Steve brings in the heaviest hitters in both realms. I’m loving this podcast/videos. Great job Steve!

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