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The World Famous Frank Show with Frank Brinsley, Kristine Levine, and Beef Vegan. Live Monday - Friday from 6-10am on KLPX 96.1FM, Tucson, Arizona. Streaming online at klpx.com

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The World Famous Frank Show with Frank Brinsley, Kristine Levine, and Beef Vegan. Live Monday - Friday from 6-10am on KLPX 96.1FM, Tucson, Arizona. Streaming online at klpx.com

    4th Of July Has Been Cancelled

    4th Of July Has Been Cancelled

    (0:00) Show Open: No More Beta Brain

    Brad lets it slip that he is taking a brain supplement and Frank can help but roast him about it. 

    (11:15) Entertainment News

    Tom Hanks Says People Who Don't Wear Masks Should Be Ashamed
    Johnny Depp hid texts asking assistant to buy him cocaine, ecstasy: UK court
    SAFF from "Tiger King" filmed an ad for a personal injury lawyer.

    (23:20) Worst 4th of July. Ever.

    Fears about COVID-19, wildfires, prompt Fourth of July firework cancellations in Arizona

    (29:50) Coronavirus Insanity: 

    Leftover Guinness Fertilizes Christmas Trees, a Porn Star in Trouble for Not Wearing a Mask, and More
    The Guinness brewery in Ireland is using its hundreds of thousands of unused kegs of leftover beer to fertilize Christmas trees. The brewery's director of operations says, quote, "We decant it and we disperse it . . . the vast majority of the beer goes to willow and Christmas tree [farms]."
    The police in Cali, Colombia are looking for a porn star named Kaori Dominick after she filmed a porn scene on a bus without a face mask.  It violates the law that face masks are required on public transportation at all times.
    With public bathrooms closed, lots of people are now relieving themselves in public.  And a debate has broken out online over whether or not it's okay to film someone doing that to either shame them on social media or alert the cops.
    A bar owner in Kilgore, Texas held a "Bar Lives Matter" protest on Sunday over the new order from the governor that bars have to close by Friday.
    People aren't the only ones who did some sweet plumping up during the quarantine . . . one in three people say their PETS gained a few pounds too.  So now people are putting those pets on diets.

    (42:30) Dumbass of the Day

    A woman in the U.K. crashed her Mercedes into a parked car . . . then finished off her glass of rosé as the cops were arriving.
    A bison gored a 72-year-old woman in Yellowstone National Park when she, quote, "approached within 10 feet . . . multiple times" to take pictures.
    A Guy Steals a Fire Truck and Drives It to a Bar


    (51:30) The Art of FB Trolling

    Brad’s been trolling his high school friends on facebook. Here are some of his favorite burns

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    Virus Sharing Is Karen

    Virus Sharing Is Karen

    (0:00) Show Open: Bars Are To Blame

    More than 85 people are infected with coronavirus after outbreak at Michigan college bar that saw lines out the door when it reopened at the start of June
    Governor Newsom closes ALL bars in LA and six other California counties - just two weeks after they reopened - to stop the spread of COVID after Texas and Florida also shut their nightspots


    Here are the updatedstats on CONFIRMED coronavirus cases as of last night . . .
    New daily cases in the U.S.:  39,007 new cases, with 280 new deaths.  Only two states had a drop in coronavirus cases in the past week:  Connecticut and Rhode Island.
    Total cases in the U.S.:  2.6 million, with more than 128,000 deaths . . . and more than one million who've now recovered.
    Total cases worldwide:  10.2 million . . . with more than 504,000 deaths . . . and more than 5.5 million people who've beaten the virus globally.

    (13:30) Entertainment News

    Sacha Baron Coen Infiltrated a Right Wing Rally and Sang About Injecting People with the "Wuhan Flu"
    A White Guy Will No Longer Play Cleveland on "Family Guy", and "The Simpsons" Is Diversifying
    Emma Watson Weighs In On Controversial J.K. Rowling Tweets: “Trans People Are Who They Say They Are”


    (27:25) The NBA is Deadset on continuing the Season

    The NBA Is Coming Back . . . and Players Can Wear Social Justice Messages on Their Jerseys?

    It's official:  The NBA is coming back.  Over the weekend, the league unveiled the schedule for the teams participating in the conclusion of the 2019-2020 season.

    22 teams will play in a closed-off "bubble" in Orlando, Florida.  They are the 16 teams who were in position for playoff spots when the season was suspended, plus six other teams who were within six games of making the cut.

    The eight others are done for the season:  The Timberwolves, the Warriors, the Hornets, the Bulls, the Knicks, the Pistons, the Hawks, and the Cavaliers.

    Games resume on July 30th, with each team playing eight more "seeding" regular season games.  The schedule is up on ESPN.com.

    The first round of the playoffs is set to begin on August 17th, with the Finals penciled in for September 30th.  The season will end by October 13th, the draft will be on October 16th, and the 2020-2021 season would begin on December 1st.

    (32:40)  Mask or No Mask

    We ask our listeners a simple question, mask or no mask. Also, we share this opinion piece from a Doctor here in Tucson.

    I’m a Health Care Worker. You Need to Know How Close We Are to Breaking.


    (46:05) Dumbass of the Day

    A Drunk Woman Crashed Her Pickup After Picking Up a Drunk Friend Who'd Crashed His Pickup
    A Guy Stole a Stripper Pole After Using His Membership Card at an Adult Store
    An elderly couple in Florida caused a traffic backup as they drove their motorized scooters down the highway to the beach.
    A Guy Wrecked His $300,000 Lamborghini 20 Minutes After He Bought It
    Man traps poo jogger behind his shop


    (56:30) Trader Karen


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    Do As I Say, Not As I Ducey

    Do As I Say, Not As I Ducey

    (0:00) Show Open: Do As I Say, Not As I Ducey

    Governor Ducey calls out restaurants and bars, reminds them to follow rules. Two Days after sitting in a rally with 3000+ unmasked
    Several members of the Diamondbacks organization test positive for COVID-19

    (10:05) Entertainment News

    This Is the Noose That Was in Bubba Wallace's Garage . . . And Yes, It's a Noose
    The Dixie Chicks Have Changed Their Name to "The Chicks"
    Is PAUL RUDD really that hung?
    Carole Baskin has a new Cat centric game 



    (23:25) A Rundown of How to Plan a Safe Summer Vacation . . . Including Road Trips, Flying, and Staying in Hotels
    Choosing a destination. Check the travel restrictions and quarantine rules for your home state, plus any place you want to go.  Earlier this week it was announced that New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut were requiring self-quarantine for anyone coming from a hotspot state . . . which could really mess up your plans.
    Flying. Check each airline's policies beforehand to see if there's one you're more comfortable with.  Try to book seats without other people nearby.  And some experts say window seats are safer than middle and aisle seats. Then, once you're onboard, clean your seat, armrest, and tray table with a disinfectant wipe . . . wear your mask the entire flight . . . and don't wait in line for the restroom.
    Road trips.  Driving might be safer than flying, but it still has some risk.  At the very least, you should pack hand sanitizer, masks, disinfectant wipes, and paper towels.  Bringing your own food would be good too.  And obviously touch as little as possible at rest stops . . . which was a good rule of thumb even before coronavirus.
    Hotels and Airbnbs.  If amenities are important to you, check to see which ones are open before booking, since many common area facilities are closed right now. And don't assume your space is completely clean when you check-in.  You should still wipe down hard surfaces, especially things like door handles, faucets, light switches, TV remotes, nightstands, and the fridge if there is one.
    Staying with friends and family. Ask them about their activities in the weeks leading up to your visit.  If they're gathering in large groups or doing other high-risk things, you might want to choose something else.(Today)

    (30:05) Mishka Shubaly

    Mishka as a male cat owner was featured in the ny post

    Mishka’s website for new album info:  (new album release date TBA, but sometime in July for sure)


    (41:50) Dumbass of the Day

    A Group Is Busted with a Truckload of Illegal Fireworks, and Three Dead Alligators
    A guy in Pennsylvania got caught driving on a suspended license for the ninth time, and the penalties keep adding up.  His license is now suspended until the year 2076.
    A guy who claims he's a sex addict is suing the gaming site Twitch, because he says the female gamers on there are too sexy.


    (52:00) The Lockdown Is Causing "Turbo Relationships"

    People always say you have to be with someone for at least two years before you really know if they're right for you.  But the lockdown might be moving that mark WAY up, and causing something called "turbo relationships."

    eHarmony talked to couples who recently moved in together.  And over a third think the past two months have been the EQUIVALENT of two years.  28% said it's forced them to get better at communicating.  And 1 in 5 have discovered more shared interests.

    Almost two-thirds said the lockdown has made their relationship stronger.  And over half said they know for sure that their partner is "the one" now.  But it's also had the opposite effect for some couples.  17% said the lockdown has made them realize their relationship is over.  And 7% have discovered an affair, either online or in real life.

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    New Evidence O.J. Didn't Kill Nicole? Norman Pardo Tells Us Who Did

    New Evidence O.J. Didn't Kill Nicole? Norman Pardo Tells Us Who Did

    (0:00) Show Open: KL Needs Some D

    Is Kristine Levine a fiend for ween during quarantine? Of course! She’s the queen of peen and in need to get reamed. Hickory dickory dock…

    (13:15) Entertainment News

    Former Red Sox pitcher and current conservative commentator CURT SCHILLING deactivated his Twitter after he got dragged for comparing BUBBA WALLACE to JUSSIE SMOLLETT.
    66-year-old DENNIS QUAID secretly married his 27-year-old girlfriend earlier this month.
    CHRIS D'ELIA released some email exchanges that supposedly prove he wasn't going after underage girls.
    Savannah Guthrie getting the business cause her hair is always a bad hair day


    (27:50) Men Break the Speed Limit Twice as Often as Women

    The next time someone bombs past you on the highway at a hundred miles an hour, chances are it's a guy.  A new study found men speed TWICE as often as women do.

    Researchers in the U.K. looked at over five billion miles worth of driving data.  And they found men speed 94% more than women.  So about twice as often.  And young men are the worst: 17-year-old guys break the speed limit 130% more than women that age.

    It doesn't start to even out until we hit our 30s.  Then by our 40s, WOMEN are slightly more likely to speed, but just by about 2% more than men.

    (34:00) Norman Pardo

    O.J. Simpson & The White Bronco Chase - 26 Years Later! O.J.'s Former Longtime Manager Produces Documentary Finally Revealing "Who Killed Nicole?"

    It was 26 years ago this month when the world was captivated by the white Bronco chase that eventually led to O.J. Simpson’s surrender to authorities. “Who Killed Nicole: The Definitive Investigation” is a documentary that says forget everything you thought you knew about OJ and the brutal murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. This unflinching doc presents shocking new evidence and never-before-seen footage from an investigation 20 years in the making. Norman Pardo, OJ's former longtime manager, unpacks a sordid tale of deceit and revenge that once and for all answers the question, Who Killed Nicole? Available now at Amazon.com & Vimeo.com

    Doc on Amazon Prime and whokillednicole.com

    (43:30) Dumbass of the Day

    A Woman Pulls a Hot Pizza Out of the Oven, Throws It at Her Boyfriend, and They Both Go to Jail
    A guy at a store in Ukraine beat a man with a sausage.  One report we saw said it was because the guy wasn't wearing a mask.  Another report claims the guy with the sausage was just angry after the store wouldn't sell him any alcohol before 9:00 A.M.
    A pizza shop in West Palm Beach got shut down after a health inspector found an 80-pound iguana that they were storing in a freezer.


    (53:00) Herb Stratford

    Self Renowned Film Critic Herb Stratford talks Films Available June 26

    My Spy – (Prime)

    A rough veteran CIA operative finds himself at the mercy of a precocious 9-year-old girl, having been sent undercover to surveil her family. Dave Bautista & Kristen Schaal star in this comedy, a poor outing that feels like the unholy offspring of “The Professional” and “Stakeout”. More proof that Dave Bautista’s film career peaked with the Guardians of the Galaxy films.

    Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga (Netflix)

    When aspiring musicians Lars and Sigrit are given the opportunity to represent their country at Eurovision, the world's biggest song competition, they finally have a chance to prove that their dream is worth fighting for. Will Ferrell, Rachel McAdams and Pierce Brosnan star in the new comedy based on the real European song contest. Think “Blades of Glory” meets ‘The Voice”, this is not Ferrell’s best work. 

    Irresistible  Steve Carrell, Rose Byrne & Chris Cooper star in the story of a Democratic strategist who helps a retired veteran run for mayor in a small, conservative Midwest town.

    Also – “Floor Is Lava” series on Netflix (1 sea

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    Nascar Supports Bubba Wallace like they should

    Nascar Supports Bubba Wallace like they should

    (0:00) Show Open: Good News! The Wall Stopped the Virus!

    SEVEN states hit record coronavirus hospitalizations: Texas tells residents to stay home, California and Arizona set new one-day highs while Florida and New Jersey vow to crack down on bars as infections surge across the U.S.
    Pima County receives complaints about businesses not requiring face masks
    No "A" Mountain fireworks on July 4 this year


    (14:35) Entertainment News

    The Noose in Bubba Wallace's Garage Has Been There Since 2019
    Ron Jeremy Accused of Raping 3 Women
    Mel Gibson responds to Winona Ryder's Jewish 'oven dodger' accusations
    Mel Gibson axed from 'Chicken Run' sequel following 'oven dodger' allegations
    D’Elia Gets Dropped By CAA


    (27:00) 30% of People Who Live Alone Have Broken Quarantine for a Booty Call

    A new survey found 30% of people who are quarantined alone have left their house to HOOK UP during the lockdown.  And just over half of them have also had someone over to their place to get-it-on.

    Here are five more quick stats about our sex lives during the pandemic . . .
    30% of people who are self-isolating alone have had at least one video chat hookup.
    78% of people who are self-isolating with a partner have been having more sex because of the lockdown.
    Two-thirds of people who ARE having more sex say boredom is the main reason.
    76% have tried to use the lockdown as a chance to spice up their sex life.
    And is it possible you're having TOO MUCH sex?  6 in 10 people who've had an increase in action say they've experienced a "sexual burnout" because of it. 


    (34:00) Dumbass of the Day

    Mom, 52, is arrested for being her 28-year-old son's 'getaway driver when he held up a store at gunpoint and made off with $3,570'
    A Carjacker Steals a Woman's Car by Sitting in Her Lap and Driving Off
    Alfalfa from the "Little Rascals" Movie Was Arrested for Huffing Compressed Air
    A guy with a pound of weed tried to steal a small plane in Florida and fly it to California.  He was arrested.


    (46:15) Let's play ball!

    MLB sets 60-game schedule, starting at the end of July, for its shortest season in more than 140 years

    (52:40) Nascar Supports Bubba Wallace like they should

    Bubba Wallace insists 'door-pull rope' found in his NASCAR garage WAS a 'straight-up noose' - after FBI finds no evidence of a hate crime and pictures show different stalls on Talladega track with identical door-pull 

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    Judah Friedlander Has No Problem Doing Standup On Zoom

    Judah Friedlander Has No Problem Doing Standup On Zoom

    (0:00) The Entire State Is On Fire

    UPDATE: Bighorn Fire grows to 51,628 acres, drops to 16 percent containment
    Bush Fire jumps to more than 180,000 acres, containment at 15%
    Northwest Fire, Golder Ranch Fire respond to compost fire near Ina and I-10
    Pima County leaders pass mandatory face-covering ordinance


    (14:30) Entertainment News

    D.L. Hughley Passed Out Onstage, Then Got Diagnosed with COVID-19
    NASCAR's only black driver Bubba Wallace finds a noose in his garage at the Talladega speedway after a plane and a caravan of cars protested the Confederate flag ban
    Kurt Cobain's "MTV Unplugged" Guitar Sold for a Record $6 Million’
    The Grateful Dead Have a New Line of Deodorant


    (26:50) Your Cat Makes You Look Like A Pussy

    Women Find Men Less Attractive When They're Holding a Cat

    A new study found women find men less attractive if THEY'RE into cats.

    Researchers at Colorado State University took photos of various men . . . one by themselves, and one of them holding a cat. Then over 700 women rated the photos.  And when men were holding cats, they were seen as less masculine AND less datable.

    It applied to both short-term and long-term relationship potential.  So they were less datable across the board.  And they were seen as "more neurotic" when holding a cat.

    There was one key demographic that didn't care though.  Women who described themselves as a "cat person" were just as likely to say a guy was datable, whether he was holding a cat or not. In other words, it didn't hurt their chances with women who love cats.  But it also didn't help. (Daily Mail / MDPI)

    (31:40) Judah Friedlander

    **PROMOTING: Livestreamed Stand-Up Show Tuesday, June 23rd @ 9pm ET/8pm CT.  Tickets Available Now at EventBrite.com   https://bit.ly/2Cgcctc

    PROMOTING: His Special on Netflix – Judah Friedlander: America is the Greatest Country in the United States  https://www.netflix.com/title/80208273

    PROMOTING: Short Film Starring Judah and Ben Bailey “Meet Me at Ray’s  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWITbaBWsPQ

    More info at JudahFriedlander.com

    On Twitter, Instagram, Venmo, & YouTube  @judahworldchamp 

    (46:55) Dumbass of the Day

    A Burglar Gets Stuck in a Window and Has to Call the Fire Department
    A guy in Florida was arrested for drinking Natty Light and Captain Morgan on the street.  And when cops asked for his name, he said it was Michael Corleone . . . Al Pacino's character in "The Godfather".
    A guy in upstate New York was arrested for erecting a seven-foot wooden PENIS statue in his front yard. 



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16 Ratings

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