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"Celebrity" Guests, "Political" Rants, "Sean Connery" Fairy Tales, Dr. Dazzle "Adventures", and "David Lynch's Dune"

There Are No Owls Eric Cohen

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"Celebrity" Guests, "Political" Rants, "Sean Connery" Fairy Tales, Dr. Dazzle "Adventures", and "David Lynch's Dune"

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4.0 out of 5
2 Ratings

2 Ratings

Eric Cohen ,

What are you talking about?

Are you mad? This podcast can only be the product of a complete genious! This is a prime example of what podcasts were made for! To provide intelligent people with a voice without having to pay money! Those celebrity introductions are fantastic! Shows his true genious! How else could he get them all for free! Half of them are already dead! And those political rants are fully appropriate for today's politics. Also, this man was able to bring Sean Connery out of retirement. At least for a radio audience. And while The Adventures of Dr. Dazzle are very unintelligent, it is quite obvious to the listener that this was his intent. Only a genious would purposely dumb himself down. But last but not least being able to get ahold of THE David Lynch to remake Dune as he saw fit...the main reason to listen to this podcast. It is completely without fault. It is so good that you should probably go and have a listen to it's brother podcast There Are No Owls 2. Wonderful! Eric Cohen=Genious!

JSalem ,

Funny,but hit or miss

Parts are very funny (Sean Connery Fairy Tales). Other parts are funny, but tailored to a very specific audience (The Dune Radio Play). Some of the other stuff is just a bomb. Over all, it's like material that is still being worked out.

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