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Short bursts of ideas, motivation, inspiring thoughts and conversation with Adam Brooks (and at times special guests) about business, life and better performance.

Think & Act Differently with Sales Academ‪y‬ Adam Brooks

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Short bursts of ideas, motivation, inspiring thoughts and conversation with Adam Brooks (and at times special guests) about business, life and better performance.

    It's the 'maybe' that kills business!

    It's the 'maybe' that kills business!

    So many people say they fear rejection and they struggle to hear 'No' from a customer. 

    For me, I love a NO, almost as much as I love a YES...the ones that kill me, are the 'MAYBE' responses. 

    Indecision, not knowing, paralysis - that't the hardest part for me. 

    So I challenged myself years ago to get back to my values and understand what is required in supporting those to make a good decision for them, whether that is to do business with me or not!

    When you truly get comfortable in this space, you are on a path to continued success. 

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    Trust is not something that needs to be earned!

    Trust is not something that needs to be earned!

    Sick of hearing that trust needs to be earned! What a load of horsesh*t!

    The only limit you place on trust when you build conditions into trust is that on yourself. Your potential. The potential of what can happen when you do trust others! 

    Trust is a given thing and Ernest Hemingway famously said "The best way to find out if you can trust someone is to trust them"

    I recently read Matthew McConaughey's book Green Lights and what an epic read - if you haven't read this book it is a sin...you can get your copy here: https://greenlights.com/

    He talks about trust is something you give 100% and that is what I have always believed, i explain more in the podcast/video - enjoy. 

    If it resonates, feel free to share, if you want to keep it to yourself, thank you for tuning in! 

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    What is the point of Affirmations?

    What is the point of Affirmations?

    Couple of quick questions?

    Do you use & set affirmations?

    Do you write them down and review them regularly?

    Do you have no idea what I am talking about when it comes to affirmations...its OK, we've got your back! #inyourcorner

    From years of personal experience, and coming from sceptic to convert, I truly understand now the power of affirmations and the impact they have on my life and business.  There is a brilliant TED talk where ER Doctor Darria Long talks about 'Crazy Busy' lives...where we are less capable to handle the busy, when we label it crazy busy...(you can watch that epic talk here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLjchFPvcQo) 

    Darria goes on to explain how to 'Design for Busy' 

    I believe firmly that you 'Design for Success' in the same way...and for me Affirmations are a key element of that journey! In this podcast, I will walk you through the WHY and HOW in terms of Designing your affirmation process based on personal experience, sharing how I use these in my own life. 

    Enjoy...and if your gain value, please share! Thank you

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    The biggest mistake I made in business....so far!

    The biggest mistake I made in business....so far!

    I have always said the only people that don't make mistakes, don't do any work!

    I have made plenty of mistakes on my journey as a business owner and the good news is, I plan on making more. What I don't plan to do, is repeat the same mistake again and again. 

    Todays conversation is about the follow up...to be precise...the success is in the follow up! But my take on it make be different to others.

    Enjoy and when you are ready to invest in you and your business, when you are ready to be part of a business community that supports you and challenges you, when you are ready to build the business and life that you set out to achieve...we are here, in your corner, championing you on. We have been here for a decade and we will be around for many more to come. 

    Talk soon...till then, stay awesome. 

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    Setting Sales & Business Targets

    Setting Sales & Business Targets

    Have you ever wondered how to get specific in your sales targets?  

    What are the numbers you should be going after?  

    What would 1% of the total marketplace that your product and service supports, deliver your business in revenue?   

    Simple questions, that when considered, enable you to gather together research that defines your targets and give you focus.   Help and support required in achieving those targets? 

    Get in touch...for one thing, we don't bite, for everything else, we are about support, accountability, kick ass and a cwtsh to ensure you get the results you deserve by doing all the things you need to do as well as the things you like to do.   Not sure how to go about setting the target in the first place, give us a call, not everything we do comes with an invoice.   

    Be awesome.....why dither, it costs you money and gifts your competitor the opportunity.  

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    SMART Goals don't exist!

    SMART Goals don't exist!

    Yep...You heard me correctly! There is no such thing, SMART goals do not exist! 

    I have heard people bang on about SMART goals for years, and even myself, I have caught myself going down the road of discussing SMART goals in corporate (as they love that shit!😂) in small and medium business across private, public and the third sector. If you have never heard the SMART term before it stands for:

    S - Specific

    M - Measurable

    A - Achievable 

    R - Relevant/Realistic

    T - Time bound

    That's it in a nutshell...however, I am here to tell you they don't exist, and listening to the podcast you will understand where I am coming from and I would love to hear your thoughts and views on the podcast. 

    And if you are putting your intentions together and want a plan that works behind them....DM me and lets get a FREE session booked in to understand how that is possible with us! 

    @UKSalesAcademy across majority of Social Media Platforms. 

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