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Permanent resident of The Internet, Chris Caesar (@chriscaesar) and his wide-eyed sidekick Mike (@actuallynotmike) talk about stuff and occasionally talk to other people who don't mind associating with them.

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Permanent resident of The Internet, Chris Caesar (@chriscaesar) and his wide-eyed sidekick Mike (@actuallynotmike) talk about stuff and occasionally talk to other people who don't mind associating with them.

    Short: Christopher Columbus Was a Whiny Bitch

    Short: Christopher Columbus Was a Whiny Bitch

    A short one from 2019, where we read a brilliantly-written opinion piece about the merits of Christopher Columbus, from one of our city's esteemed newspapers, the Boston Herald.

    Afterwards, enjoy a voicemail from our good pal Jake, a guy from whom you should never accept any dipping sauce.

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    • 13 min
    041 – Heard That One Before

    041 – Heard That One Before

    Now that Chris and Mike are out of jail (big misunderstanding) (you should see the other guys) (they’re dead) (just kidding!) (unless?), we’re coming downtown to pod town for a whole new season of the goddamn show for some reason?

    That’s right: for absolutely no reason at all, and against the advice of counsel, your favorite pair of naughty minxes are getting wild for the first time in 20 months. Yeah we’re gonna yell at the TV. Yeah there’s gonna be an angry cop. And yeah....there’s even gonna be a Beau.

    Lap it up, you hogs!!!!!

    • 51 min
    040 – pretty bad, brother

    040 – pretty bad, brother

    Two unreleased clips here - one where Chris recalls his brush with Scientology, and one where we listen to some Flat Earth psycho's crazy song. We finish up with a classic clip..... the one where we get owned. Enjoy.

    • 35 min
    039 – Dunkin’ on Duncan: The Director’s Cut

    039 – Dunkin’ on Duncan: The Director’s Cut

    Hey there everyone - We are very pleased to introduce the extended cut of a favorite of ours! In 2018 we interviewed a Qanon honk named Duncan. Our phonecall with him ran pretty absurdly long so most of it ended up on the cutting room floor, but now we’re proud to present to you the original interview (with some minor edits for our vanity’s sake) PLUS a little over 40 minutes of interview that never made it to air! 

    This is one of our favorite episodes, so we hope you enjoy “Dunkin' on Dunkin: The Director’s Cut”. Keep a look out for more unreleased content soon!

    • 1 hr 26 min
    038 – OK, Clip Show

    038 – OK, Clip Show

    Hi. Wow, this 2020 thing has been a real hoot, right gang?

    Enjoy this throwback to Thanksgiving 2019 when whiny boomer a very respectable and tough combat veteran named Drew Bennett wrote into the Baltimore Sun to answer the hot topic on everyone's mind, "How do I confront 'OK, Boomer' at Thanksgiving Dinner?"

    Then, an all-new-to-you clip featuring Chris explaining why he caught a 30-day ban from Facebook during the primaries.

    Stay tuned for more tidbits of unreleased stuff here and there until we resume production on new full episodes. Happy Thanksgiving, and stay home you filthy animals!!!!!!

    • 21 min
    037 – The Wretched Inspector

    037 – The Wretched Inspector

    **Whoops! We lost this episode in between the seats. If some topics are dated, well, you’re dated, how about that!!??!

    Hello friends. Be wretched with us as we discuss:

    * Metaphysics with a real-life Opus Dei professor* Elon Musk and Grimes's baby which will one day consume us all* That very awkward moment Chris tried to remember the name given to Leonardo DiCaprio's group of friends who were very popular with the ladies back in the 90s* The YouTube ISIS Training Camps for Incels

    • 1 hr 9 min

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4.3 out of 5
12 Ratings

12 Ratings

Joe Walshs Kid ,




A.J. Perez ,

Random, but good random

Got talked into subscribing by some dude on Twitter with a profile pic of a sandwich, but was pleasantly surprised. Solid content. Makes my suburban commute to my gym (that still is missing a plunger) enjoyable. Mike and Chris are great at what they do.

Beto Obama ,

Hilarious and insightful

NO idea who these guys are but they really do have a way of making fun of online media in ways that Jon and Timmy just can't quite do on Pod Save the Ninnies. Must-listen!

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