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We are a 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons podcast. We are a bunch of longtime 3.5 players so join us as we delve into 5e for the first time!

This Is Gonna Hurt - A Fifth Edition Dungeons and Dragons Podcast Unknown

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We are a 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons podcast. We are a bunch of longtime 3.5 players so join us as we delve into 5e for the first time!

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4.8 out of 5
74 Ratings

74 Ratings

Dog Toilet ,

Noob to Pro (Hopefully)

I’ve listened to your incredible ragtag crew for a while and have gotten halfway through season 2. Without spoilers but the big part around that area. I literally can not get enough of your outside references! Mostly Spongebob and all the anime related content. I have lol’d out loud many times over how situations are handled! I haven’t played D&D a day in the 29 years of being alive YET¡! I am getting ready to build a man cave (legit wife’s idea) and turn part into a D&D area. Owen as the DM and you all have honestly taught me a ton about the mechanics of this game. I look forward to making it to season 3 and seeing how this story will unfold. Great job fellas.

Bringing in retired characters and other stuff like mayonnaise from your past adventures makes this feel like you do care about us listeners. Thank you for your hard work and this podcast.

Edit: I have not stopped listening because I get so much enjoyment out of you all! The new characters you bring is still teaching me about what is still out there for me to explore. FYI 2 days before you aired the mail/review episode I had found a local group to play D&D with! Woop Woop 🖐🏽🖐🏽
Thank you for making my already good just life a little bit better. You guys are awesome.

The Real Highwall ,

One of my favorites

Tried a number of the D&D podcasts available here and I’d say this is one of my favorites. Great player dynamic and role playing, creative and informative DM and just fun to listen to. Totally recommend giving it a listen.

Edit: Still listening and it’s moved up from one of my favorite podcasts to my number 1 favorite. Even started contributing to their Patreon and I think if you enjoy them you should too.

Jaikarr ,

Apparently I hadn't reviewed yet?!

Been listening for nearly two years now, every Monday this podcast goes to the top of my podcast playlist.

The group plays by the rules which I very much appreciate but the best thing about this podcast is that it feels very much like a real DnD game. Without all the random breaks and loss of focus ;) The crew are very good about playing with each other and doing "yes and..." improv resulting in no-one stealing the spotlight.

I cna't sing this game's praises high enough, I just hope more people can join in with listening.

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