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This Week in Mormons is the leading podcast on Latter-day Saintnews and issues, peppered with a bit of absurdist comedy and snappy wit! Join our host and editor-in-chief, Geoff Openshaw, as he partners with engaging Latter-day Saint co-hosts from around the world to bring you the best in Latter-day Saint news and commentary. Follow the blog at thisweekinmormons.com

Episodes typically published mid-week.

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This Week in Mormons is the leading podcast on Latter-day Saintnews and issues, peppered with a bit of absurdist comedy and snappy wit! Join our host and editor-in-chief, Geoff Openshaw, as he partners with engaging Latter-day Saint co-hosts from around the world to bring you the best in Latter-day Saint news and commentary. Follow the blog at thisweekinmormons.com

Episodes typically published mid-week.

    EP 528 - Congressman Ben McAdams

    EP 528 - Congressman Ben McAdams

    What does it mean to be a Latter-day Saint representing Utah in the U.S. House of Representatives while also being a Democrat? Ben McAdams, the former congressman from Utah's fourth district, joins us on the show this week to discuss that very thing. Learn more about Ben's history in politics as well as his views in a number of areas, such as:

    * How does it feel being a member of the Church in congress?

    * How does it feel being a member of the Church in the Democratic Party instead of the Republican Party?

    * How does it feel as a Democrat in a highly Republican church?

    * What are your feelings on political tribalism within Latter-day Saint culture?

    * Do your religious views inform your political ones?

    * What were your thoughts on President Oaks' recent remarks on the divine nature of the U.S. Constitution as they relate to political parties?

    * After running against two Latter-day Saints, both of whom are black, how do you feel about the politics of race and gender in Utah politics and in the Church?

    * As a Democrat and a Latter-day Saint, what views do you have on abortion and how do you reconcile those with your party and your religion?

    * The sometimes complicated dynamic of politics and running against fellow Latter-day Saints.

    * As one of the first members of congress to have COVID-19, how do you feel about anti-vaxxers, particularly within our faith?

    Ben is a wonderful guest. We hope you enjoy the interview. If you do, please consider supporting us on Patreon!

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    EP 527 - Open Mic Sunday

    EP 527 - Open Mic Sunday

    It's time for another week of breaking down Latter-day Saint news! The TWiM Sisters are in the house.

    For decades, missionaries from the United States who have been called to foreign missions have been required to be vaccinated before going abroad. This is nothing new. Last week, the Church announced American missionaries called abroad will also need to include the COVID-19 vaccine in their regimen before entering the field. Of course, the Church had to disable comments on the Facebook post sharing the news. Of course, many members of our church were up in arms about this news. Of course, many individuals have forgotten vaccinations have been the norm for years and years and years!


    Are you curious how stake leadership reorganizations have occurred in the Zoom era? How is a new stake president set apart when called remotely by an apostle? THE Church News has all the answers.

    How should bishops deal with fast and testimony meetings that essential become Open Mic Sunday? One bishop decided to ask members in advance to bear their testimonies. What has your unit done? Tiffany has some tales from the front!

    Zelophehad's Daughters often produces some great data and analytics on various issues facing the Church. Among their more famous is forecasting the probability that certain members of the First Presidency or Quorum of the Twelve Apostles will become President of the Church someday. The new round has some axioms—Elder Bednar becoming prophet someday—but also some surprises, like Elder Ulisses Soares having an outside chance of assuming the mantle at some point. Of course, statistical work like this is not an exact science, considering then-Elder Nelson was not tipped to be Church president, let alone for three years and with such vitality. Still, a fun read.

    Let's revisit our favorite sub-section of the TWiM Sisters podcast: Mormons Behaving Badly. This week we revisit the case of Paul Petersen, a Latter-day Saint politician now sentenced to prison time over the adoption ring he ran, defrauding immigrations from the Marshall Islands.

    Ready for some fun satire from The Daily Frick? Enjoy this fabulous article entitled, "Millennial, Gen-Z Mormons gather for ceremonial passing of the ‘Chosen Generation’ title." You will enjoy yourself.

    A number of Church historic sites are reopening in May! You can travel back to Nauvoo, see that Grandin press, and pan for gold in San Diego.


    Temple news! Announced mere weeks ago at the most recent General Conference, the a href="http://www.thisweekinmormons.com/2021/04/rendering-released-location-announced-for-helena-montana-temple/" ta...

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    EP 526 - Church Discipline and "The Line"

    EP 526 - Church Discipline and "The Line"

    Longtime Sunday School Bonanza co-host Patricia Doxey is joining us for some TWiM love! She's an experienced writer and editor who works in the health care space, and we're excited to have her with us this week to provide her thoughtful insights on the Latter-day Saint news of the day.

    The biggest news of the week is also some of the toughest. Noted Latter-day Saint sex therapist and micro-celebrity Natasha Helfer (once Parker) has been summoned for a disciplinary hearing with her old stake president in Kanasas. Many supporters of clinically sound therapy are fearful of this move, as what a therapist might recommend to a patient can easily run contrary to some of the standards of the Church.

    So why is Natasha going through this process? Why now? What differentiates her from other Latter-day Saint therapists, many of whom wholly agree with her approach to therapy yet also remain active in the Church? Why are some brought in for discipline and others aren't? There's plenty to unpack, and we'll do our best from 30,000 feet.

    In more light-hearted news related to sexual healthy, Brigham Young University recently published a useful new website devoted to healthy sexuality in a gospel context. The content is geared toward all - the never married, newlyweds, divorcees, widows, etc.

    However, an author of one article is either a genius with innuendo or comically naive.

    We'll just leave it right there.

    Famed Latter-day Saint Al Carraway, "The Tattooed Mormon," posted on Twitter last week about "church" culture. Is it the culture of the Church or the culture of Utah? Is "Church" culture actually Utah culture exported elsewhere?

    I CRINGE at the phrase “church culture”

    I am from & live in the east,9yrs in west, my records in 11 wards, spoken in 6 diff countries & *almost every state.

    Definitely not all, but a lot is LOCATION culture.

    What is a hot issue where you are now, is not where I am. &vise versa

    — al carraway (@al_carraway) April 11, 2021

    Temple news! The Church has named the temple in Russia, but will it even be a temple, based on said name?

    Also, with a groundbreaking announced for Florida's third temple as well as 20 new temples announced in the last General Conference, when does the backlog of announced temples become too much?


    Supporters of Minerva Teichert's work, particularly that which has been slated for removal from the Manti Utah Temple, held a href="https://www.heraldextra.com/news/local/central/provo/sunday-rally-in-provo-supports-keeping-...

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    EP 525 - The Church of Nuclear Families Is No More

    EP 525 - The Church of Nuclear Families Is No More

    This week's show covering Latter-day Saint news is one of those where the discussion is so great, you don't realize you've basically stayed on one or two topics for nearly an hour. Such it is when Jared Gillins and Geoff Openshaw sit down and delve into ideas of representation and serving "minority" groups within our faith community.

    One alleged minority is those who are not married. However, we learned from Elder Gerrit W. Gong that married Latter-day Saints now form the minority in the Church. Does our rhetoric in church reflect that? Are we adequately representing the singles among us?

    What of those not actively involved in our faith? We too easily brand less-active Latter-day Saints as, well, exactly that - "less active." How can we move past labels? Much of the answer lays in common sense, but the current issue of the Liahona has an article with some tips on the best ways to talk about less active Latter-day Saints. We think this counsel can apply to any other marginalized group within our ranks.

    In another move toward inclusivity, BYUtv will broadcast shows featuring LGBTQ+ characters. It's a landmark shift for the Provo, Utah network, and one that will undoubtedly receive a mixed reception among the Latter-day Saint community.

    President Nelson spoke at length about faith during his General Conference address. It was a wonderful talk. Understandably, however, some took issue with the ways he framed working through doubt. Jana Riess argues that the Church needs to equip us with better tools to tackle our doubts beyond, "choose faith." She also encourages us not to speak disparagingly of those experiencing doubt, as if doubters rally around other doubters for the sake of commiseration. Not all of her comments land, but she raises some points worth discussing.

    New research shows Latter-day Saints under 40 preferred Biden to Trump in the 2020 U.S. presidential election. Is that an aberration, a result of the singularity of the Trump era, or does it portend a long-term shift into something else, like greater political plurality among Latter-day Saints

    Elder Neil L. Andersen was cool enough to take to Facebook and share a Jeopardy!-like game his family plays after ever General Conference.

    For many years now, after each general conference my family plays a game together to help us remember some of the...

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    EP 524 - General Conference Recap - April 2021

    EP 524 - General Conference Recap - April 2021

    General Conference was great! What a terrific way to spend Easter weekend this year. As is tradition, This Week in Mormons has assembled a panel of the best and brightest across the Latter-day Saint multiverse to recap our big takeaways from the weekend.Hear about favorite talks, the internet's response to some remarks, a staggering 20 news temples announced (one of which is quite personal for Geoff), and much more!Please welcome our panelists: the TWiM Sisters (Tiffany Hales and Arianne Smith), author Sariah Wilson, Latter-day Saint Video Vault columnist Jared Jones, actor and producer of Once I Was a Beehive and Show-Offs fame Hailey Smith, international development guru Dustin Homer, and Leading Saints founder Kurt Francom.You can also watch the video stream below.https://youtu.be/idZ1BIFZQfsPlease consider supporting This Week in Mormons on Patreon. Being the leading non-Church source of faith-positive yet real Latter-day Saint news and commentary isn't easy. We thank you for your support!

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    EP 523 - Temple Predictions: The Podcast Trois!

    EP 523 - Temple Predictions: The Podcast Trois!

    What a blessed day this is. We published our temple predictions for the April 2021 General Conference last week, but it's also fun to publish a podcast discussing said predictions! Spend some time with Geoff Openshaw and Joe Peterson as they have some fun predicting where the next round of temples might go.

    Big thanks to the members of the temple prediction community for their insights, as well. And we hope you'll check out the Temple Matrix, which scores and ranks the popularity of predictions every six months. (It's not our work.)

    We'd love it if you'd join the Patreon family. $2 a month makes all the difference in the world!

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4.4 out of 5
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129 Ratings

ceeceebee82 ,

Love the TWIM sisters

I love the TWIM sisters episodes! I feel like I’m sitting around a kitchen table hanging out with my own sisters!

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You can't go wrong with Geoff!

Great weekly podcast to keep one up-to-date with all things Latter-day Saint. Geoff and his co-hosts have a fun, light-hearted perspective on the news items they review while also adding commentary that is very thoughtful and light-hearted. I highly recommend this podcast.

Jsjwbwvlldj ,

Loved Sariah as cohost!

The latest episode with Sariah as cohost was so fun! Good conversation and well selected topics. Loved it!

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