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Red Eye Radio presents ThotLight: A complete list of what's going in in NYC gay nightlife- clubs and bars, events, premieres, glory holes, etc. Also included: reviews venues and shows, reporting gossip, opinionation, general thottery!

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Red Eye Radio presents ThotLight: A complete list of what's going in in NYC gay nightlife- clubs and bars, events, premieres, glory holes, etc. Also included: reviews venues and shows, reporting gossip, opinionation, general thottery!

    Ep. 13. Islaya

    Ep. 13. Islaya

    Freddie's back, but his Other Show isn't! Jim of Thotyssey's got a new weekly Sunday gig filled with lots of dancing and drag and Freddie's got you for Thanksgiving Eve.  Our hosts have things to say about new venue The Dickens, and analyze some some poignant social media carrying from Nicky Boom Box & Chris Blacker!

    Then it's time for a lovely tea-filled chat with one of the City's favorite newer queens Islaya. We talk about her theater background and drag origins, all her gigs and pageant wins, the queens she's living with, her Monster Bar mom, Southern versus NYC drag, her shows with The Aunties and newly renovated Haus of Official, major future projects in the works, Drag Race prospects, Rihanna, Noah's Arc, her best advice for baby queens... and who's the most underrated NYC drag performer?

    Then there's an in-depth discussion about the developing story regarding a "roofie-ing gang" who's crimes are now linked to multiple deaths in NYC. There's a whole scandal and back story here involving local politics and venue practices, among other things.

    Also in the news: Frankie Grande got mugged, a recent protest outside Stonewall apparently turned violent, the historic Jane Hotel closed, some local queens turned up on The View , a new Mx. Rockbar is crowned and the GLAM hostesses are announced.

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    Ep. 12. Hans Berlin

    Ep. 12. Hans Berlin

    Freddie couldn't make it today due to Reasons (he'll be back next week!), so Shady Boss Lady Daniel Nardicio sits in to co-ho with Jim! They discuss the chaos and victories of the recent election, a funny naked party pic in HK, piping hot tea re: local nightlife gossip, and a little previewing of the new RedEyeNY and Daniel's own upcoming podcast. Also *trigger warning* Dahmer, Sherry Pie and Nazis!? Of course.

    Enter studio guest Hans Berlin, whom Daniel has a long history with! Hans is candid about his porn career, his costars, what he would do or not do on camera, starting out as 40-something in the biz, etc. We also talk a lot about his hit new original stage musical Shooting Star at 3 Dollar Bill: what inspired it and how close the plot was to his life (and who were the other characters based on?),  what Drag Race star was nearly in the cast, how to approach onstage nudity and sexuality, and all the reasons why you must see this delightful show now! And learn at the end how you can win TWO FREE TICKETS RIGHT NOW!

    In the news: Miss Big Adam's Apple 2022, a famous artist / nightlife royalty home in the EV goes on the market, and a MAGA a*****e in Tulsa Molotavs a donut shop cuz drag queens were there.

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    Ep. 11: Glace Chase

    Ep. 11: Glace Chase

    Jim & Freddie spill tea on jury duty, new gigs, Hans Berlin's new musical Shooting Star, and Halloween antics. And wait, did someone just book Sherry Pie?

    Then it's time to chat with the hilarious Glace Chase, recent star of The Village: A Disco Musical who's about to star in an outrageous one woman show of her very own at Parkside, Glace's Big Things (there's still some tickets left)! Jim met Australian native Glace when she was hosting a macabre tour of the West Village armed with a stiletto on a stick, and these days when she's not doing savage scripted stage shows she's hosting Tribeca's wildest karaoke and a fun viewing party in Brooklyn.  There's some obligatory Drag Race shit talk, of course. And how do orgies and wombat riding figure into Glace's Big Things? And what exactly ARE those big things, anyway?

    In the news: Rise Bar is robbed, a Halloween Nazi a*****e is chased out of an iconic NYC venue, a NYC gal places in Miss Black Universe, the Gay City News Impact Awards, Selena Gomez returns to Waverly Place and RIP queer country legend Patrick Haggerty of Lavender Country.

    Send  love, hate, questions and scoops to thotlight@redeyeny.com!

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    Ep. 10: Kari Kerning

    Ep. 10: Kari Kerning

    Happy Halloween! Jimmy and Freddie celebrate their landmark TENTH episode, as well as some other important recent milestones for them both.  We review Chola ("Cola?") Spears' Stonewall Invasion, LaLa Wiggy's "Killer Queen" and Tiresias' "Underworld," and share our spooky plans for the holiday.

    Then we have a robust chat with New York's premiere Concept Queen Kari Kerning regarding her iconic Miss Barracuda win and accompanying viral trump video from back in the day; her current status as a Part Time Dragoness, Great Auntie of Nightlife and full time graphic designer; coming up as a Columbus, OH queen with mother Nina West; the pros and cons of digital drag; some Svetlana Stoli observations;  a hilariously bizarre and accurate Bob the Drag Queen moment; Our Lady of Saliva; and how she became the producer of Miss Big Adam's Apple (Nov. 6 at Industry)!

    One thing they all forgot to talk about, because they were drunk: Kari is a children's book author! Fitting In is adorable and charming... check it out!

    In the news: Esquire's favorite NYC bars, The Lesbian Bar Project, and what the Idaho anti-drag bill could mean for all queer Americans. Plus, a list of of events for tonight's Halloween festivities! (see full list at Thotyssey.com)

    Now you can email us at thotlight@redeyeny.com!

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    Ep. 9: Luis Fernando

    Ep. 9: Luis Fernando

    Things start off with a review of Freddie's DJ debut at the Monster, and how another local DJ hilariously mistook Jim for a dead celebrity that same night. Plus, some GLAM news... and how funny is it when some folks win GLAM awards and never even know it?

    Then we have a great chat with uber-successful DJ Luis Fernando about how DJing a rooftop party led to a New York Times article, a massive fine and the start of a prolific NYC nightlife career. We also discuss Luis' work as an immigration lawyer and his dramatic prevention of a local broadcaster's deportation, his responsibilities and experiences as a POC in nightlife, how he deals with bad song requests in the booth, his brief tenure at the notorious Motel 23, IG thot posting, married life... and of course, all the tea that can be spilled re: his times as a resident DJ and eventual creative director of that other gay conversation starter, The Q!

    In the news: Life-saving kits are coming to a bar near you, a new Brooklyn queer bar staff plans to unionize after alleged mistreatment, Riis Beach's glory days may be numbered, a bizarre assault at a popular Connecticut queer venue, nightlife celebrates the 'Negroni Sbagliato with Prosecco" meme, a Queens town that serves as a newer trans / nonbinary hub is now the world's fourth coolest neighborhood, and RIP Fire Island's beloved Joyce Rodgers.

    Luis' IG: @luisfernando.nyc

    Sent comments & questions to thotyssey@gmail.com!

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    Ep. 8: Svetlana Stoli

    Ep. 8: Svetlana Stoli

    Jim & Freddie review The Village: a Musical (which is returning),  while Jim laments just missing a chance to see the only person he's ever wanted to meet in nightlife and complains about getting boostered. Later we carry about our recent East Village adventures in Boiler Room & The Cock.

    Also, RedEye's Sam and Taylor stop in to make a major announcement about... not what you think (ploy twist)!

    We also welcome, from Russia with love: the incomparable, still-reigning Miss West End (!) Svetlana Stoli on her rise to brunch queen dominance,  nightlife's slow return to form post-Covid, the reality of being queer in and out of Russia today, "Welcome to My Hole," her learning curves while working with Voss Events and Lucky Chengs, her knack for finding drag diamonds in the rough when it comes to casting shows and her brand new brunch venture at The Iridium (Oct 22). And of course, a lot of Russian Tea is spilt in this Room!

    In the news: American Horror Story's new season takes place in 80's queer club culture and was filmed in some key local venues; NYC's divisive  mayor loves the nightlife; and the Ballroom Awards!

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