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Stopping the Stigma by having conversations about suicide. The goal is to provide support to those dealing with suicide in any capacity.

Thoughts of Suicide Nate Glover

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Stopping the Stigma by having conversations about suicide. The goal is to provide support to those dealing with suicide in any capacity.

    Sarah - Secondary Losses

    Sarah - Secondary Losses

    Sarah is a professional musician turned advanced certified grief recovery specialist. After losing her father and stepfather to cancer, she began a tumultuous grief journey. She has made it her mission to break the stigma around the topic of grief by debunking the myths surrounding how we're expected to grieve, teach people how to ask for/give support and help people release the pain, isolation and loneliness caused by their loss. In turn, those who are struggling are finally able to find healing, peace, purpose and happiness again. 


    FB support group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2877657089135691

    Instagram: @sarahthegriefcoach

    Thoughts of Suicide Podcast:  linktr.ee/suicide_podcast

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    Crystal - "I See You"

    Crystal - "I See You"

    Crystal Partney is an author, speaker, suicide grief coach, and founder of Scattering Hope and Owl & Thistle. 

    The day before her 32nd birthday in 2019, would be the day that changed her life forever. Little did Crystal know; she would receive the devastating news that her sister Gina had taken her life that morning. After this tragedy, Crystal needed the next steps on how to begin the healing process. She discovered that the first 30 days are often the most important step when it comes to healing after suicide.

    Knowing how hard it can be to deal with the loss of a loved one, especially at a time when human interaction may be limited, or impossible, Crystal decided she would help others mourning the loss of a loved one to suicide, and to give a place of hope to those who may be in a place of darkness and need a helping hand.

    Crystal was recently featured on in Medium, Thrive Global, Kivo Daily, and The American Reporter.
    Instagram: @scattering.hope

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    My "Mental Health Break" is Over!

    My "Mental Health Break" is Over!

    I'm back...and am bringing you some updates and changes to the podcast.  Please be sure to subscribe to the channel on YouTube, an check out the Thursday night livestreams!


    (I need 100 subscribers before I can make that URL look much better).

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    Jenn - The Reverse Guest

    Jenn - The Reverse Guest

    Jenn claimed to be "the reverse" of the type of guest  I normally have on the show, but I don't think that's the case.   She was very honest about her feelings towards suicide threats.  She's cynical because of prior events, but hopes she can change her outlook.

    Check out the extended conversation at patreon.com/suicide_podcast

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    Sean - The 3 Second Rule

    Sean - The 3 Second Rule

    Each year, millions of people around the world attempt to take their own lives- millions. And we almost never talk about it. On Sean Wellington's podcast, Suicide Noted, he talks with suicide attempt survivors, so we can hear their stories- in their words.

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    Didi - The Silent Monster

    Didi - The Silent Monster

    My guest, Didi Hairston, runs a blog called "Diva With Depression."   She shares her own struggles with severe depression, so that others will know that they are not alone.   
    Instagram: @divawdp

    Thoughts of Suicide Podcast:

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4.3 out of 5
12 Ratings

12 Ratings

sloan4699 ,

Don’t hesitate

If you are struggling don’t hesitate to call 406-599-6907

Thank you❤️

Shh Moms Reading ,

Great episode with Larry Sprung

I enjoyed the episode with Larry Sprung so much I am off to listen to his podcast the Mitlin Money Mindset™

GratefulEverday ,

Awesome Interview

This was such a powerful and insightful and much needed interview. It’s sad that there is still such a stigma attached to mental illness. There is help available.

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