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Listen in on conversations with me and friends for encouragement about your mind, body, and soul as if we are on a walk together. You'll learn from others as they share about their seasons, what they are learning and loving. Each episode ends with a "Mom Hack" that you won't want to miss. Thanks for tuning in.

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Listen in on conversations with me and friends for encouragement about your mind, body, and soul as if we are on a walk together. You'll learn from others as they share about their seasons, what they are learning and loving. Each episode ends with a "Mom Hack" that you won't want to miss. Thanks for tuning in.

    3Milemom ideas for being quarantine with your family

    3Milemom ideas for being quarantine with your family

    I am trying to shift my perspective and thinking about this as a sabbath, instead of a snow day. It’s going to be a time to rest, without distractions of our own obligations. It’s a time for us to love the people best right within our own walls. It’s a time to slow, and find new rhythms, to try new things and things we haven’t had a time for. It’s a time to cook and experiment, and a time to be lazy, and watch movies and read books. And also a friendly reminder, mostly to myself, this is going to be a marathon, not a sprint… So let’s do this. Together. Thanks for listening!

    Quarantined activities 

    OutsideWalkRunDo speed work in your driveway! Try SprintsBikeClean up your yard, pull weeds, pick up sticks, rake your leavesChalk! Play hopscotch, chalk your driveway, your neighbors driveways with a fun messageFly a kitBubbles! Plant somethingPlay sports! Make a compost pile for gardens/plantsMake a bird feederBird watch, catalog the birds or animals you see every day


    Write and send letters  Keep a journal, prayer journal, gratitudeWrite a storeWrite a prequel/sequel about your favorite movie


    Read books (Books I read in 2019)Virtual book clubRead books via facetime to othersListen to audio booksBook swapsWrite a book review, video it!


    Make and share Playlists Listen to podcastsMake up dance videosFaceTime others and practice singing, or playing instruments song togetherWrite a songLearn something off YouTube – how to sing, play, read music


    Run / Walk – doesn’t matter what shape you are in!Yoga Competitions – push ups, jumping jacks, planks, sit ups


    Top chefBake offBake cookiesBake breadCook around the world Progressive dinner, each person make/pick one part of the mealPicnic in your home/yardFancy dinner where everyone dresses up Chocolate chip cookie contest, try a few different recipes and have test testers to make a votePretend cooking shows, record making somethingMake something you don’t normally have time to do 


    Board gamesBoard games tournament, like a bracket stylePuzzlesBlocksSee what you can build or repurpose from recyclingMake your own pictionary, or charades, or “fishbowl” Make up your own scavenger huntEaster egg hunt (put puzzles pieces, or clues in them)Have a fashion show! Pick themes and find outfits in your own closets to dress up and give fun prizes or awards


    Paint rocks of encouragement and leave them around your neighborhoodPaint recycle goodsMake a comic strip/ flip booksMake a birdhouseDraw your back/front porchDraw your familyPrint your pictures and make a photo album, or scrapbookLook at old photos and tell the stories, memories together as a family


    PantryKitchenBasement/StorageClothes & ClosetsToys, books, games – see if you can do a book swap or a game swapMovies/DVDsPhotos

    Books I read in 2019

    Books I read in 2019

    I love to read so I thought I would kick off the podcast in 2020 with a roundup of the books I read in 2019. I love hearing directly from people after they’ve read a book more than reviews or just finding something on a best sellers list.

    A few of them during the episode I messed up the title or author but here is the complete list with direct Amazon links.Love lives here – Maria Goff 

    The road back to you Suzanne Stable; Ian Morgan Cron

    The hate you give – Angie Thomas

    It’s not supposed to be this way – Lysa TerKeurst

    If you only knew  – Jamie Ivy

    Who thought this was a good idea – And Other Questions You Should Have Answers to When You Work in the White House – Alyssa Mastronmonaco

    Women of the Word: How to Study the Bible with Both Our Hearts and Our Minds – Jen Wilkin

    Unbroken Faith: Spiritual Recovery for the Special Needs Parent – Diana Dokko Kim

    Dare to lead – Brene Brown

     The gospel comes with a house key – Rosaria Butterfield

     Not forsaken – Louie Giglio

    The lucky few – Heather Avis

    Digital minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in Noisy World – Cal Newport

    Deep work: Rules for focused success in a distracted world – Cal Newport

    Maybe you should talk to someone – Lori Gottlieb

    The last time I lied – Riley Sager

    Where the crawdad sings: Delia Owens

    Final Girls – Riley Sage

    Mismatch: How inclusion shapes design – Kat Holmes

    Talking to strangers: What we should know about people we don’t know – Malcom Gladwell

    The Tattooist of Auschwitz – Heather Morris

    When less becomes more: Making space for slow, simple and good – Emily Ley

    Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine – Gail Honeyman

    Seven principles for Making Marriage work – John Gottman

    The Homebody: A guide to creating spaces you never want to leave – Joanna Gaines

    The Home Edit: A guide organizing and realizing your house goals – Clea Shearer

    The silent patient  – Alex Michaelides

    Gay Girl, Good God: The story of who I was, and who God has always been – Jackie Hill Perry

    And if reading paper books isn’t your jam, listen to books on audio! Happy new year and here’s to 2020 of more reading!

    Mason Update - almost 2 years old!

    Mason Update - almost 2 years old!

    Since the beginning and the first episode, I haven’t done a full update on what’s been going on in Mason’s world so here it is!

    I first share about his progress in therapy, including PT, OT, Speech and vision. You’ll hear what’s important right now and what we are working on.

    Next I share some of Mason’s favorite things, just like Oprah! This was fun for me to think through because a few months ago I wasn’t sure if Mason had any preference.

    I also share about the Shopping Cart project that we are working on, what our field trip was like and the prototype that followed. I also share about how we got the project accepted by a program called the Inclusioneers, where University of Akron students are paired with a project and mentors from the business world to help bring this product to life. We should be starting soon and I am excited.

    If you haven’t heard me share about Miles for Mason and the Move to Cure STXBP1 Events, there’s still time to sign up or donate! Check out the events page on 3Milemom for the specific meet up details.

    And finally I share what we’re hopeful for this season, and how we talk about the progression we’ve seen so far. Thanks for your support!

    A walk with Kari Juola

    A walk with Kari Juola

    I started my motherhood journey with Kari Juola, our first born daughters were born on the same day. She’s an Air Force wife and mom to two girls in Louisiana.

    We talk about her current season, life with littles. We walk through the day to day of motherhood and what she’s learning and loving in this season.

    Kari also shares about her husband Brian and his time in weapon school and how her family works through the different times he’s away. Brian has been deployed twice and Kari shares about how she and her family got through the time apart. Her family and community and big celebrations after the hard work helped pass the time.

    Kari shares about what she’s learning this season, more specifically from the bible study she’s doing “No Other Gods, by Kelly Minter”. She talks about the idols in our lives, and some that show up that we may not even realize it was an idol, like fear or anxiety.

    Kari shares about generosity, but probably not in the way that you would think. She talks about she’s learning to be more generous to her children, her husband. And to be more generous to her community with her skills and talents. It’s leading her to love big instead of wondering what she will get in return.

    We talk about how to make the most out a season when you are solo parenting. Kari shares about being intentional about communication with her husband throughout the time he’s away, as well as what she can do to support him too. She also had to think and prepare for his return back to family life and what that new normal looks like.

    We also talk about parenting, and the score-keeping or resentment that could come along with it when your partner is away, either for a long deployment or on a quick business trip. She also talks about we have to communicate with our spouses to let them know when we need help, it’s our opportunity to parent side by side with them.

    Her mom hack is a good reminder to take time for God even when you are doing the thing you dread, like pumping or taking out the trash.

    If you want to connect with Kari – feel free to send her a note at kari.l.juola@gmail.com

    A walk with Alyssa Serchia - AKA I am Strong like Mom

    A walk with Alyssa Serchia - AKA I am Strong like Mom

    I had a blast catching up and cheering on Alyssa Serchia from I am Strong like Mom. She is an author, momma of 3 kiddos, and wife of a college football coach living in south Texas.

    Alyssa and I talk about her current season with little ones is crazy but she shares about she feels like doing what counts for her family. We also talk about being present and content with where you are instead of looking ahead.

    She also shares about the lessons she’s learning the hard way, including slowing down and thinking strategically about her business. I loved her advice for all moms, and I hope you are encouraged by her.

    Alyssa also talks about the behind the scenes of her new book, I am Strong like Mom. Her sister illustrated this book. She talks about the process and how it became a project that they grew closer together even though they were an ocean apart.

    Alyssa reads us one of her favorite pages from the book, and I cannot wait to get mine to read it to my kiddos. Watch the book trailer, including the letters to moms.

    Alyssa reading her book to her kiddos.

    Alyssa shares two mom hacks, the first one is practical for those who are doing road trips with little ones. And her second mom hack is a brilliant idea if you are doing bedtime solo!

    Read or learn more at http://www.iamstronglikemom.com/

    Follow along with all of the @Iamstronglikemom on Instagram

    Order the book (or a few for gifts) on Amazon

    I am Strong like Mom Shop (#strollersquad shirts, I am strong like mom)

    Ask me Anything - Allison Michels - 3MileMom

    Ask me Anything - Allison Michels - 3MileMom

    Hi friends – here’s a bonus episode for you! A few weeks ago I asked on Facebook and on Instagram if you had questions for me. I answer them here in this episode! It was fun to talk about what I am reading, what this season looks like, how to include special needs families, motherhood, family, faith and more.

    Links to the things I share in the episode:

    Love lives here – Maria Goff

    @Skiptomyluca – special needs parent, advocat and resource http://skiptomyluca.com/

    Even If – Mercy Me

    Daniel 3:16-20 New International Version (NIV)16 Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego replied to him, “King Nebuchadnezzar, we do not need to defend ourselves before you in this matter. 17 If we are thrown into the blazing furnace, the God we serve is able to deliver us from it, and he will deliver us[a] from Your Majesty’s hand. 18 But even if he does not, we want you to know, Your Majesty, that we will not serve your gods or worship the image of gold you have set up.”

    Everything happens for a reason and other lies I’ve loved. – Kate Bowler

    Listen, text a friend to share it, and review on iTunes.

    More questions? Just ask!

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5.0 out of 5
47 Ratings

47 Ratings

imalovernow ,

Love, love, love

I love listening to this podcast! Allison has such a huge heart for community! I feel like I’m on a walk with close friends. The conversations are insightful and encouraging, I get something out of every episode. Love the mom hacks at the end too!

mama smalls ,

My village, my tribe!

Being a woman and/or a mom is by no means a cookie cutter thing BUT there is a common ground that is found when we share life and our experiences together and my goodness does 3mile mom get this!! It’s so encouraging to hear from women who are navigating their best life with a foundation of faith and desire to not be confined to the “my life is supposed to be...” mentality. Life is messy and beautiful with twist and turns along the journey and I found 3mile mom to be a place that fuels my mom and wife heart to take joy in that journey and know I’m not alone in this imperfectly perfect role God has blessed me with. It takes a village but it also takes a tribe! 3Mile Mom- keep on going, I’m coming with you!

MadelineRoark ,

Not just for moms!!

Love to listen to this podcast on my way home from work - and the one with Laura is chillbumps the whole episode! It’s so clear how her strength and faith has rubbed off on you 4 kids. Even without kids, the lessons and tips you share are so valuable!

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