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Artistic Creative Director & Host AJ brings onboard Co-Host SlideShow in the Reboot of the Multi Topic “Conversation that Never Ends” ♾⏰⚡️

Timeless Talk AJ & SlideShow

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Artistic Creative Director & Host AJ brings onboard Co-Host SlideShow in the Reboot of the Multi Topic “Conversation that Never Ends” ♾⏰⚡️

    Living Life with Faith: The Journey of John Jesse Fariñas

    Living Life with Faith: The Journey of John Jesse Fariñas

    As we gather to remember the extraordinary life of John Jesse Fariñas, we're inspired by the rich legacy he left behind: a testament of unwavering faith, Timeless lessons on responsibility, spirituality, and morality. His life served as a blueprint for manhood, teaching us the essence of responsibility, the significance of emotions, and the power of choice. Have you ever wondered how much your choices today can affect your life's journey? 
    Join us as we explore the profound impact John had on our lives and how his teachings continue to guide us. We'll talk about his unwavering faith, the timeless lessons he imparted on responsibility, spirituality, morality, and being a man of substance. We'll discuss how he taught his sons about leading a life rooted in strong moral values and faith in God, and how those teachings have shaped their own lives. John's life and teachings have inspired us to reflect on our own lives, our faith, and our journey toward self-improvement.

    In the latter half of our discussion, we dive into fascinating biblical mysteries, the intricate dynamics of family issues, and the exploration of God's plan. These explorations serve as opportunities to reflect on the importance of faith, the power of forgiveness, and the significance of obedience to divine commands. So, come along on this heartfelt journey of reflection and soulful exploration of life, legacy, faith, and self-improvement. We guarantee that John's life and teachings will inspire you to reflect, learn, and grow.

    *Eulogy for John Jesse Fariñas
    *Lessons From a Beloved Father
    *Fatherhood and the Definition of Manhood
    *Importance of Spirituality and Morals
    *Finding Peace and Gratitude in Life
    *Self-Improvement and Following One's Own Path
    *Finding Purpose in Faith
    *Ark of the Covenant Mysteries
    *Emotions and Family Issues
    *Views on God's Plan and Ministry

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    Navigating the Worlds of Music & Cinema

    Navigating the Worlds of Music & Cinema

    Get ready for a star-studded episode as we reunite with former Co-Host EQ & Special Guest Couleur (Color in French). Join us on a journey from discussing Couleur's music career, his unique style, and the heart that goes into his upcoming merchandise, before diving into the world of cinema. Our chat takes us from the excitement of the Newly released Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 to our favorite blockbusters and characters, and the cinematic universes that have captured our hearts.

    Venture with us as we explore the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), dissecting comics like the original Infinity Gauntlet and analyzing casting choices such as Adam Warlock. We delve into the emotional rollercoaster that is Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3, dissecting its storyline and characters, and examining the controversial green screen effects. From our shared disappointment over 'Fool's Paradise' to our appreciation for classics like Baby Boy & Rush Hour 2, we offer a candid take on the films that have left their mark on us.

    As we take a nostalgic trip down memory lane, we reminisce about our high school days, AOL dial-up, and the early days of the internet. We share stories about freestyling in the classroom, EQ's shyness that sparked his music passion, and the laughter that kept us connected. Host AJ & EQ also listen to Couleur's NEW track 'Onna Star,' discussing how Couleur's music reflects his experiences and the importance of taking risks to create something unique. Join us for an episode filled with laughter, nostalgia, and in-depth discussions on movies, music, and the art of storytelling.

    -Special Guest @ColorInFrench

    -Couleur’s Music Links:
    Chase The Light, Live Like Moths Album:

    “Keep Going Up” Single: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/cou...

    “Onna Star” NEW Single: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/cou...

    *Discussing Couleur
    *Merch Talk
    *Music Talk
    *Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 Review
    *MCU Talk
    *Bad Film

    *Intro Song Credit: Couleur*
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    AI, the Anti-Christ, and the Book of Enoch

    AI, the Anti-Christ, and the Book of Enoch

    What if Artificial Intelligence (AI) could revolutionize our society, while also posing potential dangers, such as being the anti-Christ? Welcome back to Timeless Talk, where we're joined by one of our original co-hosts, ArmShark, to dive into this fascinating topic and its implications on the job market, power dynamics, and our resistance to change.

    Not only do we explore the world of AI, but we also touch on the intriguing subject of the Book of Enoch and its removal from the Bible. With theories about the fallen angels in the Bible potentially being related to Greek gods and the role of the Leviathan in wiping out giants, our guest ArmShark provides insightful thoughts on the connection between AI and the Book of Enoch. We also celebrate the birthday of our other co-host, SlideShow, reflecting on the potential impact of AI on human relationships and the power dynamics at play.

    From ArmShark’s vendetta against McDonald's to the potential use of AI for saving endangered species, this episode is packed with thought-provoking discussions and debates on the role of AI in our present and future world. Don't miss out on this special bonus episode that takes you on an intellectual journey, exploring the world of AI and its implications on our society.

    -Special Guest ArmShark

    *The Book of Enoch explanation
    *AI (Artificial Intelligence) & its implications
    *Futurama LifeStyle
    *The Rabbit Hole
    *No Circle Jerks
    *Bartender Matty

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    Jumping into the Mushroom Kingdom: A Timeless Super Mario Bros. Movie Review

    Jumping into the Mushroom Kingdom: A Timeless Super Mario Bros. Movie Review

    🍄⭐️✨Season 3 FINALE! Get ready for a nostalgic blast from the past as we dive into the highly anticipated Super Mario Brothers movie! From the dynamic duo of Mario and Luigi to the iconic power-ups and Mario Kart action, we're talking all things Mushroom Kingdom in this spoiler-filled discussion. So if you haven't seen the film yet, press pause and come back when you're ready for a wild ride.

    Join us as we compare this latest adaptation to the infamous live-action movie from the 90s and explore how the film brought our favorite video game characters to life. We'll share our favorite moments and childhood memories of playing Mario games, while taking an in-depth look at the movie's storyline, world-building, and its unique take on the Mario and Luigi relationship. Plus, we'll explore how this film incorporated elements from the beloved Mario Kart games in a fresh and exciting way.

    But the fun doesn't stop there – we're also discussing the future of Super Nintendo World and what to expect from this immersive theme park. From interactive experiences to mouth-watering food offerings, find out what fans can look forward to in this gamer's paradise. Don't miss this episode as we relive the magic of the Mushroom Kingdom together!

    *SlideShowuigi is back from Rehab (Formerly known as Niggauigi)
    *A Timeless Review of The Super Mario Bros. Movie
    *Mention of Super Nintendo World

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    Protege Tu Paz.

    Protege Tu Paz.

    📸⚡️🎙️”Just Be" in this Episode of The Conversation that Never Ends, Host AJ interviews Special guest entrepreneur Photographer MacVisuals or “Miggy Mac” about Topics such as his Passion for Photography, Boxing, the Deep meanings behind his NEW Merch Line, & a Cultural Internship in Uganda

    -Special Guest @MacVisuals

    Any & ALL Inquiries about Merch or Photography Services:



    *Advise from Mac
    *Anybody can Learn Anything
    *Compare yourself to No one
    *Act on Inspiration
    *Creating with Zero Expectations of Return
    *We we’re Created to be Creative
    *”There’s no such thing as a coincidence Everything is a divine appointment”

    *Intro Beat Credit: Leo Legendary*
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    • 1 hr 11 min
    Irreplaceable Moments

    Irreplaceable Moments

    ⚡️🏎️💨"Back in Time" On this Episode of The Conversation that never Ends, AJ & SlideShow get personal. Hopping into a Delorean & traveling back to a year (2013) & time to re live/delve into a time/event of their lives where they really enjoyed it & felt they could learn from said event now, to driving Back to the Future a bit to 2017 a Year where both Hosts would attempt to pull off a Re Do of events that took place in their lives where they felt if better addressed, they could have saved their Friends Lives. It runs Deep

    *Delorean Time Machine
    *What Would You ReLive if you could?
    *The Return to Belize
    *Advise yourself to take some Future Advice
    *Indiana Jones, The Legend
    *Swastikas used to mean "PEACE"
    *Disney World/Universal Orlando East Coast Christmas Trip
    *Traveling back to 2013 to relive/re appreciate a time of Our Lives
    *Back to the Future to 2017 to Intervene in both of Our situations
    *R.I.P Magellan

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