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Brody Herrick is a high school student who has in-depth conversations with successful entrepreneurs, innovators and artists about life lessons and their experiences when they were teenagers.

Titans as Teens Brody Herrick

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Brody Herrick is a high school student who has in-depth conversations with successful entrepreneurs, innovators and artists about life lessons and their experiences when they were teenagers.

    Neil Strauss - Author and Transformational Journalist

    Neil Strauss - Author and Transformational Journalist

    Neil Strauss is an author and transformational journalist. A ten-time New York Times best-selling author, he's also written about the biggest names in music for Rolling Stone, The New York Times, Esquire, Spin and other magazines.

    • 49 min
    Ho Nam - Venture Capitalist

    Ho Nam - Venture Capitalist

    I was introduced to Ho Nam by a previous guest, and going into my conversation with him it’s safe to say I didn’t know what to expect. All I knew about Ho was what I had gathered from my online research and the fact that he had gone to a very similar high school to the one I currently attend.

    I had all my emergency questions prepared in case I couldn’t find a way to continue the conversation. As soon as we started chatting however all my fears dissipated. Ho was incredibly open and easy to talk to as soon as we met, almost immediately sharing some incredible insights into the way he thinks.

    Who is Ho Nam? Ho is one of the most intelligent and thoughtful venture capitalists I have ever met. He is the Co-founder and Managing Director of Altos Ventures, a global VC and RIA with more than $3B in regulatory AUM. Since 1996, Altos has invested more than $1B in 100+ global tech startups, usually as the first and lead institutional investor.

    He began his career by getting his Bachelor's in engineering from Harvey Mudd College and his MBA from Stanford University. Clearly, Ho is very educated, but he backs up his impressive resumé with an even more amazing charisma.

    The only thing more entertaining than listening to him is actually speaking with him yourself. This is an episode I think everyone can enjoy and learn from, regardless of your prior understanding. 

    • 41 min
    Amy Chan - Author and Breakup Expert

    Amy Chan - Author and Breakup Expert

    Amy was a surprising guest, to say the least. I went into my conversation with her preparing questions based on what I thought she knew the most about, relationships. But I was immediately shocked to find out all the incredible things that she knew from her life experience. Amy has a childhood story that allows her to give some amazing insights into the world, as well as herself.

    Amy is a breakup connoisseur in the best possible way. After having her heartbroken by a boyfriend, she later decided she wanted to help people who are in the same situation she was. She founded the Renew Breakup Bootcamp, a retreat for people suffering after a breakup, which thrives to this day. Recently, Amy wanted a way to share her knowledge with the greater public in a manner accessible to all, through a book. Her new book Breakup Bootcamp: The Science of Rewiring Your Heart is now available on Audible and Amazon. It is filled with amazing anecdotes and pieces of advice that are helpful even to those not currently experiencing a breakup.

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    Nikolai Bratkovski - Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

    Nikolai Bratkovski - Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

    Where do I even start with Nikolai Bratkovski? Nikolai was the fourth person I ever talked to for the podcast, and it’s safe to say my conversation skills were not yet on point (still improving!).

    When I went into the Zoom call the first thing I got was Nikolai holding his computer with his hands and walking outside to enjoy the clouds. So you’ll hear a bit of mic noise as we talk.

    We started with small talk and eventually, we started the podcast, but what I didn’t expect was the longest conversation I had to date with an incredible storyteller.

    But who is Nikolai Bratkovski? As with most things, it’s complicated. Nikolai was born in Belarus and moved to Canada in his teens with his family.

    To say Nikolai was a good kid would be false. The man did own a nightclub when he was 18. He did start coding at a young age, however, and that experience proved to be invaluable. Nikolai used his coding skills in combination with his entrepreneurial skills to create websites to make healthcare more available through the Internet.

    Nikolai has devoted the rest of his professional career to healthcare, recently co-founding Opencare in Canada.

    • 57 min
    Craig Sherman, Venture Capitalist

    Craig Sherman, Venture Capitalist

    Craig Sherman was one of the first people I ever talked to for the podcast, and one of the most fun and interesting. Craig seems like a normal guy from the outside; he is anything but.

    Craig has made his business in investing, more specifically, venture capital. Before that however, Craig went to Saint Paul’s High school, then to Princeton University and graduated Magna Cum Laude.

    Craig has an amazing story of how he grew to where he is today, of going to high school in Japan, and his many jobs after college.

    After Craig found investing however, he never looked back. He has become an investor, board member, and CEO of an incredible number of businesses, including Zipcar, Roblox, and Survey Monkey.  Currently Craig is lives in Atherton California with his wife and kids. He continues looking for amazing startups.

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    Titans as Teens, promo

    Titans as Teens, promo

    The Titans as Teens podcast is hosted by sixteen year old high school student Brody Herrick.

    Launching December 2020.

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4.7 out of 5
6 Ratings

6 Ratings

jdibrienza ,

Great concept!

Brody is a teen who spends time talking to successful adults about what they were like as teens. In this high pressure world where teens think they need to have it all figured out before college, this is a great way to let teens travel back in time and see how varied these experiences were.
It’s also fun for the adults. Great interviews with fascinating guests!

stokespsge ,

Enlightening, illuminating and meaninful

Brody is a skilled interviewer, drawing Craig Sherman out to speak on various stages of his life, his career, his interests, his perspectives —and soliciting advice to teens looking ahead. This is a podcast not just for teens —all age listeners will benefit.

🚞🚋 ,


A great listen for people of any age.

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