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A podcast to help you find joy and confidence in going and staying alcohol-free later in life.

To 50 and Beyond podcast Lori Massicot

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A podcast to help you find joy and confidence in going and staying alcohol-free later in life.

    A Daily Plan to Support Your Alcohol-Free Lifestyle with Michelle Smith

    A Daily Plan to Support Your Alcohol-Free Lifestyle with Michelle Smith

    Episode 264
    Hey there, friend! 
    If you are curious about living alcohol-free or already living that lifestyle but struggle with what to focus on daily to help you stay alcohol-free, you will appreciate today's episode.
    I asked my friend, Michelle Smith, the Founder of Recovery is the New Black to come on the podcast and talk about the importance of creating a daily self-check-in plan to manage your emotions, focus, and well-being. 
    Michelle will guide you through simple daily activities to help you stay alcohol-free, and create a daily journaling practice to make yourself a priority. 
    Michelle shares practices from her latest book: Living Sober, Living Free: A Guided Journal for Women Who Want to Stop Drinking.  
    To learn more about Michelle and the resources mentioned in this episode, click here for show notes. 

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    Living Alcohol-Free: The First Year with Co-Host Casey McGuire Davidson

    Living Alcohol-Free: The First Year with Co-Host Casey McGuire Davidson

    Episode 263 
    Hello, friend! I'm glad you're here. 
    I invited my friend, Casey McGuire Davidson to the podcast to join me in a conversation about the first year of living alcohol-free. 
    When we make a choice to stop drinking, we all start off unsure of what to expect.
    Casey and I break down what we experienced from week one to the one-year mark in our first year of alcohol freedom. 
    It's an insightful conversation that will give you an insider's peek into the two different paths Casey and I took to sobriety.
    The purpose of today’s episode is to help you gain insight into what you can expect in your first year, and how to navigate challenges that we all face when we take the road to alcohol freedom.
    We are with you. 
    Get the full show notes and resources mentioned in this episode here: https://www.lorimassicot.com/263

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    How to Get Past "Forever Sober" Thinking with Co-Hosts Anne and Leigh Walkup

    How to Get Past "Forever Sober" Thinking with Co-Hosts Anne and Leigh Walkup

    Episode 262 
    Hello friend! I'm glad you're here! 
    Today, we come together to talk about one of the biggest challenges most of us face when standing at the crossroads of "Do I continue to drink?" or "Do I go alcohol-free?" is the fear of never drinking again if you choose to take a break or go all into an alcohol-free lifestyle. 
    "Forever sober" thinking is real, but it doesn't have to hold you back from being alcohol-free today. 
    In this episode, we talk about “going all in” on an alcohol-free lifestyle, committing to yourself and your choice not to drink on a day-to-day basis, the drain of decision fatigue, the reality of day ones, and the gals share their experience with the choices they made to protect themselves in early sobriety.
    Thank you for listening! x
    To read this episode's full show notes, click here. 

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    The Bright Side of Going Alcohol-Free in Midlife

    The Bright Side of Going Alcohol-Free in Midlife

    Episode 261
    Hello friend!
    When I was 45 and thinking about quitting alcohol, I wished I could hear from women my age who could share their experiences and insights about living without alcohol. In today's episode, I'm your virtual friend, here to share some positive insights of life without drinking.
    The purpose of this episode is to bring you hope and encouragement, and help you find your "bright side" to going alcohol-free.
    What you'll hear: 
    Why going alcohol-free in midlife matters  What I discovered about myself before and after I quit drinking  Insights from seven women (just like you) and what they've discovered about themselves after they stopped drinking   Whether you are sober curious or already living an alcohol-free lifestyle, this episode offers empathy and support on your journey. 
    To read this episodes full show notes, click here. 
    Thank you for listening! 
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    Why September is a Great Time to Take a Break from Drinking

    Why September is a Great Time to Take a Break from Drinking

    Episode 260 Are you thinking about taking a break from drinking? 
    I remember my first break from drinking, which I talk about in this episode. I had the mindset going into it that I would save money and lose weight, but with that first break, I realized how different I felt without drinking. 
    That break was the "kickstart" to me going "all-in" on an alcohol-free lifestyle a year and half later. 
    In this episode, I talk about five compelling reasons to embrace an alcohol-free lifestyle in September. 
    Whether you're new to the concept of going alcohol-free or an experienced explorer, these five reasons are meant for midlife women who are ready to give themselves a break from the "after-effects" of drinking. 
    From the significance of National Recovery Month to the empowerment of self-pride, you'll discover why September 2023 is a GREAT time to take a break from drinking. 
    Go here to find the full show notes. 
    Ready to Kickstart your break from drinking? Give yourself a gift of alcohol-free living in September and Take the Challenge: The Alcohol-Free Habit Kickstart 30-Day Challenge. 
    Gain immediate access to daily lessons that help you start where you are, prepare for your break, and focus on self-care. 
    You will also gain lifetime enrollment in Team Alcohol-Free, the only online community exclusively for women 35 and over where you will have daily inspiration and support from myself and the TAF community. 
    ➡️To join today, choose The Alcohol-Free Habit Kickstart enrollment plan here. 
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    How to Keep Alcohol-Free Living Top of Mind Daily

    How to Keep Alcohol-Free Living Top of Mind Daily

    In this episode, I wrap up The Essential Series with words of encouragement and hope and a breakdown of how to keep your alcohol-free lifestyle top of mind daily which simply means: I will make myself and my alcohol-free lifestyle a priority because I care about myself and what I want more out of life than drinking alcohol. 
    I'll be sharing five practical strategies to help remind you of why you're choosing an alcohol-free lifestyle, show up for yourself daily, and enjoy the freedom that comes from living alcohol-free later in life.  
    Check out the full show notes here. 
    Mentioned in this episode:  The Essential Series: Your Guide to Living Alcohol-Free in Midlife and Beyond 
    Ready for something different? Discover the Path to Thriving in an Alcohol-Free Lifestyle: Find the Plan, Inspiration, and Support You Deserve!
    Join our exclusive membership community, Team Alcohol-Free, today and gain access to weekly meetings, resources, workshops, and new alcohol-free friends.  
    Join here.     

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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
195 Ratings

195 Ratings

Tetedanmar ,

Latching on!

257 days sober today. Really looking forward to your podcasts lately. Topics seem to be speaking to me! Thank you and keep up the great work!

EXC592 ,

Paying attention to our hunger

Lori, I just Love you!! You are my 2nd favorite Sober Sister next to Trish Lewis from Recovery Happy Hour; (who I happened to find in her last episodes) the year I decided to lead a sober life. I decided to lead a Sober lifestyle on July 18th 2021. I was 52 years old. I am 54 now!!:-0
I am blessed that I am married to my best sober friend, my husband Paul for 30 years!!
He hasn’t drank since our college days.
God has lead us on a Ketovore journey together slowly beginning in 2020. I realized that alcohol didn’t fit into my life anymore when I started getting more deeper into my health journey. Wendy Speake book; The Sugar Fast also helped me become aware that alcohol no longer was my friend.
I feel like you are a good friend of mine and I’ve never met you!! I’m so blessed to have your helpful podcast in my life.
I have decided to go back and try to listen to a lot of your podcasts from the beginning!!☺️
Thank you for EVERYTHING and your vulnerability that you share!! You are a Godsend!!!! God Bless you!!♥️🙏🏼💕

tsgoyna ,

Empowering Women!

Lori’s podcast is a tribute to the magnificence of women through all the stages of their lives. Powerful and informative it both celebrates and challenges women to take action for making their lives more fulfilling. I especially loved the June 15th episode “IT’s NOT in YOUR HEAD” with Dr. LaMandre because health and wellness are so central to everything else we do in our lives and regrettably conventional medicine is failing us now. We know our bodies best and combined with a curious physician who listens and helps solve the mystery we can reclaim our greatest asset OUR HeALtH.

Lori does a great job of finding guests and asking the poignant and powerful questions. THANKS SO MUCH FOR THIS GREAT PODCAST

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