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Clarity in what you want. Confidence in who you are. Courage to stay true to both.

To Call Myself Beloved: the Podcast With Leisse Wilcox leissewilcox

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Clarity in what you want. Confidence in who you are. Courage to stay true to both.

    What It Actually Feels Like to Get Divorced

    What It Actually Feels Like to Get Divorced

    Divorce is THE single hardest experience of my life. For context: I lost my sister when she was 21, got breast cancer when I was 36, and six months ago I chose to completely remove my breasts as a preventative measure. So it’s safe to say “I’ve had some pretty hard experiences.”⁣
    ⁣And still, divorce is - BY FAR - the hardest. ⁣
    ⁣Divorce is a lot like herpes; it feels like the “gift” that keeps on giving. Just when you think “oh thank God it’s over. I can breathe again,” nope. 🤦🏼‍♀️There it is, dropping some insane + unexpected flare up on you. Again. ⁣
    Part of why divorce is such a s**t show, is because you CANNOT talk openly about it; in keeping it under wraps, filed under “what not to share at dinner parties or on Instagram,” you accumulate additional layers of emotional suffocation + shame. ⁣With any other loss, you’re “allowed” to process it out in the open, and in doing so, feel it to heal it. Divorce - even in 2019 - is too taboo to do that with. So instead we bury it + suffer - and I mean SUFFER - largely in silence.⁣
    ⁣Nobody really knows the actual pain of divorce until you’ve been in it (or until you’ve been on the receiving end of multiple SOS calls from someone close who is in it), making it easy to judge from afar. ⁣So I recorded a podcast on what it actually FEELS like to get divorced.
    And for anyone who’s ever scoffed + said “pfffft. Divorce is taking the easy way out,” BA HA HA HA HA this is for you. And it’s for the person googling “should I stay or should I go?” And it’s for the person who never forgave their parents for splitting up. And wow, it is for the person who’s in the thick of it who thinks no one notices what they’re going through. ⁣
    ⁣I see you. I feel you. I can hold you with my words + tell you you are not alone. Time is a great healer, and starting over is not a failure. ⁣
    **Top 50 self-improvement #podcasts on 🍎🎧.

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    Beware, the Female Empowerment Brand

    Beware, the Female Empowerment Brand

    Oh yes, you read that title right.
    I know what you're thinking - "Leisse, aren't YOU a female empowerment brand? Isn't this kind of the dumbest move you could make?" Yes, I am sure am, in the most genuine of ways. And while I did delay sharing this episode by three weeks, because of my own fears of releasing this level of truth into the world, I stand behind it as coming from an honest, informed place.
    Here's the hard truth: while there are many, MANY female empowerment brands and thought leaders showing up in our online and IRL worlds, there are many others who have figured out a way to juke the system, sell us a dream that isn't really attainable - or even HEALTHY - and do so while capitalizing on the fears and insecurities of the audience they claim to serve.
    And I am over it. Join me today as I shed some light on the buyer beware nature on the content you're consuming, and why not all "female empowerment brands" are created equal. Talk is cheap, sunshine, and authenticity - not the "TM" kind - is what gets you to the heart of hearts.
    Enjoy, and if you haven't already, check out YES, YOU F*****G CAN, the group coaching program I'm launching now for a January start - that adheres to alllll of the principles I lay out in this podcast.

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    How to NOT Drink Alcohol - and STILL Have a Good Time

    How to NOT Drink Alcohol - and STILL Have a Good Time

    This conversation is either going to change your outlook on alcohol and why we use it, or it's going to piss you off entirely. It's a must-listen for anyone who has ever reached for something ELSE, something external to ourselves in an attempt to "feel better."

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    The REAL Conversation on Body Positivity We Should ALL Be Having

    The REAL Conversation on Body Positivity We Should ALL Be Having

    The heart of the conversation we're having about body positivity: self-acceptance. That at any weight, shape, size, scar, and anything in between, we must accept and love ourselves deeply. Without condition.
    You are more than the sum of your parts. So trust your dopeness.
    Your femininity is an energy that is yours to cultivate and develop, and your beauty is a beam of confidence and truth that shines from within.
    Join me today for this hella real conversation on why you are enough, and so deserving of love, exactly as you are; subscribe, rate, review, and share a photo of you listening for your chance to be featured on my page.
    xx LW

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    Forgiveness is Like a Drug

    Forgiveness is Like a Drug

    The courage to rise above. That is what it's really all about, isn't it? The courage to rise up, and rise above all the crap that tries to keep us down. A sure-fire way to enable yourse;f to have the courage to do exactly that? FORGIVE. Forgive the ones who wronged you, forgive the ones who really messed with your head and your heart, forgive the ones who didn't ever - and will never - ask to be forgiven, and above all else, forgive YOURSELF for whatever it is you're still carrying around and demanding you pay an ongoing price for.
    This week's podcast session is epic in its ability to heal you from the inside out. And once you start forgiving? You won't stop. This is legit emotional alchemy. Like, subscribe, rate, review, share a photo and tag @leissewilcox. I LOVE to share our community listening along, in every way I can.

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    How to Set Healthy, Loving Boundaries

    How to Set Healthy, Loving Boundaries

    Calling all people pleasers!
    "Not everyone has to like you." We know this, but the flip side is that "no matter what you do, sometimes people just won't like you."
    In this session, I get real with how to live your own authentic story, and set the healthy living boundaries that support your doing so.
    So happy you're here.
    xx LW

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Customer Reviews

cramerha88 ,

Soulful, empowering, and honest

Leisse is such an amazing person. Her story is genuine and real. Her coaching is so warm and empowering. Love her voice, truthfulness, and soul. One of my faves!

brheac321 ,

Honest, authentic, transformational listening.

Truly, the most consistently ah-ha moment giving way to spend your time. I find myself nodding along, with full goosebumps multiple times during each episode. Leisse is so REAL, it’s easy to tell that she’s done the work that she shares on. This podcast has been a true gift to listen to, absorb and keep going back to.

kasiliap ,


Leisse is such an inspirational person and it shines through tremendously on this amazing podcast ❤️

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