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To Every Man An Answer is the daily Bible call-in program hosted by Pastor Mike Kestler and guest pastors, heard weekdays at 3:00PM (PT) / 6:00PM (ET) on CSN International.

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To Every Man An Answer is the daily Bible call-in program hosted by Pastor Mike Kestler and guest pastors, heard weekdays at 3:00PM (PT) / 6:00PM (ET) on CSN International.

    To Every Man an Answer 8/3/2020

    To Every Man an Answer 8/3/2020

    Host: Mike Kestler, Jeff Wickwire

    With the Western Wall, have you seen any writings about if that wall really was part of the Temple, when Matthew said "not one stone" would be left upon another?
    In Revelation 4:1, is that trumpet an example of the rapture?
    Have you heard of the book "The Final Quest" by Rick Joyner, who started MorningStar Ministries?
    Have you heard of the book "Jesus Politics" by Phil Robertson?
    Could this election be "make or break" for America?
    Have you heard of the series, "Days of Noah", where it was clear it was preaching a Seventh Day Adventist belief?
    In Mark 7:27, is the woman being compared to a dog?

    • 1 hr 25 min
    To Every Man an Answer 7/31/2020

    To Every Man an Answer 7/31/2020

    Host: Mike Fabarez

    Can demons react to your spirit differently when your sinning or not, or maybe even singing to God?
    Are our animals going to go to heaven?
    Why doesn't the Bible condemn slavery?
    In Revelation, it doesn't talk about the rapture, or does it? Who are the saints if they've already been raptured?
    In 2 Timothy 3:5, how do I know I'm actually a true, saved Christian, and not deceiving myself?
    What kind of "present with the Lord" are we, if our bodies are in the grave and we don't have our resurrected bodies yet?
    In Revelation 7:9-17, could these people coming out of the tribulation be the rapture?
    In 1 Chronicles 20, why did God get mad at David for taking the census when God told him to dot it?
    Could you explain 1 John 5:7-8, with the blood and the water?
    What do you think about 2 Thessalonians 2:3; is that talking about the rapture or unsaved people falling away?
    What are your thoughts on if time is going to be instantaneous when we're present with the Lord?
    What's your thoughts on modern-day prophets?
    In Ephesians 4:11-16, does this passage indicate that these more visible callings should have the focus of building up the body and equipping the people to do its part in ministry?
    What does it mean to keep the Sabbath?
    How does speaking the Word of God work against a demon if they don't have physical ears?
    Does God approve of or condemn interracial marriage or offspring?

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    To Every Man an Answer 7/30/2020

    To Every Man an Answer 7/30/2020

    Hosts: Mike Fabarez, Derald Skinner

    Have you heard of the movie "Agenda: Grinding America Down"?
    I wanted to acknowledge President Trump on his defending of our unborn babies.
    Why do Catholics believe in good works?
    What are your thoughts that the Mark of the Beast could be a mask?
    Can you pray for our law enforcment and their families, because it's getting so ugly in our country?
    I wanted to share about how God is working in my life and daughter's life.
    Is Jonathan Cahn's book "Harbinger 2" about how the coronavirus is punishment for America allowing abortion?
    John Walvoord's summary on end times says that the Ezekiel 38-39 war would start 4 years into the tribulation period. Where did he come up with that time period?
    With the Mark of the Beast, will we see that because there has to be a beast to have the mark?
    In Revelation 5, is that God the Father on the throne, or Jesus? Will we be seeing the Father on one throne and Jesus on another?
    Are the 24 elders in Revelation the 12 prophets and 12 apostles?
    Do we have a Biblical mandate to be patriotic?
    Were the "seas" in Genesis salt water?
    Should we as Christians bring up politics in church?
    Will it be David reigning for 1000 years instead of Jesus?
    If you're saved, are you always saved? I feel like my sons have walked away.
    If they start taking away our 1st and 2nd amendment rights, who's going to call us to arms, and how are we going to fight against this?
    During the millennial reign, will that time be a time of perfection without any sin?
    In Daniel 10:13, is this "king of Persia" a celestial being...one of the powers of the air? Are they still controlling things nowadays?

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    To Every Man an Answer 7/29/2020

    To Every Man an Answer 7/29/2020

    Hosts: Scott Spencer, Jonathan Cahn

    Jonathan Cahn talks about his books and the coming end times.
    Does it seem like there's a going to be a coming revival with the church banding together with all that's going on?
    Are people leaving New York City and other large cities because there's a calamity coming?
    Did doubting Thomas say that Jesus is God when he said "My Lord, my God", as a reference to YHVH?
    Is there more in "The Harbinger 2" to put down names of people like "The Paradigm" did?
    In Revelation 17:5, is America the Mystery Babylon? Is the seven year period started by the fall of America?
    What are your thoughts on the rapture?
    Why did Saul change his name to Paul?

    • 1 hr 18 min
    To Every Man an Answer 7/28/2020

    To Every Man an Answer 7/28/2020

    Host: Mike Fabarez

    I had a believer question my choice to not wear a mask or take the vaccine, and then they talked about how I should respect the government. How do I rebut that biblically?
    How close are we to the last days?
    How do you know when you sin?
    What do I say to a friend who asks why wouldn't God pick us up if we were falling?
    My son says "why bother" if some people were predestined for heaven or not?
    In 1 Peter 3:18-19, Jesus's Spirit went to procliam to the spirits in prison. Does that mean it was the Holy Spirit?
    Is there any possibility that Donald Trump will be here to "clean the Swamp" and help our country?
    With the flat earth theory, what about the "circle of the earth" part in the Bible and what about other things that seem hard to prove?
    In Revelation, do the trumpets, bowls and vials all happen in the seven year period? Can you explain the holy city with its gate and walls, and the kings in Revelation 21 bringing their honor in?
    What's a good website to look at informative videos about scripture and the end times?
    What is the 1000 year reign of Jesus going to look like? What is He going to be doing?
    I wanted to encourage the previous listener who felt like their son didn't feel like they were predestined.
    In Revelation 2:9 and 3:9, when it talks about Jews who are part of the synagogue of Satan? Who's really making the calls in government and religions in today's world? Is it the Jesuits?
    With the "books of the annals", what are those?
    In Joshua 24;15, does that mean something different to different Christians? Are we seeing God separating the wheat from the tares today?

    • 1 hr 25 min
    To Every Man an Answer 7/27/2020

    To Every Man an Answer 7/27/2020

    Hosts: Scott Spencer, Jeff Wickwire

    In Numbers, why does it mention a "unicorn"?
    What's the difference between the soul and spirit?
    What do I tell my parents when they say they don't want to be cremated because it's a pagan practice?
    In Revelation, what's the difference between the "dragon" and the "beast"?
    Will explain the part of the Bible that says "whoever loses their life will find it"?
    With the Great White Throne Judgment, are we going to be present to watch all this? Are the angels going to be judged?
    Can you discuss where the Bible says "your name will be blotted out of the Book of Life"?
    Can you explain Colossians 1:17, when it says "all things consist in Him"?
    In Revelation 20:4, can you clarify about who are the 24 elders?
    Have you heard if this chip is coming in this new vaccine?

    • 1 hr 25 min

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4.7 out of 5
200 Ratings

200 Ratings

Tdyfool ,

Truth with conviction and love

Thanks for answering the many questions that come up . Also so many of us are going through the same struggles Praise the Lord

gionnig ,

No more episodes?

I love this podcast . This is so awesome I love listening! No more episodes ? ? I see the last was March 26th?


Weres the show?

This is a great show! What happened? I’m not getting the downloads anymore?

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