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Two Asian-American Generation-Z adults going through their experiences to help others navigate relevant topics of nutrition, investing, relationships, and much much more.

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Two Asian-American Generation-Z adults going through their experiences to help others navigate relevant topics of nutrition, investing, relationships, and much much more.

    Tofu Talk Episode #7 - FAVORITE Vegan Restaurants in Boston

    Tofu Talk Episode #7 - FAVORITE Vegan Restaurants in Boston

    Being vegan in 2020 ain't too shabby, especially when you live in Boston where vegan restaurants are plentiful and absolutely delicious. In this episode, we try our best to narrow down our TOP vegan restaurants, as well as non-vegan restaurants with great veg options in the city. We also share our tips for how to order vegan dishes at different ethnic cuisines. From Thai and Vietnamese to Mexican and Ethiopian, you can truly find a vegan option no matter where you go these days. The key is knowing which ingredients to watch out for in each cuisine and not being afraid to ask your waiter/waitress for that vegan-friendly option if it's not clearly labeled on the menu! While this episode covers Boston-specific restaurants, we hope this inspires you to seek out the best vegan eats in your city/town because trust us, they are on the rise everywhere! If you have any questions about transitioning to a vegan lifestyle, slide into our DMs @tofutalkpod on Instagram. Thank you so much for your support and ears! We would greatly appreciate your feedback by leaving us a review and rating the podcast.

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    Tofu Talk Episode #6 - Lessons Learned Through Exercise

    Tofu Talk Episode #6 - Lessons Learned Through Exercise

    In this episode, we wanted to share the important lessons we learned through the various stages of our athletic and physical journeys, but more importantly showcase how stepping outside of our comfort zones and trying new activities provided us with lessons and opportunities we could've never imagined. Having the privilege to grow up in good communities, we were able to surround ourselves with great coaches, friends, and challenges that helped shape us into the people we are today. Throughout this episode we walk you through our experiences from youth sports through post grad life and show how physical activity helped set a strong foundation in our youth and helped us learn and evolve as we grew older. Disclaimer: These lessons are learned through our experience with physical activity, but by no means are stating that these foundational lessons could not be learned through other forms of adversity. Please let us know your thoughts and leave us a rating and review! For more information or to connect with us check out our Instagram @TofuTalkPod!

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    Tofu Talk Episode #5 - Ono Kine Grindz

    Tofu Talk Episode #5 - Ono Kine Grindz

    Food has a variety of different meanings and uses depending on the culture it derives from. It has a way of bringing people together in celebrating special occasions and making us connect with one another in a variety of social settings. In episode 5 of Tofu Talk we take a look back at the ono (Hawaiian for delicious!) foods that made us who we are. For both of us, food has been an integral aspect of our lives based off of our childhood and the environments we were raised. Join along as we travel back to our childhood memories of eating delicious food and how we "veganize" these dishes. 

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    Tofu Talk Episode #4 - Actionable Steps to Save OUR Planet

    Tofu Talk Episode #4 - Actionable Steps to Save OUR Planet

    Thanks for checking out another episode of Tofu Talk. Climate change continues to be the largest issue we face as a society and with the growing rate of deforestation, natural disasters, and rising temperatures, we wanted to try and draw attention to this topic and spend time discussing the  ways we as a society, and us as a community here at Tofu Talk, can help out mother nature. We make reference to a quote by Simon J. Hill, of the Plant Proof Podcast (see below) and have also linked a list of resources we picked up on Amazon to help reduce our carbon footprint.

    "We protect what is ours, my land my house my job, my wife, my dog, my country. but when it comes to nature our perspective is external. The planet, the forrest, the ocean, the sky, the mountains, the valleys, always THE. Never MY. If its not me, never-mind, I'm too busy all the time. And without the ownership we ignore the warning signs." -


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    Tofu Talk Episode #3 - Why We Went Vegan

    Tofu Talk Episode #3 - Why We Went Vegan

    In this episode, we give a brief overview of why we choose to live a vegan lifestyle and begin to define what veganism even means! We share our personal stories of learning about veganism and a few benefits of this lifestyle. Please subscribe to our podcast on Spotify and Apply Podcasts so you can be notified when we release a new episode and share it with anyone that you think would enjoy! If you have the time, leave us a rating/review, and let us know what other topics you would like us to discuss going forward!

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    Why Go Vegan?

    Watch these videos/documentaries:

    -101 Reasons to go Vegan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4HJc...

    -The Best Speech You'll Ever Hear


    -Forks Over Knives


    Vegan Resources:








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    Tofu Talk Episode #2 - The Dos and Donts to survive and thrive during quarantine

    Tofu Talk Episode #2 - The Dos and Donts to survive and thrive during quarantine

    Thank you everyone for tuning in - in this episode we dive into how we've been spending our time during this pandemic and share with all of you, a few of our quarantine dos and don'ts. From maintaining a morning routine to emphasizing down time, we cover a variety of tips that have helped us stay sane (and thrive) during quarantine. We've been blessed to have friends/family who have stayed healthy throughout this pandemic and to all of those who have been impacted from this tragedy please know you and your families are in our thoughts and prayers. We are truly appreciative of everyones support and we are trying to learn along with you all! If there are any topics that are relevant in your lives that you would like us to talk about please let us know!

    Please check out our instagram @TofuTalkPod and share/rate this episode!

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5.0 out of 5
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8 Ratings

Geerrrrrrrya ,

Fun take on health, mindset, and goals

A fun listen that talks about health, mindset, and goals. The hosts are entertaining and add their own quirkiness to each episode that is unique to this podcast. Excited for the future. Keep up the great work guys!

hvcc004 ,

A refreshing conversation for anyone

As an avid podcast lister, I’ve observed that great podcasts expand your worldview while making you feel at home. This is exactly what Tofu Talk does, and is only possible because of the incredible hosts. Two fun, intelligent, empathetic, and down-to-earth individuals that share their experience in a relatable way. Highly recommend for anyone looking to level up their life.

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