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    Tony Moran Presents- "MOMENTS" A Classic 98 minute journey

    Tony Moran Presents- "MOMENTS" A Classic 98 minute journey

    A special show sharing unforgettable moments in honor of birthdays for Patti Razzeto & Steve Hatchett. Dear longtime friends that have played a major role in many music peoples careers. First aired on DJ ABEL Twitch Show Feb 7th. DJ ABEL, along with legendary DJ's Phil B, Alain Jackinsky and myself performed for hours to celebrate the occasion. This Unedited 98 minute continuous mix previously unreleased . I love my new music, but on special occasions, listening to music/ songs that you have shared some of your most precious "moments"is what I put together for you all to share. Included, you'll find.....
    Where Love Lives- Alison Limerick- (Frankie Knuckles & David Morales remix) Dimitri From Paris Tribute Edit.
    There Must Be Love- David Morales feat. Janice Robinson (Ralphi Rosario Remix)
    Too Late, Too Soon- Jon Secada (Tony Moran Anthem)
    Reach- Judy Cheeks (Soul Seekers Vocal Mix)
    Faith- (7th Heaven Remix)
    Don’t Let This Moment End- Hex Hector Remix (Produced by Tony Moran)
    Easy As Life- Deborah Cox (Tony Moran & Warren Rigg Remix)
    Looking At You- Sunsceen (Jimmy Gomez Remix)
    Hold On To My Love- Jimmy Ruffin (Tony Moran & Jody Den Broeder Mix)
    Every time - Lustral (Mike Koglin Mix)
    You’re Beautiful- Madagascar
    Sense Of Danger- Presence feat Shara Nelson
    Let The Sunshine In- (7th Heaven_s Back In The Day Club Mix)
    Set Me Free Somewhere Tonight- Tony Moran & Jesué Mash
    Someday We’ll Be Together- Daiana Ross (Frankie Knuckles Remix)
    Stomp!- Brothers Johnson- (DJOKO Disco Edit)
    Believe- Jon Secada (Tony Moran Unreleased Anthem)
    Love Is In The Air - John Paul Young- Gustavio Scorpio Remix

    Enjoy the love I put into this! Tony

    • 1 hr 38 min


    Tony Moran Folsom Street Fair Podcast 2 HOURS

    Originally aired Sept 27th 2020
    For several years now, I’ve had the honor of performing at many events that are part of Folsom Street Events.
    I’ll never forget being hoisted down to the stage of the outdoor fair in a cage and jumping out to the stage at this Folsom outdoor event for thousands of people. My Hope is to share the same kind of love to you during my set till our next encounter together.
    This pandemic has proven something important to our community. So many great tracks that are featuring other artists and exclusives by me. Of course, I had to start it off with Janet Jackson. “Together Again”.

    Here is my track listing for those who’d like to know. All great talents here! Be safe and let the music bind us,


    1- Together Again (Tony Moran Folsom Mash Up)
    2- Oh Baby- Chus & Ceballos
    3- Proud- Brian Kent (Tony Moran Remix)
    4- Sex- Madonna (Cajjmere Wray Remix)
    5- Weekend- Blinding Lights (Sagi Kariv remix)
    6- Don’t Forget About Us- Mariah (Tony Moran Private Remix)
    7- Start To party- Enrry Senna
    8- All Systems Go- Benjamin Koll (Jose Spinning Remix)
    9- Fuego- Ralphi Rosario And Erick Ibiza Ft. Jon Espinosa - (Erick Ibiza Main Mix)
    10- Saved My Life- Sia-(erick Ibiza Remix)
    11- Can’t Look Back- Kristine W (Tony Moan & Brian Cua Production)
    12-Bongo y Timbal-Alexander Zabbi, Yordy Batista
    13- Alegria- Nickobella, Mr. Sid
    14- Life Is a Dancefloor- Shapeshifters feat Kimberly Davis (Tony Moran, Brian Cua & Deep Influence Remix)
    15- Life Is A Dancefloor- Kimberly Davis
    16-Disco Dance- Guy Scheiman
    17- Sour Candy - Lady Gaga & Blackpink (Erick Ibiza Remix)
    !8- Intro- The Week
    19- Step By Step- Whitney Houston (Junior Vazquez Remix)
    20- Lights Up- DVKO-Danny Verde Remix
    21- I Will Wait- Sagi Kariv And Maya Simantov - Erick Ibiza Remix
    22- Banger- Luis Errre & Alessander Gelassi
    22- Stronger- Quentin Harris & Jason Walker (Tony Moran & Erick Ibiza Private Remix)
    23- Skip A Beat- Robbie Rivera
    24- Break My Heart- Dua Lipa (Brian Cua Lockdown Remix)
    25- Ride It- REGARD- (Leanh & Leo Blanco Remix)
    26- Happy Nation- Micky Friedman feat Hayla- Luis Errre Global Remix
    27- Made In China- Netta (Sagi Kariv Remix)
    28- Sting- Desert Rose (Mauro Mozart Classic Remix)
    29- Levitating- Dua Lipa, Madonna, Missy Elliot (Mauro Mosart & Junior Senna Remix)

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    RELOAD- Tony Moran 2 Hour Tribal Journey- Aired Aug 1st

    RELOAD- Tony Moran 2 Hour Tribal Journey- Aired Aug 1st

    RELOAD Afterhours Events have always granted me the ultimate freedom of expression. I give to you all my energy. Sexual, loving, driving, soothing and strong. There are originals, unreleased mash-ups and more. Intended to give you the pleasure I wish I could give you LIVE right now. Till then........
    I do hope you enjoy as much as I have. I will include the track listing as there are so many talented producers, remixers and song writers that made this episode. Many thanks. Tony

    • 2 hr
    Tony Moran I AM SEOUL 2019

    Tony Moran I AM SEOUL 2019

    The passion for music goes beyond words. It motivates us to come together all around the planet.

    Thank you for letting me channel the effervesce of music from the DJ booth.

    Now, let me offer my heart and soul through this musical journey.

    Every song has the purpose of creating energy for this wonderful journey we call life. Let’s share this energy in Seoul, South Korea.

    Many people may see a dance-floor as just the space across the bar, but to me the dance-floor is a family gathering with rhythm and liberation that unites all.
    Here is a sample of this union.

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    Tony Moran -For The People PODCAST- Fall Edition celebrating Dallas Pride!

    Tony Moran -For The People PODCAST- Fall Edition celebrating Dallas Pride!

    It’s been too long! This summer has been crazier than ever and it’s taken me around the globe, but I cannot forget my people out there!

    Here you go. Music that has inspired my dance floors along with special new unreleased tracks to give you that exclusive feel as well.

    Tony Moran: “For The People”- The Podcast

    September sessions gearing up for Dallas Pride, September 16th, 2017

    Inspired by The Impulse Dallas Group, I am giving you a 90 minute serving of the energy that I’ll be giving.to give you a taste of special moments you’ll get at Club Stereo Live Dallas!

    Info about party Sept 16th in Dallas……….
    Go to impulsegrp.org

    1- Deborah Cox- “Let The World Be Ours Tonight”- Tony Moran & Warren Rigg Remix
    2- Tony Moran & Deep Influence- “Ain’t No Stopping’ Us”- Private Unreleased remix
    3- “Colombia”- Tom Siher & Binomio Remix
    3- “Hotter Than Hell”- Mauro Mozart Remix
    4- “California Sun”- Hoxton Whores Club Mix
    5- Gauthreaux & Grind feat. Sandy B - Keep The Hands Clapping
    6- Chameleon (Melé Remix)
    7-Lady Gaga - The Cure (Enrry Senna Remix)
    8- Tony Moran feat. Kimberly Davis- Leat Me Home- Mauro Mozart Private Unreleased Remix
    9- DJ HEAD- Music Is My Art- Reconstruction Unreleased Remix By Tony Moran
    10- Guallalberto Garcia- Sound Of My Life- GSP Remix
    11- R5 - If -(Toy Armada & DJ GRIND Dub Mix)
    12- Antoine Clamaran and Kim English - I Feel Love (Everyday Mash Mauro Mozart)
    13- Magalenha feat. Sergio Mendes (Extended Mix)
    14- Tom Tyger & Melsen- I Need U (Extended Mix)/ MASH UP with TOUCH FAITH (Oscar Velazquez)
    15- Nile Rodgers & Tony Moran feat. Kimberly Davis- My Fire (Rosabel Remix)
    16- Tony Moran feat. Deborah Cooper- “Live You All Over- (James Hurr Remix)
    17-ZUM ZUM- Tony Moran Private Remix
    18- Ben Platt feat. The Cast Of Dear Evan Hansen- Waving Through A Window- Tony Moran Remix

    Thank you for customizing the artwork. Paul Norman for PNP video and special thanks to DEEP INFLUENCE & DJ GRIND sharing some of the amazing tracks in this selection.

    Let know your thoughts and I really like to list all the tracks in my podcast to encourage you to purchase most of the music somewhere to support these talented artists that should be benefiting for all of their creative efforts!

    See you on The Dance Floor, Tony

    • 1 hr 30 min
    TONY MORAN - BELIEVE PODCAST PART 2 - The Extended Journey

    TONY MORAN - BELIEVE PODCAST PART 2 - The Extended Journey

    Welcome to Part 2 of my BELIEVE PODCAST- The extended Journey BELIEVE is an amazing party held in Monterrey, Mexico. I was now able to combine pieces of other sets from CLUB PULSE in South Korea RICH’s Nightclub in Houston and my set in Tel-Aviv, Israel for my good friend Shirazi! to give you 92 minutes of various feelings. Within my live sets, it’s a total journey that last for hours. Here is a more complete taste of that. Vocals, , Tribal Beats and new productions and remixes that have recently reached the Top Ten on Billboard and around the world. World premiere of one of my songs that I wrote for Bannarama. I am sure it will surprise you. As well as #1 Billboard top chopping songs by Crystal Waters and Jason Walker as well as new remix of my of Brian Justin Crum, which is produced by Toy Armada and Stephen Massey. Check out my new production with Joe Gauthereaux and Deep Influence titled, “Shake The Room. Enjoy the spirit and I hope you like some of these “never before” available tracks blended with some of fun stuff! Love, Tony

    • 1 hr 32 min

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4.4 out of 5
85 Ratings

85 Ratings

jfsoydoydoysp ,

Enduring Master!

It’s been decades and Tony can still electrify the dance floor, take you on a journey.

ssssaaaammmmppp ,


Huge fan here, is there anymore Selena quintanilla remixes!

angiemartinez1717 ,


Esta perfecto me encantan tus podcasts Tony!

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