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This podcast is all about empowering others take charge of their own health while gaining awareness, perhaps learning how to think out of the box and discover new ways to do that. Some episodes, I will be sharing the latest research, answering health questions while removing confusion. My special shows are the ones that I will highlight an amazing wellness warriors who took charge of their own health. The goal is to empower others looking for their health breakthrough on the path to optimal wellness.

Total Wellness Empowerment with Nancy Guberti Nancy A Guberti

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This podcast is all about empowering others take charge of their own health while gaining awareness, perhaps learning how to think out of the box and discover new ways to do that. Some episodes, I will be sharing the latest research, answering health questions while removing confusion. My special shows are the ones that I will highlight an amazing wellness warriors who took charge of their own health. The goal is to empower others looking for their health breakthrough on the path to optimal wellness.

    How Emotions Affect Your Organs

    How Emotions Affect Your Organs

    What goes on in your mind has a profound effect on your body. Thoughts and emotions affect all organs, including the immune, nervous, hormonal, circulatory, and reproductive systems. Emotional wellness is a vital part of your health & total wellness. When our emotions become excessive or repressed for a long time, they negatively impact the energy flow through our meridians.
    Your Heart and Your Emotions
    The heart pumps blood to nourish the cells but can get weakened due to anxiety and stress. Anxiety can affect the heart’s normal functioning, raising your blood pressure and white blood cell count and increasing blood sugar through the action of adrenalin. Stress affects circulation, the heart, and the nervous system. In early Western medicine, doctors already believed emotions caused diseases. A powerful mind-body connection through which emotional, mental, social, spiritual, and behavioral factors can directly affect our health. Living with fear often leads to depression and negatively impacts health. Learning to unwind before bed and nourishing a grateful heart with optimistic thinking by writing in a gratitude journal is good for your health.
    Connecting Emotions and Wellness
    The connection between emotions and the human body has been a core topic throughout the history of science. Research indicates there are close relationships between emotions and bodily reactions during the formation of mental experiences. Physiological responses, such as cardiovascular, neuroendocrine, skeletomuscular, and autonomic nervous systems, trigger emotional experiences. Now, we understand that direct and instantaneous interactions within the body allow an emotion to be a mental recognition and a feeling within the body.
    The mind and body are within a unified framework. Different functions and components of the bodily system are related to corresponding categorical emotions.
    A 2017 research on “Understanding Mind-Body Interaction from the Perspective of East Asian Medicine” analyzed relationships between the visceral system and emotions according to the principles of East Asian medicine.
    The research concluded the following:
    -anger was related to the liver,
    -happiness to the heart,
    -thoughtfulness to the heart and spleen,
    -sadness to the heart and lungs,
    -fear to the kidneys, heart, liver, and gallbladder,
    -surprise to the heart and gallbladder, and
    -anxiety to the heart and the lungs.
    The research also demonstrated that specific patterns existed between the visceral system and corresponding emotions, which suggests that each emotion is primarily associated with a connected body system and corresponds to the principles of East Asian medicine. For example, the DongUiBoGam, the Korean book compiled by the royal physician Heo Jun and was first published in 1613, states the following: “The liver is in charge of anger, the heart is in charge of happiness, the spleen is in charge of thoughtfulness, the lungs are in charge of sadness, and the kidneys are in charge of fear.”
    Imbalances in emotions can lead to illnesses in their corresponding organs, such as
    -anger damages the liver,
    -happiness damages the heart,
    -thoughts damages the spleen,
    -anxiety damages the lungs,
    -fear damages the kidneys, and
    -surprise damages the gallbladder.
    The relationship between the mind and the body is horizontal, meaning the heart is significantly prevalent in most emotions. Experts consider the heart as common visceral system that influences emotions. The Korean book states the heart stores the mind, and feelings of sadness, thoughtfulness, and worries all damage the heart, signifying the heart’s role in processing thoughts and emotions.
    Western medicine and East Asian medicine have different understanding of emotions and their relationship to the body, which leads to distinct interpretations of illness. Western medicine deals with emotional disorders using neural language, and East Asian medicine uses somatic language.

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    Tripledemic Time: Flu, RSV and Covid

    Tripledemic Time: Flu, RSV and Covid

    It's Tripledemic Time: Flu, RSV and Covid
    Learn the differences of COVID, RSV, and the flu & What Can You Do To Reduce Risks of Illness.
    You woke up with a cough, sore throat, and runny nose. Is it COVID-19 or something else? As the cold weather leads to more time spent indoors, respiratory illnesses – including COVID, the flu, and RSV – are on the rise, with some referring to the convergence as a “tripledemic.”
    Listen to the podcast and read more at https://nancyguberti.com/tripledemic-time-flu-rsv-and-covid/
    Your health is worth it because YOU are worth it.
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    Signs You have SIBO

    Signs You have SIBO

    SIBO is a small intestinal bacterial overgrowth that imbalances the gut microorganisms that maintain healthy digestion. When too many bacteria, or the wrong kind, populate the small intestine, it can lead to uncomfortable symptoms. 
    You may experience these symptoms, depending on the severity of their condition:
    •Abdominal pain, Abdominal distension.
    •Nausea. Bloating, Indigestion.
            • Constipation.
    •Unintentional weight loss.
    •Fatigue. Inhibit one's ability to digest and absorb nutrients from food.
    Left unmanaged, SIBO can cause more severe complications with long-term consequences. 
    Get tested to determine if you ahve SIBOor other Gi disorders.
    Your health is worth it because YOU are worth it.
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    Intermitten Fasting

    Intermitten Fasting

    ntermittent fasting is not a fad diet. It is an eating cycle that provides a timeframe for you to eat and a timeframe for you to fast. Always check with your medical practitioner before trying any new exercise, supplement, food, or fasting regime. People with medical issues should refrain from fasting, so always get clearance. If you are pregnant, want to conceive, breastfeeding, have low blood pressure, are diabetic, on medications, have an eating disorder, underweight, have difficulty processing sugar and many other health issues, remember to get clearance.
    Here are some of the benefits of intermittent fasting:
    aids in weight loss
    may lower blood pressure, and blood sugar levels
    may reduce inflammation
    may increase human growth hormone
    changes hormone levels to facilitate weight loss
    increases metabolic rate
    may reduce waist circumference
    Increases release of the fat-burning hormone norepinephrine
    helps you eat fewer calories
    may reduce “bad” LDL cholesterol, blood triglycerides
    may increase the brain hormone BDNF
    may aid the growth of new nerve cells
    may activate autophagy, the ability to old damaged cell components
    may decrease insulin levels, making it easier for the body to use stored fat.
    Very exciting clinical usage of intermittent fasting has occurred for individuals interested in boosting their immune system during this pandemic as a healthy lifestyle choice for prevention of the virus as well as recovery from it. Read the article: https://nancyguberti.com/intermittent-fasting/
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    Nine Appetite Suppressing Foods

    Nine Appetite Suppressing Foods

    Do you struggle with food cravings? 
    Let’s explore some science and these lifestyle and nutrition tips for how to curb appetite and hunger 
    There is a biomedical explanation for food cravings, so it’s not always willpower that keeps you from fighting off those cravings. It turns out that hormones can cause your food cravings. It’s those hormones that are the messengers influencing how you feel, what you want, and how fast your body stores fat. The healthy way to get rid of the appetite increase hormone, AKA “ghrelin gremlin” is to eat wholesome foods that suppress your appetite. By reducing your calorie intake by 500 calories a day, you could lose 50 pounds in a year!
    Listen to the podcast and read the article.
    #weightloss #foodcravings #wellness
    Remember that it usually takes 20 minutes after your meal for your brain to get the message from your gut that you are full. Keep that in mind, so you do not overeat and feel too full after a meal.
    Are you worth it? I think YOU are!
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    Anxiety  Did you know that anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the United States? It affects approximately 40 million adults in the United States age 18 and older every year. Only 36% of sufferers receive treatment. Here are common symptoms of Anxiety Disorder: Feeling nervous, restless, or tense Increased heart rate Feelings of impending danger, doom, or panic Rapidly breathing Trembling Sweating Tired or weak feeling Trouble sleeping Trouble concentrating Difficulty controlling worry Gastrointestinal (GI) issues Desire to avoid anything that can trigger the anxiety The good news is you can take control of your life and anxiety with natural approaches by discovering the root cause. Get the organic acid test which is functional medicine lab testing, to determine how your body is functioning and work on the imbalances. 
    Nine Natural Remedies to Reduce Anxiety:
    Stay active with some exercise. Ditch the alcohol. Limit caffeine. Get quality sleep. Meditate. Eat a healthy diet. Practice deep breathing and gratitude Balance your neurotransmitters Stay hydrated, then rinse and repeat these steps daily as it takes commitment to you reaching total wellness of mind and body Increased anxiety may require therapy so always work with your medical practitioner before starting a new regime.  
    Listen to the podcast and watch the YouTube video to learn more.
    Request your Freedom from Anxiety guidebook at: nancyguberti.com/anxiety
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5.0 out of 5
9 Ratings

9 Ratings

EricaBushwell ,

Awesome podcast!

Nancy, host of the Total Wellness Empowerment podcast, highlights all aspects of health, wellness and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!

Dcr713 ,

Real wisdom

If you want real wisdom and the truth about your health, listen here! Nancy is so wise and will help you get to the root of how best to take care of your health

Yoga1111 ,

Always Informative!

I love this show because there is ALWAYS sound information given on nutrition, the lies and vagaries to be aware of where the food industry is concerned, and tips on overall wellness. Nancy Guberti clearly does continual homework on things llike gut health, which foods can potentially sap or enhance our energy, and the brain-gut connection. She is a diligent watch dog providing us with information on potentially harmfully ingredients, and in some cases, toxic CHEMICALS added to foods Monsanto and the like would rather we consumers remain unaware of. I've listened to her on other podcasts as well and she's one of the few experts on health and nutrition I solidly trust.

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