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Single-subject Town Hall Format from a panel of aftermarket professionals sharing their knowledge and best practices. The ‘Academy’ is a learning summit for the automotive aftermarket professional.

Town Hall Academy Carm Capriotto, AAP

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Single-subject Town Hall Format from a panel of aftermarket professionals sharing their knowledge and best practices. The ‘Academy’ is a learning summit for the automotive aftermarket professional.

    Make your Competitor Your Friend

    Make your Competitor Your Friend

    THA 163 Make Your Competitor Your Friend

    We are talking about one of the near and dear to my topics. Getting to know your competitor. We cover all the bases in this discussion.

    Do me a favor. After you listen. Get in your vehicle drive to a local shop you don’t know. Go in. Introduce yourself and start a dialogue with the owner. If they don’t get what you are there for tell them about this Town Hall Academy Episode 163. Ask them to listen then call you. This may just be the start of a great life long friendship while you are helping to elevate the entire aftermarket.

    On the panel: Brad Pellman, AAM, from Pellman’s Automotive in Boulder, CO An ASE Master Certified. Paul Marquardt, Shop Owner, Northwoods Auto Techs, Rhinelander, WI, NAPA Trainer, was the NAPA ASE Tech of the year in 2010. Peter Foreman, Integra Tire, Langley, BC, Second Generation Shop Owner

    Show notes: https://remarkableresults.biz/a163/
    Write to me when you do this. I want to know. Carm@remarkableresults.biz

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    Are You Paying for Training? The Right Thing To Do

    Are You Paying for Training? The Right Thing To Do

    If you need to be convinced to pay for your technician training you have come to the perfect episode. My guests today are Tyler Hubbard, Owner, I-70 Auto Service, Kansas City, MO, Keith Williamson, Williamson’s Repair & Tire, Bondurant, IA and John Long, Partner, Schertz Auto Service, Schertz, TX

    These guys nailed the purpose for training, that they pay for training and that this team has brought their key team to Vision 2020. Learn how they manage their training classes here at Vision.

    Many close their shops and bring the entire team. Listen to how why and one of my panelists spends 3% of sales on training. Last year that was $90,000. So think about having a $750,000 shop and keeping with the 3% of sales that is$22,500 investment in your people, your productivity, happier customers, team retention and being able to take on just about any job that comes in the door. https://remarkableresuts.biz/a162/

    Training should be one of the largest investments in your shop. Catch the fever.

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    Insurance Coverage Review – Part 1

    Insurance Coverage Review – Part 1

    THA 161 Insurance Coverage Review - Part 1

    Many don’t understand insurance, some feel they are over-insured, some underinsured. When, it is too late, and you have a claim, that is when you learn about coverages. This episode will go a long way to help you comprehend.

    I’m with Bambi Crozier, Car Clinic in Lowell, AR, Kim Aurenheimer, CS Automotive, Brentwood, TN and Brad Hazelwonder, Federated Insurance. We are all over insurance. When I owned my business doing an insurance review was never something I looked forward too, HOWEVER, I knew how important it was to me, my people and the business.

    The show notes are already done for you and could serve as a great meeting outline. Go to remarkbleresults.biz/a161. Copy and paste the talking points and also find my guest’s bios and links to their previous episodes.

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    Open Forum: Ask the Shop Owner - Part 2

    Open Forum: Ask the Shop Owner - Part 2

    THA 160 Shop Owner Forum Part 2

    Joining me with this second part Shop Owner Forum an ‘Ask The Shop Owner’ format is Maryann Croce from Maryann Croce, Croce Transmissions, Norwalk, CT and SmallBizVantage.com, Andy Bizub, Midwest Performance Cars, Chicago, Tony Tatich, TMT Complete Auto Service Center, Bremen, IN

    The team answered questions ranging from sources for new customers, ARO growth, time hacks, loaner cars, adding branch stores, paying for technician training, and employee engagement among others.
    Find the key talking points, my guests bio’s and links to their previous episodes at remarkableresults.biz/a160.

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    Service Advisor Role Play #4

    Service Advisor Role Play #4

    Jeremy O’Neal President and lead sales trainer for Advisorfix, began his career as a Service Advisor and moved into Service Management at the dealership level for VW, Audi, and Porsche. He consistently placed in the top 3% of Service Advisors across the nation.
    With a passion for helping others, Jeremy started coaching Service Advisers in 2007. Jeremy also owns an independent auto repair shop Freedom Auto Repair in Hesperia, CA. Previous episodes https://remarkableresults.biz/?s=%22Jeremy+O%27Neal%22 (HERE). Link to Advisorfix http://www.advisorfix.com/ (HERE).
    Todd Zimmerman is Dynamic Automotive's Location leader. Previous episodes https://remarkableresults.biz/?s=Todd+Zimmerman (HERE).
    Jayson Preston. Supervisor, Parts and Service, Curt's Service Inc., Oak Park, MI Previous episodes https://remarkableresults.biz/?s=Jayson+Preston (HERE).
    Key Talking Points:

    Role Play #1 - Incoming Lead: Calling for a price on a Timing Belt. 2012 Honda Odyssey Touring 3.5 122,500 Miles. Original Belt
    Getting the car into the shop is a priority
    No dead air on phone call- connect with customer and keep them talking, guide call and establish control of the conversation
    When you answer the phone be fully present
    Pricing is transparent, don’t be afraid of it
    Role Play #2 - Sales Presentation - Oil Change Customer. 2017 Honda CRV AWD 63,900 Miles.People deny work depending on price, trust, or no time
    If you don’t know why the customer is turning down work then you can’t fix vehicle problem
    Brake pads- safety issue
    Give one total price instead of line by line price
    Role Play #3 - Selling Diagnostic Services over the phone. The customer calls in and asks how much to diagnose my check engine light.
    Asked for appointment multiple times
    Need to ask the type of vehicle
    Stand ground for a testing fee- able to accurately fix the vehicle with running proper testing, taking the guesswork out of the equation
    Safe to drive? Yes can drive it to shop to get it fixed
    RCA- root cause analysis
    A special thanks to Jeremy O'Neal, Todd Zimmerman, and Jayson Preston for their contribution to the aftermarket.
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    Open Question Forum: Shop Ower

    Open Question Forum: Shop Ower

    THA 158 Ask the Shop Owner

    Get ready to be engaged in this open forum, where anything goes. This panel is answering questions that have been sent in or provided over the Zoom webinar platform or off of Facebook … Keep in mind we record this live Academy and repurpose each Thursday for you. I thank my panel for being ‘on the spot’ in this audio workshop.

    My Guests are

    Rachael Wacha, City Auto Repair, Gainsville, FL
    Kate Jonasee, K-Tech, Sebastopol, CA (MSO)
    Donnie Hudson, Troy Auto Care, Troy, MI (MSO)
    Jeremy Winters, Service Manager at Weavers Auto Center, Shawnee, KS

    Find the talking points at remarkableresults.biz/a158. Questions brought up centered around - business culture, labor rates, comebacks, EVs, succession planning, training among other topics. Getting fresh perspectives on these trending topics gives you a foundation on how to build a better business.

    So appreciative to the panel as they delivered their A-game with honest and transparent answers so that all in the aftermarket benefit from their perspective.

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