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Utah's Best Podcast Network.

    TOY SOUP 007: Let Me Touch Your Smooth Hands!

    TOY SOUP 007: Let Me Touch Your Smooth Hands!

    Amazing!!! We brought in the hilarious veteran of the Utah comedy scene, Christopher Stephenson, and he was downright brilliant. Creating characters with adolescent healing powers to a tandem of angry Maverick cashiers, Christopher rode the ToySoup improv wave with expertise skill.

    Thanks dude. You made us laugh with delight as you let Troy lick of your nightly butter soaked fingers….I mean your pantomime butter soaked fingers.

    Episode 7 is in the books people. As always have a listen and keep your kids locked up cause this is definitely only for adults. And dogs, dogs can totally listen.


    • 35 min
    TOY SOUP 006: “Mickey Mouse, The Untold Story!”

    TOY SOUP 006: “Mickey Mouse, The Untold Story!”

    Episode 6 of the ToySoup Podcast was awesome.  We were joined by the ultra-hilarious comedian and all around amazing person of this earth, Natashia Mower. She is a genius stand-up comedian and she played extremely well with the improv foolery we threw her way. She helped us create some real world inventions that I’m sure you will see hit the market soon.

    We love Natashia and so will you, so chill and listen in to the craziness of ToySoup. Oh yeah, listener discretion is advised, but only because the damn unicorn scene got really out of hand.



    • 37 min
    TOY SOUP 005: “The Butter Butler” w/ Mr. Bob Bedore

    TOY SOUP 005: “The Butter Butler” w/ Mr. Bob Bedore

    Troy and I go old school and bring in the man who introduced us to improv comedy, Mr. Bob Bedore.

    Way back in the day he let me try my hand at making shit up, and for years I learned the craft on the Quick Wits stage.

    In fact, our duo ToySoup was born on that stage. If was pretty messy and we were soon kicked out of the theater.

    Sorry Bob! Shit happens when you eat a brownie and think you are a dolphin the entire show.

    We owe Bob a lot. Mostly just money!

    I can’t even remember what happened in this episode. So why don’t you listen and give me a recap.


    Remember you can catch Bob every Saturday @ Quick Wits in Midvale.

    Don’t worry, here’s your damn link: Ya bastards… https://qwcomedy.com/

    • 38 min
    TOY SOUP 004: “Dirty Talk with Muppets”

    TOY SOUP 004: “Dirty Talk with Muppets”


    We’ve made it to our fourth podcast and they still keep letting us back in the building.

    In this episode we reconnect with an improviser and entertainer from our youth, the remarkably talented Jady Peeters.

    Back in the day she performed with both local improv troupes Quick Wits and Knock Your Socks Off, then she left and traveled the county to do life shit.

    She is hilarious, and she jumped right into the ToySoup mayhem with characters and life lessons from dirty talk to militia groups, and even some psychotherapy of a supposed 15 year old.

    So yeah, listen in and enjoy!



    • 39 min
    TOY SOUP 003: “Once Upon A Time In The Land of Horse Shit”

    TOY SOUP 003: “Once Upon A Time In The Land of Horse Shit”

    Happy Post-New Year!

    After a small holiday break (Andrew experimented with surgery and lortabs while Troy just experimented) we have recorded a new podcast.

    Bam! Smack! Slap!

    Our good friend and fellow improviser Jason Wild from the local bad ass improv group Quick Wits joined us for our romp through the world of making shit up. It was fun and educational. Jason brought his bearded powers to the table and did not disappoint creating a hilarious array of characters, including a super creepy pedophile, thanks Jason…thanks for that.

    So throw on some head phones and have a listen, but you might want to turn down the volume so you don’t offend everyone else in the room.



    • 40 min
    TOY SOUP 002: “Ben Briton”

    TOY SOUP 002: “Ben Briton”

    ToySoup is back for another podcast with special musical guest Ben Briton!  Ben performers music all over the valley and also is a regular performer with the improv troupe Quick Wits.

    We met Ben years ago at a drunk party and we have had a crush on him ever since. Seriously he is swoony. I don’t think that is a real word but I still like it.

    We had a great time trying to keep up with his impromptu singing and he joined us for some messed up scenes.

    There was intergalactic sex, plenty of cowboys, and of course who could forget the boa constrictor who gives amazing head. I can’t….

    So join us, or have a listen, or however this podcast thing works.



    • 43 min

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