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Podcast by Mathew Portell

    Episode #49: Dr. Warren Larkin - Trauma Informed Educators Network Podcast

    Episode #49: Dr. Warren Larkin - Trauma Informed Educators Network Podcast

    Prior to founding Warren Larkin Associates in 2017, Warren spent 24
    years in the NHS, working predominantly with individuals and families
    experiencing serious mental health difficulties. First as an assistant
    working on the long-stay psychiatric wards at Prestwich Hospital and
    then as Clinical Psychologist in Manchester working in a service
    created to provide and research the impact of CBT and Family
    Interventions for people experiencing psychosis.

    Warren went on to lead one of the two national centres of excellence
    in psychological care for psychosis – chosen to share and
    disseminate innovative practice in first episode psychosis services
    (FEP). This initiative contributed to a case for change which led to
    increased funding and the introduction of the two-week referral to
    treatment time in FEP services in England.

    Warren then spent 5 years as Network Clinical Director, responsible
    for Children and Families Services across Lancashire. Warren was
    responsible for the quality and safety of care and for research and
    innovation. This experience led to Warren’s passion for public health
    and prevention work.
    Warren is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and is also Visiting
    Professor at Sunderland University where he is working with the
    Faculty of Health Sciences and Wellbeing, to develop their research
    programme and training curricula for a broad range of health care

    Warren completed a 2-year tenure as the Clinical Lead for the
    Department of Health Adverse Childhood Experiences programme
    and is now working with NHS Health Scotland to implement routine
    ACE inquiry in GP practices in some of the most deprived areas in

    He has a long-standing interest in the relationships between childhood
    adversity and outcomes later in life and has published numerous
    research articles on the topic of adverse childhood experiences,
    trauma and psychosis and published an edited book in 2006 (now
    commissioned for a second edition) exploring this theme.
    Warren has also been involved in policy development and has acted
    as an advisor to a number of UK and foreign government agencies.
    He was a member of the Children and Young People’s Mental Health
    Services National Task Force, the NICE expert reference group on
    first episode psychosis, the ‘Tackling Child Sexual Exploitation’
    advisory group and was a contributing author of the recently published
    Personality ‘Disorder’ Consensus Statement. He is currently
    supporting UNICEF in the Western Balkans to develop trauma-
    informed policy and practice.

    Warren developed the routine enquiry about adversity in childhood
    (REACh) approach as a way of assisting organisations to become
    more trauma-informed and to train professionals to ask routinely
    about adversity in their everyday practice.

    He is currently writing a book about trauma, adversity, and resilience
    and why we urgently need to focus on prevention in order to improve
    health and wellbeing for future generations.

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    Episode #50: Allie Szczecinski - Trauma Informed Educators Network Podcast

    Episode #50: Allie Szczecinski - Trauma Informed Educators Network Podcast

    Allie is a wife, mom, special educator. children's book author, and social-emotional learning coach. She mentors new teachers, creates visual, hands-on resources for students, and lives for coffee. With a master's degree and over 12 years of professional experience, she is a go-to resource for educators everywhere!

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    Episode #48: Lachanda Garrison - Trauma Informed Educators Network Podcast

    Episode #48: Lachanda Garrison - Trauma Informed Educators Network Podcast

    achanda Garrison is a 2nd grade teacher leader at Bahrain Elementary School in Manama, Bahrain. Lachanda believes weaving her students’ stories and identities into lessons is the best instructional tool, ensuring all students receive an equitable education. She meets students’ needs by being trauma-informed, resilience-focused, and culturally responsive so students can learn and thrive both inside and outside of the classroom. Because of these beliefs, Lachanda’s students advocate for their learning, celebrate one another’s differences and cultures, and empathize for those around them.

    Lachanda has an Associate of Arts in Computer Studies and Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Management from the University of Maryland University College, Master of Education in Instructional Technology from Troy University, and a Master of Arts in Mathematics Teaching from Mount Holyoke College. She is also a Certified Trauma and Resilient Trainer from STARR Commonwealth.

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    Episode #47: Dr. Bruce Perry - Trauma Informed Educators Network Podcast

    Episode #47: Dr. Bruce Perry - Trauma Informed Educators Network Podcast

    Dr. Bruce Perry, a child psychiatrist and neuroscientist, is the principal of the Neurosequential Network, senior fellow of the ChildTrauma Academy, and an adjunct professor of psychiatry at the Northwestern University School of Medicine in Chicago. He is the author, of The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog, a bestselling book based on his work with maltreated children, and Born for Love, about the essential nature of Empathy. This episode will focus on his most recent New York Times Bestselling book that he co-authored with Oprah Winfrey, What Happened to You?

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    Episode #46: Dr. Melissa Sadin - Trauma Informed Educators Network Podcast

    Episode #46: Dr. Melissa Sadin - Trauma Informed Educators Network Podcast

    Dr. Sadin has served as a special education teacher, a gifted education teacher, and a building administrator. Most recently she served as a director of special education. Dr. Sadin has been vice-president of her local School Board and is recognized as a Master School Board Member. She has conducted research on the perceptions of teachers working to create trauma-informed classrooms. Dr. Sadin is a published author and has produced numerous webinars on children with attachment trauma in schools. Currently, Dr. Sadin works as an education consultant and developmental trauma expert providing professional development to school districts, municipal service providers and parents. Nationally, Dr. Sadin is a highly sought after keynote speaker and conference presenter. Her Trauma Guide Series of books are available on her website, www.traumasensitive.com.

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    Episode #45: Dr. Tracey Benson - Trauma Informed Educators Network Podcast

    Episode #45: Dr. Tracey Benson - Trauma Informed Educators Network Podcast

    Dr. Tracey A. Benson, CEO of Tracey A. Benson Consulting and founder of the Anti-Racist Leadership Institute, received his doctorate in Education Leadership from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and Masters of School Administration from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. He has served as an assistant professor of educational leadership, principal coach, high school principal, middle school vice-principal, and elementary school teacher. His research explores the vestiges of structural racism in K-12 education that continue to impede the academic success of students of color. His book, Unconscious Bias in Schools: A Developmental Approach to Exploring Race and Racism, was released with Harvard Education Press in August 2019.

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4.5 out of 5
23 Ratings

23 Ratings

mellomandy74 ,

Thank you

Special thanks to you, Mathew, for being a leader in this journey. Especially loved Dr. Perry’s concentration on specific insight for educators.

CrieveHall26 ,

Real talk

I’ve learned so much hearing experts and people in the work be open and vulnerable. There are so many great stories in this podcast. Thanks!

eem.chad ,

Essential resource

Fantastic podcast for educators, counselors, social workers, and anyone interested in shifting their perspective on how to support students facing trauma in schools. Love the wide variety of perspectives and backgrounds that the interviewees bring to the table. The host is a pretty great dude, too!

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