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Learn to Create and Share Your Travel Adventures - A podcast for travelers who love to shoot photos and videos on their holidays.

Dan Roitner covers the planning, travel photography, editing and sharing of your travelogue story. Be it simple Facebook posts, photo books, slideshows or learning to make travel movies, everything is kept easy to understand. He brings you a variety of topics to help you pull it all together in a fun and entertaining way.

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Travelogue Creator Dan Roitner

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Learn to Create and Share Your Travel Adventures - A podcast for travelers who love to shoot photos and videos on their holidays.

Dan Roitner covers the planning, travel photography, editing and sharing of your travelogue story. Be it simple Facebook posts, photo books, slideshows or learning to make travel movies, everything is kept easy to understand. He brings you a variety of topics to help you pull it all together in a fun and entertaining way.

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    TC020 Travelogue Show Presentation Basics

    TC020 Travelogue Show Presentation Basics

    Putting on a great travel show presentation is the last and equally as important step to creating a memorable travelogue story experience. You want to get it right, after all those miles traveling and hours editing, don’t you?
    At this point, the same way one would frame an art print on the wall and hang it in the appropriate place. So to are you going to play your travel show of your trip in the best possible way to entertain and do it justice. 
    What I'm going to talk about this time around covers a lot of different types of travelogues. The two basic camps are hard copy (prints, photo album) and digital show file(s) (video or single images).
    Either way you go, this advice applies to all circumstances to better the odds that your audience can enjoy whatever you are showing.
    If you do have control of the show environment and delivery all the better to make it ideal and do it justice.
    The audience has to be comfortable in a suitable venue where your travel show can play with proper video and sound quality.  Just look at how movie theatres are set up.
    If you bring a photobook or pull out your phone/tablet at work, in a pub or on the subway,  pick the right moment. You want enough time to tell them about your trip with few distractions.
    If you post your trip online, there is little you can do with your audience’s environment. You have no control on the setting. They may be looking at your Facebook travel album or playing your YouTube trip video just about anywhere.
    It may be a little maddening that circumstances may not be as ideal as you wished. There may be screen glare, distractions or have the sound turned off as they watch your well crafted video in line at the bank.  
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    TC019 Sports, Action Cameras for Travelers

    TC019 Sports, Action Cameras for Travelers

    I am really keen on bringing with me everywhere I travel a “sports, action, rugged” camera. This category of compact digital camera, are light, tough, water and dust proof. They are so handy for many occasions when my main DSLR or camera phone are at risk of getting damaged or drown at sea.
    The last few years has brought on a ever growing collection of sport cameras from most manufacturers. Then the other favour of action camera are the smaller GoPros and  similar type that you wear or mount just about anywhere.
    The concept is so well suited for traveling, how can you not agree. Often we are on holidays by the water, on the water, under the water, it’s raining, snowing or desert sands are a blowing….No Problem!
    Stuff it in you pocket, tuck it in your backpack, parka at the ready, these camera are simple to use and go beyond the normal environment regular cameras can bare. Some are tiny little cubes you can mount in odd places for unique angles.
    Often action cams can be controlled with smartphone apps. Not only can you fire the camera and change setting but you can also see the image live, so cool.
    Which to pick? Well that requires a bit of research on your end to decide what this action cam has to do for you and the elements it has to endure. Search the internet and check out what strength it has as far as features and options
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    TC018 Where to Find the Best Travel Photo Destinations

    TC018 Where to Find the Best Travel Photo Destinations

    The world is a big place with lots of beautiful scenery and cities for us to explore and take pictures and videos. As you prepare your next trip, you may be wondering how and where do I find those awesome photos and how do you seek them out?
    I know many of us love to explore and find random surprises during our holidays to photograph. Now that's a great buzz when you chance to come across an unusual and interesting place to take a few pictures. It happens to me often, yet I also plan some of those chance photo occurrences and so should you.
    You might think if you do some research and plan out a shoot list of locations you'd like to visit that the freeform spontaneity of the travel adventure is lost. But not at all; it'll happen anyway on top of going to planned locations. You will just have better odds of getting enough content for your travelogue slideshow/video or photo album.
    With just an hour or two of photo research you can plan to find whatever type of content interests you on your holidays.
    This kind of homework really is very easy and actually entertaining
    to leisurely browse websites, books, videos...
    Before the internet I was often looking at coffee table books, maps and guide books on the country and locations I was to visit looking for clues and nice photos I could check out. A favorite trick was to browse through the stands of postcards upon arriving somewhere to see what other pro photographers had shot as famous landmarks of the area.
    You can still do that these days though there are a lot fewer postcard stands around. Actually with the advent of the internet it has gotten so much better and easier to seek out those popular and hidden destinations online.
    Study the images you find that appeal to your interests and shooting style. Figure what or where the camera position was and time of day/year. There are many clues in a picture to help you out.
    But I encourage you to be yourself and not plagiarize the photographer. Find your own way of photographing the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben or the Pyramids. Iconic shots are hard to be different, and therein is the challenge. Discover a new and fresh way to show it.
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    TC017 Shoot Vacation Videos Worth Editing

    TC017 Shoot Vacation Videos Worth Editing

    The fact most travelers have the capability to shoot video is an invitation for us to give it a try. Yet it seems we take very little on our vacations. Shooting video clips on our holidays seems to be an afterthought for most travellers. I want to change that, and make your travel videos stand out.
    Well it’s time put video shooting in the spotlight, with the quality and convenience, taking a few holiday videos is so easy.
    Every camera and smartphone now comes with a video mode. Plus there is the added experience of motion and sound definitely making your travelogue shows that much better.
    Now I'll be the first one to admit as a veteran still photographer that video is always a secondary thought in my mind. I often wish I would have taken more videos during my holiday trips and I have to keep reminding myself to do so and I really should.
    I am here to motivate and convince you to shoot more AND better video.
    With trying to make travelogue shows of our trips, videos probably get us closer than anything else to actually being there. And this is the best reason to shoot some good video footage so that you can take your audience back with you on that great travel adventure story.
    A few video basics to get you started: Plan your shot Right away I want all my amature travel videographer readers to stop waving their cameras around shooting aimlessly. . You know the type, standing there in the street panning around *looking for something good to capture. No one's going to look at all that junk, not even you! No more shotgun video.
    From here on in we are only going to record and fill up hard drives with valuable footage that could be used in your edits, otherwise delete, delete, DELETE.
    So with a little bit of planning every video clip shot will improve your odd of getting a good take.  Studying the scene for a moment will give you clues as to what angle to pick , how the lighting is working, what to crop out and leave in, where to pan (if at all) and when to capture the action.
    Video is a horizontal format First thing to remember is that video is shot in a horizontal format. Think horizontal flat screen TV. Yes even when smartphone cameras tend to be held vertically, they do not make useable video clips.
    Video takes longer to to shoot Yes indeed unfortunately you have to block off a little bit more time in your travels to get the proper coverage when shooting your video scenes. You may have to coral people to act/narrate in your clips. Plan to do more than one take if needed to get it right. Returning for a reshoot is highly unlikely.
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    TC016 Blogging While Sailing the Caribbean

    TC016 Blogging While Sailing the Caribbean

    I had a chance to do an interview with Joanne, a sailor doing America’s Great Loop with her husband David and their dog.  She has been writing a travel blog since they left Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada many months ago.
    Their journey took them across the Great Lakes to Chicago, where the mast was taken off and trucked down to the Gulf of Mexico. With too many low bridges, they did the route down to the mouth of Mississippi River by motorboat.
    They have been sailing the Caribbean Seas for a few months living a dream. Plans are to put the boat up on dry dock during the hurricane season in Miami. They hope to return in the fall and to continue their trip down to Turks & Caicos Islands perhaps ...and within six months, who know where else?
    Don't plan your vacation dreams too long....Just Do It!
    I spoke to Joanne via a Skype phone call as she was docked in a marina with a good Wi-Fi signal in the Bahamas. I had been waiting a few weeks to get in touch with her. Because of high winds she was trapped in a bay unable to negotiate the waves and find an internet signal.
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    TC015 Build a Travel Blog Website

    TC015 Build a Travel Blog Website

    For those of you wishing to create a travelogue of your holidays in a website blog format, here are the basic concepts to help you sort it out. This article covers what a beginner needs to know to decide if this is the method they prefer to post and share their travels with family, friends and the world. (It also can be applied to other blog and website projects)
    This method of recording your vacation adventures is not the easiest way to share those stories. Certainly it can offer the most control and perhaps expand to a professional travel blog that could make you some money one day.
    I have been doing all types of websites for the last 17 years and here is a general overview to help you make a choice.
    I know when I started I had many questions;
    I think I can answer a few here.
    Basic steps to creating a Travel Blog website: Site Name Web Hosting Build Site Post Content
    So the first decision you need to make is, do you keep it simple or leave it open for expansion? Do you go with the free package route with its limitations, or pay ongoing fees to run your own independent travel blog?
    Some sites offer a complete service of name,space, website template tools and away you go. That might be your best choice.  Another path is setting it up independently for more flexibility. It is impossible to get specific in this short article and I will leave you with a few leads to research further and mention more in future posts.
    So will this travel blog be a quick fun thing, maybe for your European vacation, or the start of something grand?
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