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Jim & Jeff and friends rank all aspects of Star Trek! Join the discussion at http://www.facebook.com/thetricordertransmissions or on Twitter @TTT_Pod.

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Jim & Jeff and friends rank all aspects of Star Trek! Join the discussion at http://www.facebook.com/thetricordertransmissions or on Twitter @TTT_Pod.

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4.8 out of 5
29 Ratings

29 Ratings

cindyred60 ,

Love this show!

Thanks for making this beautiful podcast happen! Two of my sons have heard it when I was playing it and they are now Star Trek fans !

13 times
My top 5 episodes are
5: 06 Food moments
4: 04 Comedy moments
3: 29 One off romances
2: 28 ST Divas
1: 30&31 (more Trek:) Hottest!

Through the Jumpgate Podcast ,

Excellent structure and loads of Star Trek passion

There's a lot to be said for podcasts that take a free-form chat approach to their topics, but if you want a podcast that uses a solid, consistent framework to deliver great conversation every episode, you've found the right place. Jim Moorhouse hosts an ever-changing assortment of guests as they discuss Top 5 lists on a staggering spectrum of Star Trek topics. As an added bonus in these days of venomous criticism and malicious online hate, Trek Ranks is 100% about love of the franchise and sharing positivity. In the spirit of Trek Ranks, I am including my own Top 5 for Episodes of the Podcast I Love Most;
5) Episode 25- Top 5 Space Battles
The two guests (hosts of the TrekGeeks podcast) bring smashing lists of battles that remind you how exciting Trek can be.
4) Episode 18- Top 5 Two-Part episodes
Everyone loves stories that can't be contained in one episode, and these are some of the best.
3) Episode 03- Top 5 DS9 Recurring Characters
From one of the best Trek series, they talk about the greatest supporting players in the game.
2) Episode 07- Top 5 One-Off Villains
If you ever had a favorite villain in Trek, even though they only appeared once, listen to this episode. You're favorite might be there.
1) Episode 46- Top 5 Enterprise Underrated
A great example of how Trek Ranks widens their scope by doing, essentially, a Top 1 list for five different topics, this time all from Star Trek: Enterprise. This was the episode that made me want to submit my own list. A great selection of different ENT aspects, making for a stellar episode.

Bonus: Make sure to listen to their episode on Top 5 Courtroom Showdowns. If you love legal battles you'll love this episode. And if you love the Law & Order "DUN DUN" sound effect, you get 13 of them. Try to find them all!

m island ,


There's nothing I love more than taking about Trek, so finding this podcast was an absolute joy! I look forward to it every week! It is pure comfort food for the Star Trek soul. I really appreciate the philosophy of "no wrong answers"; just a celebration of all things Trek. Bonus that the host Jim is an Enterprise fan like me (another person who loves this amazing, underappreciated show). Thank you so much for this incredible podcast!

My top 5 Trek Ranks episodes are (hard to choose because all the topics are great):
5) Top 5 Engineer Episodes
4) Top 5 Premier Episodes
3) Top 5 Klingon Episodes and Data Episodes (tie)
2) Top 5 Time Travel Episodes
1) Top 5 Enterprise Underrated Episodes

I was so happy that there was a Courtroom Showdown episode. There were 13 "Law and Order sounds" in this episode. LLAP!

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