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The Trial By Error Variety Show Podcast is bringing listeners candid interviews with unsigned and vetted talent from all over, focusing on the trials of being in a band, juggling life in the day to day, and how far they are willing to go to showcase their own unique styles! Find out more @ www.trialbyerrorvarietyshow.com

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The Trial By Error Variety Show Podcast is bringing listeners candid interviews with unsigned and vetted talent from all over, focusing on the trials of being in a band, juggling life in the day to day, and how far they are willing to go to showcase their own unique styles! Find out more @ www.trialbyerrorvarietyshow.com

    Get Rich or Die Ryan (The Interview)

    Get Rich or Die Ryan (The Interview)

    We talk to the King of Maine, author of Pinecone Pete Is Not Impressed, maker of 9+ incredible hip-hop albums, P-Dank label owner, and father of 4, a true industry GOAT...it's Spose! On the cusp of the release of his double album "Get Rich or Die Ryan" out on Oct 20,  we break down the history of Spose, the many a mindset it takes when writing the music, and so much more.
    We showcase the new singles, and we find out who lives or dies in the worst studio fire that ever happened. Enjoy!
    Intro + Outro by GOD.DAMN.CHAN off the album "Slush"
    Pre-Order the Newest Spose album on iTunes, Spotify or wherever you find music because its everywhere!
    Find SPOSE Easter eggs on Bandcamp 
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    Composing Nostalgia with Michael Roberts

    Composing Nostalgia with Michael Roberts

    Today we hang out with Michael Roberts of the band Wooden Dinosaur and founder of Lost honey Records. You've always wanted to learn how to build a soundscape, right? Well, as always you came to the right place! Get to know Micheal a little while we dive into the makings of ambient music, what it takes to pull together an album that's rich and pure whilst being dragged in all directions, and as always, sprinkled throughout the episode are songs from the Wooden Dinosaur discography.
    INTRO/OUTRO by Brock Berriganoff the newest album "Smooth Sailing" available on Bandcamp and wherever you stream music.
    Find Michael's complete discography here including the work of Wooden Dinosaur with the link below.
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    Micro-chips, Micro-dips and Micro-doses w/ Acid Carousel

    Micro-chips, Micro-dips and Micro-doses w/ Acid Carousel

    We explore a bit of shared history, dabble in the Texas psychedelic movement, and go to prison even though we were good people. Also, LIVE MUSIC IS BACK,BABY!  
    Intro and Outro music by:
    EMAPEA off the latest album Bees, Trees and Flowers available on Bandcamp and where ever you stream great music. 
    All other music by Acid Carousel. To visit their discography please list their Bandcamp page and follow them on social media to learn about shows in a city near you!
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    Parents Ruin Everything (Pilot)

    Parents Ruin Everything (Pilot)

    The Dazzle children have some important rants they'd like to share beyond the walls of home. Now days, the best way to do that is to let it out via the podcast route.
    This is the pilot Episode "How Parents Ruin Video Games" and it has some pretty solid points. Subscribe where ever you listen to podcast to get the latest episodes as the come out! Thanks for listening!

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    Slow Corpse

    Slow Corpse

    We return from break like a wrecking ball swinging in with one of the dankest, most potent bands from Oregon, or anywhere for that matter! At long last, we are getting to sit down with one of our household favorites, Slow Corpse! 
    On the heals of their sophomore album release, “Bite Your Tongue”,  we crack the shell open to talk stage fright, Cyberpunk mania, road trip musical van diagrams, house parties, and much more!  We highlight the Slow Corpse singles and we read your reviews! 
    Enjoy the Show! 
     INTRO: BILL GATES INSTRUMENTAL  by Lil Wayne (2018)
    MATCHES off the MOONS EP (2015) VISION off the HOUND EP (2015) RUN IT off the FABLES album (2017) Review Soundtrack ft. VIDEOTAPE by DIRTY ART CLUB (2021) OKAY off the BIT YOUR TONGUE album (2021) Like what you heard? Buy the new album BITE YOUR TONGUE on Bandcamp: https://slowcorpse.bandcamp.com/album/bite-your-tongue
    Keep up with new releases, follow Slow Corpse on Spotify:
    Follow Slow Corpse here too if you do the social media:
    Watch the new video for “In My Head”  put together by Surreal Entertainment 
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    The Holiday Special

    The Holiday Special

    Let's wrap up this year in a big bow, laced with sparkling new releases, hidden gems, and shiny debuts! We take a shallow, head splitting dive into the ocean of music known as Bandcamp! We attempt to bring to the forefront the latest releases from various November/December highlights, and the latest from former TBE artists, such as Acid Carousel, Cam, New Dialogue, Run River North, and Ver$ache Kolache and more! Its "special' for those reasons!  
    This is not so much a playlist as it is a showcase, still, let the show notes be your guide! 
    INTRO: COLDBREW “Mario Cart” off the album “Childhood”
    THE HIGH HEAVEN “Nowhere Bound” off the album “Fairytales of the Heartland” https://thehighheaven.bandcamp.com/album/fairytales-of-the-heartland  
    SCRIMSHIRE “Chance Me” feat. And Is Phi off the EP “Believers Vol.1”https://scrimshire.bandcamp.com/album/believers-vol-1   
    THE BITCH BOYS “New New Mega Doo Doo” off the EP “Demonstration” https://thebitchboysband.bandcamp.com/album/demonstration  
    GENTRY FOX “Hindsight” off the album “The View From Nowhere” https://gentryfox.bandcamp.com/album/the-view-from-nowhere  
    ANRIMEAL “I Am Not” off the album “Could Divine” https://anrimeal.bandcamp.com/album/could-divine   
    THALA “Something in the Water” feat. BEARCUBS https://anrimeal.bandcamp.com/album/could-divine  
    SLOW CORPSE “Wasted” from the album “Bite Your Tongue” https://slowcorpse.bandcamp.com/album/bite-your-tongue  
    TURNOVER “Breeze” from the album “Good Nature” https://turnover.bandcamp.com/album/good-nature  
    INTERLUDE by COLDBREW “Christmas Morning” off the album “Childhood” https://coldbrewbeats.bandcamp.com/album/childhood
    ACID CAROUSEL “Im Peaches, the Monkey” off the album “The Most Oddest Thing” https://dreamyliferecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-most-oddest-thing  
    THE GHOST WOLVES “WWIII” of the EP “Vol. 1 How the West Was Won” https://theghostwolves.bandcamp.com/album/ghost-series-vol-1-how-the-west-was-won-love-to-blaze-foley  
    NEW DIALOGUE “The Chain” a Fleetwood Mac cover https://open.spotify.com/album/5PsbxRJmAQVLQfcRRd0PLg?si=fgl6utUJRH6Sr8DhTuzJbg  
    VER$ACHE KOLACHE “Burt is Fat and Its a Problem” a YHM tribute featured on the YHM live 1/2 https://soundcloud.com/versacekolache/burtisfataf  
    RUN RIVER NORTH “Lonely Weather” the latest single available on most major streaming platforms https://open.spotify.com/album/3inaqcg3W6VbqfCCkisVYy?si=Gthzl7_URLCbbgW6mVXAMw  
    OUTRO by Coldbrew “Bop-It” off the album “Childhood” https://coldbrewbeats.bandcamp.com/album/childhood
    BONUS OUTRO by PROF “F**k You It’s Christmas” available in our Bandcamp collection and all major platforms https://profstophouse.bandcamp.com/track/f**k-you-its-christmas
    Our entire collection of Bandcamp faves is available here.
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    Thank you once again for joining us! 
    Happy Holidays ya filthy animals! 
    Much Love - C. Dazzle and Family 
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4.9 out of 5
46 Ratings

46 Ratings

coolest client ever ,

Thank you

Thank you for always turning me on to new music.... Thank you for bringing awesomeness always!!!! SEASON 4!!!!!!!! 🥳 💜Slow Corpse 🙃

shakykid ,

Great show!

Great for driving a nice mix of music and fun information. Also a great and fun way to discover new bands 10 out of 10!

KishirTV ,

Unique and 1 of a Kind!

Yo if you haven’t subscribed to this then your missing out. I have found songs and even content to enjoy that other pods do NOT have!