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The Trial By Error Variety Show Podcast is bringing listeners candid interviews with unsigned and vetted talent from all over, focusing on the trials of being in a band, juggling life in the day to day, and how far they are willing to go to showcase their own unique styles! Find out more @ www.trialbyerrorvarietyshow.com

Trial By Error Variety Show Chaznik Raab

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The Trial By Error Variety Show Podcast is bringing listeners candid interviews with unsigned and vetted talent from all over, focusing on the trials of being in a band, juggling life in the day to day, and how far they are willing to go to showcase their own unique styles! Find out more @ www.trialbyerrorvarietyshow.com

    Liam James Marsh

    Liam James Marsh

    Liam James Marsh is one of the most versatile and dedicated players we’ve ever had on the show! What we can shape is here is merely the tip of an iceberg worth of praise worthy jams! The conversation centers around life. Is it too short as we often hear, or are the days too long? Is that glass of bourbon half full or poisoned? We do our best to answer none of these questions and focus on everything in between the lines. Enjoy! 
    + NEW Current w/ Cam!
    INTRO music by Easy Deviance off the Bird Nest EP https://easydeviance.bandcamp.com/album/bird-nest
    OUTRO by Brock Berrigan off the Utah LP
    Featured music performed by Liam James Marsh and friends. 
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    Dylan Tanner

    Dylan Tanner

    We are back with a guest from right here at base camp, an alternative folk artist who's song writing is equally as down to earth as it panty dropping. He has made the leap into the world of free streaming via Spotify and we sat down to talk great leaps of faith including aliens, afterlives, and awareness. We have our very first ever NEWS anchor and segment we call "Current with Cam" which we hope youlll love. Overall, its a pretty fantastic show, and we think you'll agree. 
    INTRO by Easy Deviance off the newest EP "Bird Nest"
    OUTRO by Brock Berrigan off his latest Album "UTAH"
    All of Dylan's music can be found on iTunes or Spotify 
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    Alex Hwang of RRN

    Alex Hwang of RRN

    HEYYY! We missed you guys! life's been hectic AF and before we go on a little Summer break, we wanted to offer you a superb episode 3 years in the making! A good month ago we talked to Alex Hwang, writer/guitarist/vocalist for the LA based, international touring band Run River North!
    Sleepy eyed and on the cusp of world wide turn around, we chatted about the independent release of “Spiders” during a time of global lockdown, some BTS on how labels gauge success, and how the Lonely Weather/Favorite Sweater Tour was put together. As always we listen to music from the RRN discography, and you get yourself a taste of the RRN evolution. Stick around for a special announcement after the interview! 
    INTRO MUSIC by coldbrew with the song “Pineapple Express”
    @Chill Beats Records released 2020
    Run River North songs featured:
    “Spiders”  SINGLE released 2020
    “Monsters Calling Home” off of the Self-Titled debut released 2014
    “40G” off of the “Monsters Calling Home VOL.1” EP released 2019
    “Monsters” off of the “Monsters Calling Home VOL.2” EP released 2019
    FIND RUN RIVER NORTH on all streaming platforms.
    Visit https://runrivernorth.com for past, present and future RRN activity. 
    OUTRO by Funkmammoth with the song “Wake” off of the album “Retirement Resort” released 2020
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    Ela Kitapci of New Dialogue

    Ela Kitapci of New Dialogue

    Before all hell broke lose (and for good reason) Chaz interviewed Ela Kitapci of the L.A. based "Whimsical" Pop band, New Dialogue. Just weeks before the great lockdown of 2020, New Dialogue, alongside Run River north completed a round of touring that introduced us here at TBE to the bands live energy and kept us waiting for what's to come! We talk a little about the future of New Dialogue as well as the status at that time, some self betterment choices, and listen to music from the "Teach Me How To Feel" EP. It's quite a pleasant conversation, we do hope you enjoy it as much as we did! 
    To find more and all things New Dialogue please visit:  
    To get the latest e'rday all day follow them on social media! @newdialogueband
    INTRO MUSIC by BROCK BERRIGAN w/ "BIRD LAW" off the album "The Scenic Route" available on BANDCAMP and all major platforms as well!
    OUTRO MUSIC by DIRTY ART CLUB w/ "TECHINCOLOR" off the album "Gardens" available on BANDCAMP and all major platforms as well! 
    Special thanks to Ela, to the listeners of the show, and to the artists that dedicate time to connect to their audience through this medium. You are the reason THIS SHOW exists, and I (Chaz) wouldn't be able to do what I do without that opportunity.
    Much Love.

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    Tom Rhodes

    Tom Rhodes

    This episode Chaz fanboys out on an all time favorite comedian, the King of Haha himself, the legend, Tom Rhodes! He has seen and done it all so we talk about his world traveling videos, rehash some stand up gems, and go over what it was like to make/keep friends around the world. His new album is out on iTunes "Around the World" where you get to learn as you laugh along side the most diverse audience ever recorded on a comedy club. It was truly a pleasure and an honor to have had this conversation with Tom, and we know you'll love it too. 
    Enjoy the showwwwwww!
    Brock Berrigan from his latest album released May 6, 2020
    "UTAH" with songs "Suits and Fake Names" and "Legacy Parkway"
    Get your Rhodes reads straight from the source at 
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    Abram Shook

    Abram Shook

    This go around we talk to Pop musician Abram Shook from Austin,TX. We get to know each others quarentine routines, dive into the consequential effects of this shut down on the music community, and loosely offer some advice to those of you struggling to figure out how to get through this crazy time of ours. Good habits, people!
    Since Abram has such a sweet collection of tunes we decided to pluck a song from each of his 3 full length albums to give you a little taste of the Abram Shook stockpile! Remember, there’s still plenty out there to explore and as always we highly encourage it! 
    As a recommendation from Abram, we dug up the link to this “labor of love” that is a time machine https://radiooooo.com Go explore this and follow the instructions at the end of the episode as a great quarantine activity! 
    The awesome INTRO+OUTRO music by EASY DEVIANCE 
    Explore more ABRAM SHOOK 
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    Sorry for yelling. 

    • 1 hr 4 min

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4.9 out of 5
45 Ratings

45 Ratings

Christie Gee ,


I am from the same town as these guys and I JUST stumbled upon this podcast! I’m so glad I did! It’s a piece of home and I’m also learning so much about people I grew up with I didn’t know before. Keep up the great work! 🖤

CAPalmer ,


Topics vary and are always interesting!

Molly Llama ,


Worth your time to give a listen - wonderful job here y’all.

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