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4.4 out of 5
31.6K Ratings

31.6K Ratings

katieomi ,

The Only Accurate Source!

I started listening to this podcast about 2 years ago when I started with Episode 1 and what started as a curiosity has turned into a faithful devotion to this team and their multiple podcast productions. This dedicated team does journalism the way it’s supposed to be done - with honesty, integrity, compassion, empathy, rigor, and an unwavering commitment to finding and speaking the truth. Thank you Mandy, Liz, David, Eric and the whole team!

JenniferPerie ,

EXCLUSIVE Access - But only for those with money???

Really? “EXCLUSIVE access” - I am actually shocked. To me, you’re no better than those you’ve been doing an admittedly excellent job exposing. I feel like gagging on this hypocrisy. “Exclusive” - So you’re putting yourselves in the same position as the wealthy, maybe looking to buy your Edisto beachouse? Two tiers of justice, two tiers of Sunlight. HOW can you be serious? You are journalists/podcasters - but you’re only going to tell the real Colucci story, the full story of this outrageously tragic crime, to Premium members??? “True Sunlight - Exposing Crime & Corruption” — NOT for the common people apparently - but only for those who can afford it to pay for “Exclusive”. Knowledge is not supposed to be “exclusive”. True Sunlight is not EXCLUSIVE!!! I’m REALLY disappointed in you. Patreon or Premium subscribers usually get ad-free & early access. We all know that; along with usually bonus episode(s). That’s fine. But NO ETHICAL PODCAST WITHHOLDS the complete truth! Regular listeners get PART of an unlistenable 911 call. Premium Subscribers get the comprehensible & complete 911 call. Ok, I could deal with that. I clenched my teeth but I forged ahead. Now I hear that Michael Colucci’s background & God knows what else is inaccessible to me. Because I can’t pay. Your previous identification with the victims & admirable advocation for them, even though they mostly were NOT wealthy, is rendered null and void.

textgoon ,

Great episode on next case

True Sunlight comes roaring back with a new investigation to pursue now that Murdaugh is done and dusted!

The Album Cover. ,

Way too preachy

This podcast was relevant, if far too biased, when the mystery, investigations and trials were ongoing. Its pivot has remained unpleasantly preachy and its presentation too dramatically breathy and moralistic.
Please give it another pivot and maybe have another regular viewpoint.


One trick pony


FANewcomer ,

#44 fascinating reporting🌞

I’ve been following Mandy and Liz for a number of years. They r professional as in trained/educated journalists who know grammar, spelling and their dogged determination is astounding. I love u for takin’ on the good ole boys.😎

Interested Guest ,


Enough for me, First the "Becky Hill podium",
Now with the Kate Middleton podcast segment, Done..

yahoo girl 19 ,

I am done

This crew is done.

mtennesseejane ,

Listening from Texas

I found the MMP podcast randomly on Apple. I listened to a couple of episodes and realized there was so much more to the story than I was hearing on CNN. So I immediately went back and started listening to the very first episode. I have been shocked over and over at what y’all have dug up, but mostly elated at the actual real life difference y’all have made in the Lowcountry good ol’ boy system. I’ve been wishing you had a sister podcast in Texas. The twists and turns, as they were discovered by your investigative reporting have just been absolutely fascinating.
Keep up the great work!
Staying pesky in Texas.

slkkbnc ,

LunaShark jumped the shark

I used to be a big fan but not anymore. When the whole “Where’s Kate” debacle happened Liz posted a photo of William and Charles with a tree they planted and said that he gave her “Alex Murdaugh vibes” then retweeted a post that called Catherine a racist. Mandy was a bit better but this is not how true journalists work they cry about trolls but do the same. I will no longer support them. Understand if you listen to them they are entertainment only.