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TrueFire Live features top guitarists & educators covering a variety of educational topics across all guitar styles and skill levels in addition to Q&A and performances. Hosted by TrueFire's founder and shot live in the TrueFire Studio, this podcast is perfect for avid guitar players.

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TrueFire Live features top guitarists & educators covering a variety of educational topics across all guitar styles and skill levels in addition to Q&A and performances. Hosted by TrueFire's founder and shot live in the TrueFire Studio, this podcast is perfect for avid guitar players.

    Maton Guitars with Patrick Evans, David Steedman, & Joe Robinson

    Maton Guitars with Patrick Evans, David Steedman, & Joe Robinson

    Q&A featuring Maton Guitars! This session includes TrueFire's own Joe Robinson talking about his signature Maton model; Maton's Head of Product Development and R&D, Patrick Evans; and Maton's General Manager, David Steedman. To learn more and watch the video from this live session, please visit truefire.com/live.

    Joe Robinson:

    Joe Robinson, at 29 years of age, has earned a reputation as one of the worlds great guitar players and a brilliant singer/songwriter.

    Born and raised in the Australian bush, Joe has lived in Nashville, Tennessee for the last decade and has performed or recorded with a long list of celebrated music icons including Rodney Crowell, Emmylou Harris, Vince Gill, Kenny Rogers, Steve Vai, Eric Johnson, Robben Ford, Keb Mo, Les Paul, The Wailers, Styx, John Jorgenson, Lee Roy Parnell, and friend and mentor, Tommy Emmanuel, CGP.

    Joe won the second season of Australias Got Talent, aged 16, and has since developed a worldwide touring career, performing over 2,000 concerts across the U.S., Canada, Europe, Japan, China and his native Australia.

    Considered one of the preeminent fingerstyle guitarists in the world today, performing complex arrangements that feature the bass line, chords, and melody all played simultaneously. Joe carries forward the legacy of legendary guitarists Chet Atkins, Merle Travis, Lenny Breau, and Tommy Emmanuel.

    Joe has released four solo albums to great acclaim and his latest release Undertones (2019) is a celebrated 12-song collection. Premier Guitar magazine observes Undertones proves he is far more than a flashy prodigy - Robinson has developed into an artist with a fully formed vision of who he is and where he wants to go. In an album review, Acoustic Guitar magazine noted the virtuosos latest is dense with brilliant moments, Robinson's guitar playing is what really does the talking.

    Joe was voted Best New Talent in the Guitar Player Readers Poll and his talents were further recognized by Guitar Player magazine as part of a cover story entitled Youth-quake 2017: Ten Mind-Blowing Young Guitarists. In the article, Guitar Player observes Robinson is equally mind-blowing as an acoustic fingerpicker and electric soloist - his YouTube videos display an astounding combination of taste, speed, cagey phrasing, and a clear, articulate, and sparking tone.

    In addition to Joes TrueFire courses, and Guitar Synergy channel - his educational platform, Joes12.com is a 12-week course that covers topics including practicing, songwriting, arranging, performing, touring, your why mission and features guest mentors including Tommy Emmanuel, Steve Vai, Eric Johnson, Robben Ford, John Jorgenson, Rodney Crowell, Fred Gretsch and author/neuroscientist Daniel Levitin.

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    Two-Rock Featuring Matt Schofield, Josh Smith, and Jeff McErlain

    Two-Rock Featuring Matt Schofield, Josh Smith, and Jeff McErlain

    Matt Schofield, Josh Smith, and Jeff McErlain talk about their Two-Rock Amplifiers, give tone tips, and perform. For more TrueFire Live sessions, check out https://truefire.com/live

    About Matt:

    Though he holds a British passport and is an inductee of the British Blues Hall of Fame, Matt Schofield has been making his mark globally as one of the top players in the new class of six string wunderkinds.

    The Los Angeles Daily News wrote, In Schofield, the UK has produced the best Blues guitarist from any country in decades head and shoulders above the herd, while Guitar & Bass Magazine rated him in the top ten British blues guitarists of all time ranking him with icons Eric Clapton and Peter Green.

    Born in the industrial city of Manchester and raised amongst the rolling hills and locked in time Cotswolds, Schofield began playing guitar at the age of 12.

    My dad relocated to America, but before he left he gave me a BB King video. I watched it before school every day; it was three or four tracks from a concert. Later, when I was in California with my father, he showed me BB King with Albert Collins and Stevie Ray Vaughan on video.

    It was like; Ive got to do this. Theres something about the way the three of them were jamming. B.B. really was majestic. As an 11-or 12-year-old watching him, I was mesmerized but didnt think there was any way I could ever do that. It was too special. But when I saw Stevie Ray Vaughan playing with him, I thought maybe I could. Stevie made it seem accessible to people. I taught myself, working my way through my Dads great blues record collection. I did my first gig age 13, and Ive been doing it ever since.

    At age 18 he left the countryside and moved to London. There, as a sideman, he was able to hone his skills as backing a great variety of experienced and well known artists of the British Blues scene, visiting American artists, as well start touring internationally. The introspective, well read (lover of science, history and philosophy) and passionate Schofield said, this enabled me to stay close to my roots while learning my trade and exploring a variety of musical frontiers.

    By age 25 I was starting to explore my own band projects. Although my formative guitar influences are the largely the old school blues players, I never wanted my own music to be constrained by a rigid formula, or even genre. I just want to play Matt Schofield music. Classic Jazz, funk, soul and rock and all the music I love have all found their way into it. The process of writing and singing has become increasingly important to me, and I feel its those other aspects of creativity that helped define my own voice on the guitar. Its always been important to find a context for the guitar to be part of, so that its not just guitar solos for their own sake.

    I remain a music lover first and foremost. The recognition Ive received from both fans and peers is humbling and inspiring, and those pinch me moments where I found myself trading licks with heroes like Robben Ford and Buddy Guy are still the biggest thrill.

    Now after five studio albums and a solid 10 years of touring with my own band, I have definite broader concepts I want to explore. Remaining open to where the music might take me while maintaining the excitement that improvising and collaborating with talented musicians allow, is key to me. My inspiration and goals came from many places: My influences old and new, including musicians I have wanted to collaborate with for years. Things I still feel I hadn't fully realized on previous studio records, and a need to keep pushing myself. It all meets at the place where Im heading now. Im always aiming to go as far as possible to capturing the same connection with the listener that I aim to make at a live show or on record. Thats the goal. Capturing that special moment."br...

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    Fireside Festival II - Online Music Festival Presented by TrueFire

    Fireside Festival II - Online Music Festival Presented by TrueFire

    TrueFire presents an online music festival featuring 14 of its top educators:

    Shane Theriot, Johnny Hiland, Vinny Raniolo, Matt Schofield, Brooks Robertson, Kid Andersen, Robben Ford, Tommy Emmanuel, David Henriksson, Stephen Mougin, Steve Jenkins, Joe Robinson, Andy McKee, and Andy Timmons.

    Check out https://truefire.com/live for more TrueFire Live sessions!

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    DIY Guitar Tech

    DIY Guitar Tech

    Dave and Joel Hosler from Seven C Music talk about the role that guitar techs play, and how what technical skills you can learn to maintain your guitars! To learn more and watch the video from this live session, please visit truefire.com/live.

    For more about Seven C Music, please visit https://www.sevencmusic.com/

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    Universal Audio with Corey Congilio

    Universal Audio with Corey Congilio

    Corey Congilio talks with Universal Audio's own James Santiago and Tore Mogensen about Universal Audio's recording interfaces and software. To learn more and watch the video from this live session, please visit truefire.com/live.

    About Corey Congilio:

    Since picking up the guitar at age thirteen, Corey Congilio has been steadily forming a solid musical foundation built upon honesty, integrity and respect for his art form. Born and raised in Phillipsburg, New Jersey, Corey was exposed to music from his father, mother and guitar playing uncles. This exposure to music of all types at an early age, helped to lay a foundation of passion, versatility and appreciation of what music is, where it comes from, and what it should be.

    Realizing at an early age that music and the guitar would be his life’s focus, Corey moved to Pittsburgh, PA to attend the Art Institute Of Pittsburgh. There, Corey studied audio engineering but, didn’t get into music production officially until a few years after graduation. In the late 1990’s Pittsburgh had a vibrant music scene rich with blues, R&B, and original Rock. Corey shot up through the ranks by hanging out with the city’s best players who helped in honing his skills and overall musical maturity.

    In 2005, Corey produced his first EP for a local country artist and his love of the studio began to blossom. Corey became an in demand session player in Pittsburgh and began to produce projects for singer-songwriters. His projects ran the gamut of styles that showed off his ability on instruments other than the guitar.

    Over a 10-year period as an instructor, Corey has taught hundreds of students ranging in age, from six to eighty years old. A decade’s worth of guitar instruction helped to connect Corey to the world’s leader in online guitar instruction, TrueFire. Corey released his first official TrueFire course entitled, 50 Texas Blues Licks You Must Know, in 2011 and his fate as a worldwide guitar instructor was sealed. Since the launch of 50 Texas Blues, Corey continues to release top selling courses of all ability ranges through TrueFire.

    His passion for teaching and presenting lends itself to the world of musical instrument demonstration as well. Since 2014, Corey has been an artist clinician for the most iconic acoustic guitar maker in the world, C.F.Martin Guitar & Co.

    Corey moved to Nashville in 2013 and has quickly become a part of the town’s rich music community. Since moving to Nashville, he continues to broaden his musical horizons by performing with artists of all genres and participating in multiple recording sessions for songwriters and television.

    Corey’s latest EP “Well Suited” was released in 2016 and he is currently writing and recording more music for a future project.

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    PRS Demo with Bryan Ewald - Episode 03

    PRS Demo with Bryan Ewald - Episode 03

    PRS Guitarist Bryan Ewald discusses all things PRS, including the SE T60E Acoustic Guitar. Check out https://truefire.com/live for more TrueFire Live sessions.

    • 1 hr 6 min

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